New York Yankees: Believe You Me…. Hughes Is Moving To The Bullpen New York Yankees: Believe You Me…. Hughes Is Moving To The Bullpen New York Yankees: Believe You Me…. Hughes Is Moving To The Bullpen

New York Yankees: Believe You Me…. Hughes Is Moving To The Bullpen

Honestly, what New York Yankee fan is not debating who will be demoted when skipper Joe Girardi dismantles the six-man pitching rotation?

From my dad, to my doorman, to even my Phillies fan friend (yes, I have one) everyone has an opinion about who has earned their pinstripes to stay.

One collective belief, myself included is that it will be either AJ Burnett or Phil Hughes that will be heading into a reliever roll.

This makes sense because out of all the Yankees starters, Hughes and Burnett were the Jekyll and Hyde’s in the rotation.

Literally, these two are the definition of extreme. When they are good, they are brilliant; but when they are bad they are incompetent.

Burnett logically looks like the bigger mess because he has pitched in the bigs for 13 seasons and is 34 years old, so he has been at it longer.

Where as Hughes is nine years younger, and technically is in his fifth year in the majors but has only pitched one full season in 2009.

So, the question remains is who is less risky of the two?

Win, lose, or draw the Yankees have a lot to consider due to the repercussions.

Girardi and GM Brian Cashman have to take paychecks out of the equation because the right decision will be more plentiful in the long run for everyone.

Personally, I don’t trust Hughes’ stuff compared to Burnett.

Burnett has made a career out of one bad inning, but he always manages to strike batters out. He is a confirmed mental case, but a talented one.

Hughes is obsessed with the speed on his fastball and actually bases his level of confidence by looking at the radar gun. He needs to learn how to be effective without it.

Like I have said many times before, Hughes needs to add another pitch and realize that his arm will not cope or keep up with throwing that hard.

Fact is Hughes can be effective as a long guy in the bullpen.

If the Yankees remove Burnett out of the rotation, there is no turning back if God forbid they need him later on for whatever reason.

There is a chance that Burnett can find something because he certainly has the résumé proving it exists.

Hughes is too much of a flight risk; and sending him to the pen won’t humiliate him. It should just make him work harder and if it doesn’t…. Hasta La Vista.

MY PICK: AJ Burnett stays, and Phil Hughes to the bullpen.

Anyone care to disagree? Please, bring it on…..


  1. tomcat31794 says:

    Not that it matters as of right now with Garcia going all Japanese steakhouse on his fingers, but Hughes pitched an outstanding game sat vs the rays. I would go with him if he continues to mix in his change up, and his newfound grip on the curve he should do well. Burnett on the other hand if he could just pitch and stop being a head-case he has the better stuff. If Burnett dosen't pitch well tonight vs the royals I would send him to the pen for the rest of the year(contract or not).

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  3. d-mets says:

    I think Hughes is younger and mentally he has not been around the block like Burnett, so the Yankees are stepping on fragile ground here.

    Burnett has been a starter for years; and Hughes is still fighting to be one permanently.I think that Burnett is a dead man in the bullpen and that his ego will shatter to the point of him being useless. Hughes really has no track record and knows that he doesn't carry the price tag yet to not work his ass off wherever the Yankees put him.

    Hughes to the pen…