Are the New York Yankees justifying their own agenda regarding Alex Rodriguez - Lady Loves Pinstripes Are the New York Yankees justifying their own agenda regarding Alex Rodriguez - Lady Loves Pinstripes Are the New York Yankees justifying their own agenda regarding Alex Rodriguez - Lady Loves Pinstripes

Are the New York Yankees justifying their own agenda regarding Alex Rodriguez

Undoubtedly, New York Yankees Alex Rodriguez has not always made the best off the field decisions.

English: A-Rod batting in 2007.

English: A-Rod batting in 2007. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

He is the sports media model of consistency for always providing headline worthy news to the point where even the New York Jets are jealous.

Ideally no professional sports team fantasizes about paying for a distraction so why do owners repeatedly do it?

For one reason, talent and winning makes money in sports.

So not matter how busy a player might keep a team’s PR department, if the team is winning they will stand behind him.

Think about the likes of athletes like the NFL’s Chad Johnson, Dez Bryant, Ray Lewis and T.O. Or in baseball you have your Josh Hamilton’s; or the NBA’s Rajan Rondo, all uber-talented pain in the behinds.

And some organizations’ will go as far as hiring personal babysitters, handle multiple paternity lawsuits or get private security details etc. just to keep this type of talent in check as long as the team continues to get production on the field or the court.

In regards to A-rod, the Yankees have stood by him through thick and thin for nine years because he was one of the best players in baseball.

Did ownership overpay A-rod?

Yes, but the Texas Rangers did it first. And the Yankees overpay everybody, as that was one of the perks about coming to the Bronx.

Has A-rod embarrassed the organization over the years?

No, as the Yankees have had plenty of players in the headlines way before A-rod’s time who were not nearly as talented and they survived.

See the Yankees reputation in the sports world is based on their 27 World Series titles, and no one person can taint that record.

But what can tarnish a franchise like the Yankees is what is going on now, not standing behind or treating a player fairly.

I am talking about the recent article in the Miami Times News alluding to A-rod’s involvement of purchasing PEDs (performance enhancing drugs) from Dr. Anthony Bosch down in Miami.

Bosch has been the centerpiece of a DEA investigation for months as a supplier of PEDs to professional athletes from all sports genres. And the main smoking gun in this alleged PED ring is A-rod.

Back in 2009, A-rod fessed up, and on his on accord to using steroids when he was with the Rangers between 2001-2003.

So due to his torrid history, I would not be surprised if all or at least some of the above proves to be true but that is not the point I am trying to make.

The facts, as of today, are that the DEA and MLB are still investigating this saga. Nothing has been determined, or declared as to whether A-rod and a number of other MLB players actually did buy PEDs from Bosch.

A spokesperson for A-rod fervently denied all the allegations as to be not legitimate.

Bosch’s camp also released a statement that backed up what A-rod said, that Mr. Bosch vehemently denies the assertions that MLB players such as Alex Rodriguez.

The bottom line here is the Yankee brass is taking what for now is considered an allegation and using it to their advantage.

As remember back in 2009 when A-rod got in trouble, the Yankees stood by him but I guess he is not longer worth something to them.

Still the Yankees are playing this dirty here. The Yankees twisting things to make A-rod’s HUGE contract his own fault when the Yankees gave it to him in the first place.

I find it very weak to play on someone’s insecurities, which is what the Yankees are doing here by making sure A-rod knows just how unwanted he is in New York.

What bothers me is the Yankees are acting like it is a breach in principal, when in reality it is tied into A-rod’s likelihood of not breaking MLB’s home-run record.

Due to multiple injuries over the years, A-rod’s home-run record-breaking pace to surpass current record holder Barry Bond’s 756 total is in jeopardy.

Currently A-rod has 647 home-runs in total, 109 away from tying Bonds. And he has five seasons remaining on his contract with the Yankees to do it in.

A-rod has been with the Yankees since 2004, and if you look at the # of days he missed, and # of homers hit each season both stats have gotten progressively worse as he gets older.

YearGames MissedHRs
all stats are courtesy of

With A-rod at a minimum missing the first half of 2013, with the possibility of the whole year being a wash it is hard to say how many homers he will get this season. My guess would be at best 18 homers, and obviously 0 is he doesn’t play at all.

I think you catch my drift here.

The Yankees reign is all about the Benjamins, and will go to any extreme to get what they want.

As fans, we were promised a championship caliber team, but yet we do not have one.

As fans, we have limited privileges at places like Stubhub so it will cost more money for a single game ticket, which will shut out many.

So wouldn’t the fact that ticket prices went up, while the quality of the product went down be in a sense cheating fans?

Whatever A-rod did is still TBD but no doubt it looks to be something.


Still that does not give a green light for the Yankees to exploit him and it makes them look as bad or even worse.





  1. Sam says:

    You make a lot of disjointed attempts to blame the Yankees. However, The Yankees won't officially comment until MLB is finished theirs. All the stuff I'm reading comes from newspapers, ESPN, etc, NOT the Yankees.

    It's the Miami New Times by the way. Did you forget to mention that we added to our play-off bound team by signing Hafner?

    You are all over the map – Stubhub???? Plenty of places to get tickets. but why would you since were not competitive.

  2. lolo says:

    What are you talking about? Cashman told ESPN that he won't address the Arod allegations until MLB completes their review. The only ones hyperventilating are writers like you. Just because Heyman or others say this or that, it's not the Yankees.