New York Yankees: Houdini to DL New York Yankees: Houdini to DL New York Yankees: Houdini to DL

New York Yankees: Houdini to DL

Talk about some bad luck as the New York Yankees have placed another on the ever-growing DL (disabled list).

David Robertson on April 24, 2011

David Robertson on April 24, 2011 (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

This time it is reliever/interim-closer David Robertson who has a strained left oblique and will be out for 15 days at least.

It is not surprising that the Yankees did not acknowledge that Robertson was hurt publicly until their backs were against the wall, as skipper Joe Girardi and GM Brian Cashman have a knack for not revealing anything in full.

I guess this explains why Yankee fans haven’t seen Robertson throw a pitch since last Friday, as he was nonchalantly unavailable.

After watching Rafael Soriano close the game beautifully last night in Baltimore, questions started swirling about why Robertson did not pitch.

Than Wallace Matthews at ESPN New York reported just after midnight that Robertson had felt a tug on his left side during his outing last Friday night vs. the Mariners.

Robertson said he was “not too concerned,” as he described the pain as “a little sore, but it wasn’t like one pitch and I felt like something rip or tear or anything like that.”

He was hoping it would disappear but unfortunately it did not and the MRI from earlier today revealed a strain.

This is a big blow for the Yankees, as Robertson is a key arm out of the bullpen and his absence will not go unnoticed.

Since the start of the 2012 season, the Yankees have been hit with the injury bug like you read about. If the DL list keeps growing at this rate, it will be more competitive than the real active roster.

My guess is Yankee fans are now thanking their lucky stars that owner Hal Steinbrenner forced Cashman to sign Soriano last off-season because otherwise the Yankees would be in a real hole right now.