New York Yankees Latest on Brett Gardner's elbow New York Yankees Latest on Brett Gardner's elbow New York Yankees Latest on Brett Gardner's elbow

New York Yankees: Latest on Brett Gardner’s elbow

Brett Gardner makes a outstretched catch durin...

Brett Gardner makes a outstretched catch during a game between the New York Yankees and Baltimore Orioles on April 24, 2011. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

The New York Yankees have been noticeably without out-fielding speedster Brett Gardner for the last week.

Gardner made a dynamic, diving catch last Tuesday night, which resulted in him injuring his right arm and being put on the 15-day DL immediately following an MRI that revealed it was bruise and strained elbow.

According to skipper Joe Girardi the elbow was good news, as at first glance it was thought to be his wrist.

“We thought it was his wrist at first, which came up a little bit sore but he landed right [on his elbow] and it got tucked under. The big thing is that we don’t have a setback — that the first time he swings, he doesn’t feel it.”

The latest update is that Gardner feels good and he hopes to back on the field immediately following his DL stint on May 3, when the Bombers will be in Kansas City to fact the Royals for four games.

As usual, Girardi is more optimistic about rushing the 2011 AL stolen base leader (49) back as he told’s Jason Mastrodonato:

“My thought is he will [be ready],” Girardi said. “If it takes a few more days, it takes a few more days.”

Gardner started doing some throwing and running yesterday down in Arlington, and has had no issues. And the NY Post reported that Gardner won’t take until this Friday when the team is back in New York.

Veterans Raul Ibanez and Andruw Jones have filled the void in left field with no significant issues as of yet, but everyone knows that Gardner is irreplaceable.

So far this season, Gardner is posting a .321 batting average, with two doubles, three RBIs, five walks and two steals.


  1. Richard Griffith says:

    You really miss him when he is out. Good to see others have stepped up. I'm still re-living that BoSox game.

  2. I hear you Richard….lucky for the Yankees it wasn't his wrist b/c if I recall he hurt his wrist two seasons ago??? Can't exactly recall but he was out prior. He was off to such a hot start too….

  3. Richard griffith says:

    I love the lineup tonight against Darvish. Let's see how he holds up pitching vs Kuroda and all the hype.

    • Charles Dale says:

      Kuroda pitched good last night. Only 2 runs in 6 2/3 innings but Darvish looks like the real deal. We should have went after him but the Yankees want to get their payroll down to 189 million by 2014. Texas and LA Angels are the ones spending the money now while the Yankees and Red Sox are being financially restrictive.

      A-Rod is batting .234 and we have 5 more years to go on his contract after this year. That is going to kill us. Imagine if 25 to 30 million were coming off the books without A-Rod who will have his moments and good games but does not seem to be close to be what he use to be?

      • LLP says:

        A-rod's bat is heating up and I expect him to start rolling soon…..there is nothing that can be done about his contract so I have just accepted it.

        Kuroda did pitch great, and the Yankees made Darvish look better than he is, which they have a history of doing against pitchers they have never faced before.

  4. Charles Dale says:

    Also, Hughes got ROCKED again tonight, Garcia can't pitch, Pineda is out for the year, the killer B's are having a BAD year in triple A and one of them is hurt. In other words, the Yankees have NO pitching AGAIN. What else is new. Their starting pitching stinks and we will be 1 and done like last year. A-Rod is hitting .221 LOL and we have him for 5 more years. Another disaster. This team is in trouble folks. Texas is better, Detroit is better, Tampa is better, etc. etc. AND…Cashman wants to REDUCE the payroll by about 20 million dollars while keeping ticket prices the same.

    GOOD LUCK with that Cashman. I will stay home, watch once in awhile on TV and just shake my head. The MOST important part of the game is pitching and our starting pitching is BAD. Now a days, you need young, athletic players and we have OLD players. Bring back George Steinbrenner from the grave. He could save the team. The sons are not into baseball like the father was.