New York Yankees: Hurricane Irene Got Nothing On The Bronx Bombers New York Yankees: Hurricane Irene Got Nothing On The Bronx Bombers New York Yankees: Hurricane Irene Got Nothing On The Bronx Bombers

New York Yankees: Hurricane Irene Got Nothing On The Bronx Bombers

Up in the Bronx on Thursday afternoon, the New York Yankees started a hurricane with their bats.

Not only did their bats beat the Oakland Athletics 22-9, they also made baseball history along the way. As Robinson Cano, Russell Martin and Curtis Granderson all hit grand slams during the game, which is the first time that has ever happened in the history of the baseball.

The Yankees are in Baltimore to play five games in four days against the bottom feeding Orioles. Problem is that Hurricane Irene didn’t come soon enough to save pitcher AJ Burnett.

The right-hander had another night to forget to add to an ever-growing list, as he gave up six runs in the second inning. Unfortunately, for Burnett, the bats didn’t have a repeat performance in the 12-5 loss.

Regarding Burnett, I am one of the few not worried so much about him righting himself. Burnett’s determination to fix himself is genuine, and he is working hard to make sure that happens. I believe the encouragement from both his teammates, as well as the coaching staff and GM will boost Burnett back to a respectable level again very soon.

**Hurricane Irene is heading up the coast so it is doubtful the weekend games will be played, which includes the double-header scheduled for Saturday that has already been postponed. The latest news on is the Yankees/Orioles will play two on Sunday pending on the weather. The Yankees were hoping to get two games in on Friday or one very early Saturday morning but the Orioles wouldn’t do it. Go figure….

On – Off-The-Field Gossip:

Even though I discourage turning athletes personal lives into Hollywood gossip, exceptions are made when it affects a player’s performance on the field.

So, the recent gossip conveyed on that Derek Jeter dumped Minka Kelly is applicable because the Captain’s boosted level of play since the All-Star break has been remarkable; and getting out of a stressful relationship has to play a part.

Since the start of the second-half of this season, the Captain is posting a .355 batting average, with an OBP of .414 and is slugging .454. Since joining the 3000th club, Jeter 54 hits, six doubles, three triples, 23 RBIs, one homer and has stolen five bases. In August Jeter is leading the majors in batting average with .422 and there is no sign of the 36-year-old slowing down.

Jeter has been galvanized and why is something he probably doesn’t even know, but having the 3000 milestone behind him, along with getting rid of Minka probably were on the checklist.

Who knows but it is sure nice to have the Captain back, as I unlike many other baseball and sports bloggers thought keeping Jeter at the top of the batting order was the right thing to do.

Luckily GM Brian Cashman and Skipper Joe Girardi stuck to their guns. I would expect some apologies are in order for the absurd fixation the media took by harshly criticizing not only Girardi and Cashman, but also Jeter himself who was blasted for not stepping down.

Well at the very least a lesson was learned…. don’t mess with the Yankee Captain because he isn’t going anywhere just yet.

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