New York Yankees: Injury Update On Mariano Rivera New York Yankees: Injury Update On Mariano Rivera New York Yankees: Injury Update On Mariano Rivera

New York Yankees: Injury Update On Mariano Rivera

Following the game, I was driving back to the city from the long July 4th weekend listening to 1010 News for traffic updates.

As the news anchor was going over the sports scores, he was summing up the New York Yankees 6-3 loss to the Cleveland Indians. He said AJ Burnett was perfect through six innings until he gave up a three-run homer to ex-Yankee Austin Kearns; how Curtis Granderson hit his 23rd home-run in the eighth…. this was all true.

Then the one-thing Yankee fans don’t want to hear was uttered; that All-Star closer Mariano Rivera was not available even if skipper Joe Girardi needed him. It was due to a sore left triceps and the newscaster went on to say that no tests were scheduled for Rivera at this point.

AP Sports Writer, Tom Withers confirmed the news after Girardi revealed it following the game in Cleveland. This is not comforting for Yankee fans, as masking the severity of injuries is a Bomber specialty.

The Sporting News is insinuating that this is enough of a reason for the Yankees to really explore obtaining the New York Mets closer Francisco Rodriguez, better known as K-rod.

K-rod has already said that he would happily accept a set-up role if traded to the Yankees.

The question that remains whether the Yankees trade for another possible closer, or just use should-be All-Star David Robertson for the time being, while keeping their fingers crossed down the stretch.

Regardless, the 41-year-old Rivera is the rock of this ball club posting 21 saves and a 1.91 ERA on the season so far.

All fans can do is just pray that the Yankees are not down-playing this one because as of right now, this is not encouraging at all.

All I know is that life without Rivera is no life at all.


  1. Uncle Mike says:

    Today is Goose Gossage's birthday. He turns 60. Just a reminder that there were great Yankee relievers before Mariano, and there will be great ones after him. Getting K-Rod would be a panic move and it would blow up in our faces. He's a bum, on the field and off, and I don't want him any closer to Yankee Stadium than he already is at Pity Field.

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