New York Yankees Are Not Immune To Slumps New York Yankees Are Not Immune To Slumps New York Yankees Are Not Immune To Slumps

New York Yankees Are Not Immune To Slumps


As if listening to FOX’s Joe Buck for nine innings wasn’t bad enough, the New York Yankees tacked on another ugly loss, as they fell 6-0 to the Boston Red Sox for the second straight night.

Add that to some internal Yankee drama with ex-catcher, now DH Jorge Posada removing himself from the line-up, about two hours after he was moved to the ninth spot in the order.

It’s no secret that Posada has not been happy in his new role, nor has he been exceling in it either. To his credit Posada has posted 6 home-runs, 15 RBIs, two doubles, 18 hits and 15 walks so far in 2011, which is not horrific but his last home-run was back on April 23rd. Posada has the lowest batting average for players who have more then 100 plate appearances with a .165.

Posada needed a night to clear his head, nothing wrong or nuts about that as we have all been there before. So, try to give Posada a break, end of story.


Overall the bigger problem is that Yankees are not playing well. The good news is that if the team hasn’t hit rock bottom already, they are darn close. For once the media’s antics will actually help the Yankees get their sooner.

Without a doubt it absolutely sucks when a team is slumping. For players it can’t be fun, but speaking as a fan I try to remind myself that this is standard and unavoidable bearing in mind the extent of a 162 game season.

The Yankees are not immune to slumps. Trust me, I know how maddening it is to witness, as it seems never ending. Then you turn on ESPN or pick-up the Sunday paper only to be reminded how ugly it is.

Remember how bad things were for the Red Sox or the reigning World Champion San Francisco Giants the first few weeks of 2011? Or look at what is going on in Minnesota, as the Twins are 12-25 and sitting in the cellar of the AL Central.

I was actually really bummed for the Red Sox because I love the rivalry. I even defended the Red Sox because I knew that this was a temporary situation up in Boston and had no doubt in my convictions.

Look, truth is the Yankees are flirting with a mini-collapse if things don’t change now. This is due to their upcoming schedule, as the Bombers face the hot Tampa Bay Rays, the Baltimore Orioles and the Toronto Blue Jays over the next 10 days.

The AL East is so competitive across the board compared to the other five divisions in baseball, as all five teams are good. It leaves a margin for error that is almost obsolete, as a team can be in first and poof…. three games later are in last.

Even if the Yankees did fall down in the standings, the team will pick themselves up because that is what the Yankees do. It is simply unbelievable that the Yankee players have lost their will to win just yet, as this group is still hungry.

As hard as it is, New York fans have to support their team because the reputation of being spoiled brats has become mind-numbing.

I am not saying to stop booing or to do continual waves at the Stadium like we are a bunch of Cardinal fans, but just try to shut-your-mouth at least in public.

Live by the motto if you have nothing nice to say, than say it about Joe Buck’s broadcasting skills because muting the TV during games is getting on my nerves.

Here is a encouraging fact, the 2009 Yankees lost four games in a row at the end of April and on the 28th broke the slump and finally were a .500 team with a 10-10 record.

Things only got worse from May 2 to May 7 losing five games in a row, holding fourth place in the AL East with a 13-15 record.

And if memory serves me the Red Sox beat the Yankees the first eight times the two rivals met in 2009.

You do remember how the 2009 season ended?

My guess it would be pretty hard to forget…..GO YANKS!


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