New York Yankees: Houdini returns New York Yankees: Houdini returns New York Yankees: Houdini returns

New York Yankees: Houdini returns

David Robertson on April 24, 2011

The New York Yankees are having a mini-Thanksgiving

As not only are the Bombers feasting on NL teams but also they are thankful for the return of bullpen ace David Robertson, aka. Houdini.

Robertson has been sidelined with strained left oblique since May 11, and the Yankees will welcome him back with open arms for the weekend serious against the red-hot Washington Nationals.

According to Mark Feinsand of the NY Daily News, Robertson will be activated this Friday and back in his familiar role in 8th inning. The only difference is instead of the great Mariano Rivera following his lead in the ninth; he will be setting up for Rafael Soriano.

This makes complete sense as Soriano has thrived subbing for Mo in the closing role, which makes sense because that was his job before he came to New York.

With 11 saves in 12 opportunities, I would say that Soriano has earned the closing spot easily. He is posting a 1.93 ERA, with 21 strikeouts, five earned runs and zero homers in 23.1 innings pitched.

As for Robertson, I think he will continue to thrive in the more comfortable role especially coming back from an injury.

See when Rivera got hurt, Robertson was thrown into a role he was not ready for and under the worst conditions. No doubt Robertson was and still will one day be the Yankees closer but it has to happen gradually and most definitely not like this.

Robertson was posting a 2.51 ERA, a 15.1 K/9, and a 3.8 BB/9 in 14.1 innings and was on a career pace prior to the injury.

Robertson seems excited to get back with the team as he said:

“I’m glad I’m finally going to be able to come back. I feel like I’ve been gone forever. It’s a long time to wait.”

Getting D-rob back is great news for the Yankees; and especially their dominate bullpen who have not only survived, but has thrived in the face of hardship.

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  1. Richard Griffith says:

    Good article. I haven't seen or heard Phelps name lately. Is he injured or just in long relief mode?

    • Phelps hasn't been needed in long relief lately b/c the starters have been going so deep into games. Unfortunately, with D-rob back it looks like Phelps might be the odd man out to make space on the roster. I think we should keep all the pitching and send Nix or Wise back down because the starters are due for a short outing and Phelps is dominate coming in for 2 or 3 innings.

  2. Richard Griffith says:

    Man, if we had just given Melky a little more time. Happens all the time doesn't it?