New York Yankees Get To The King New York Yankees Get To The King New York Yankees Get To The King

New York Yankees Get To The King

Safeco Field in Seattle.

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September baseball is tough for everyone, from players to fans to owners and it is grueling.

So imagine how good it felt for the Yankees to finally stick it to last year’s CY Young Winner, King Felix out in Safeco Field on Monday night.

Felix Hernandez has owned the Yankees, literally. Maybe that is why Yankees GM Brian Cashman has droold over the 26 year-old since he stepped on the bump, but the Mariners are not willing to part with their King.

With the Yankees coming off a rough couple of games, where their bats went dead this 9-3 win came in perfect time.

Look, it is no secret that the New York Yankees are old, so relaying on natural adrenaline high is harder to fuel.

It was the perfect excuse to have even lower expectations on a night when the King was on the hill.

And don’t forget that the Tampa Bay Rays, who also won Monday night and are moving in on the Wild Card.

With the Rays are breathing down the Boston Red Sox’s backs to a tune of three games, the Yankees need to put as much distance between the rest of the AL East division as possible.

What I like most about this 2011 Yankee team is that they fight, and it reminds me a lot like the 2009 team.

Still, with 16 games left to play including seven vs. Tampa Bay and three against Boston, the Yankees have their work cut out for them.

The Yankees always like to win in October, and haven’t forgotten the embarrassment felt from last season.

The Yankees tossed in the towel against the inferior Texas Rangers in the ALCS and that just will not cut it two years in a row.

Yankees Nick Swisher said it best after dethroning King Felix:

“You’ve got to give credit where credit’s due and our guys did a great job tonight.”


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