New York Yankees Hot Stove: Not Yu Again As Bombers Bid On Darvish New York Yankees Hot Stove: Not Yu Again As Bombers Bid On Darvish New York Yankees Hot Stove: Not Yu Again As Bombers Bid On Darvish

New York Yankees Hot Stove: Not Yu Again As Bombers Bid On Darvish

The Yu Darvish auction officially ended at 4pm yesterday, and rumors are swirling that the New York Yankees might have gotten trigger-happy.

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What exactly are MLB teams bidding for?

To win the negotiating rights of Japan’s latest pitching sensation, and MLB Trade Rumors is reporting that the winning bid is “sky-high.”

ESPN’s Buster Onley tweeted that the Bomber did make a bid, which I was hoping would not be the case until now.

Is Yu Darvish Heading To The Bronx?

From the start of this Darvish fiasco I had little concerns about GM Brian Cashman making a go-of-it with another Japanese pitcher after the Kei Igawa catastrophe.

The Yankees literally flushed $46 million down the toilet to get Igawa, posting $26 million for negotiating rights and handing Igawa a $20 million, 5-year contract. And trading Igawa was not an option because once demoted off the 40-man roster, his salary no longer counted toward the team’s luxury tax payroll; so if traded Igawa would have to be added back on, which made him cheaper to keep down in the minors.

To his credit, Darvish is a better pitcher than Igawa ever was in Japan but he will cost more than double the money.

Look, it is no secret that the Igawa acquisition has tarnished Cashman’s legacy for too long already, and after watching Daisuke Matsuzaka bomb up in Boston, why would the Yankees take such an expensive risk again?

I recently wrote the reasons ‘Why Yu Do Not Belong In The Bronx,’ which also listed facts of why the odds are against Japanese pitchers transitioning to MLB in general.

And guess what, here are three more strikes against Japan’s latest:

1)     According to Yahoo’s Jeff Passan, Darvish was stalling on his posting decision but got pressured into it by his Japanese team the Hokkaido Nippon Ham Fighters. The Fighters are financially strapped and need the money, so that is more added pressure on an already burdened 25-year old’s shoulders. Passan also wrote that Darvish would ‘refuse to settle for a well-under-market deal,’ which means that if no contract can be reached he will go back to Japan.

2)     Darvish expects a posting fee higher than that of Dice-K’s, even though he doesn’t see a penny of that money. It is deemed a measure of respect shown by the bidding MLB team, and taken very seriously in Japan. In 2007, the Red Sox paid $51.1 million for Dice-K’s negotiating rights and if the Yankees are trying to cut payroll due to luxury tax this is not the way to start.

3)     Specifically about the Yankees, MLB Trade Rumors reported that Darvish said he would prefer to play for a West Coast team to be closer to home. You don’t have to be Sherlock Holmes to figure that one out, but if you live on Mars…. the Yankees play on the East Coast.

The Fighters have until December 20th to either accept or reject the highest bid, but the name of the MLB team is not revealed in this process.

So, for now waiting to see who wanted Yu more is all we can do. My hope is that Cashman continued his low-balling trend overseas; and that the highest bidder is not named New York Yankees.

Please visit MLB Trade Rumors to get the most up-to-the-minute updates on Yu Darvish.


  1. Kevin says:

    I agree they should not spend that money on a unproven pitcher. I think they should go hard after Gio if they need to include a third team they should look to the royals or braves.

    • LLP says:

      Kevin, I could not agree more with you. This Darvish waiting game is giving me an ulcer… is a bad idea dealing for Japanese pitchers and especially bringing them to the Bronx. Yankee fans have no prejudice, as a player is either playing baseball or they suck and that player will darn well know it. That is a lot on a young player, who is already suffering from culture shock.

      Supposedly, Billy Beane wants the farm system and then some…probably $$$ knowing Beane and Cashman has said the asking prices have been outlandish. Go figure!!!

  2. Shavager says:

    Incredible that Cashman's gullible enough to go after pitchers outside MLB or minor farm teams after the financial disaster many teams have signed and paid, to get little return from. Why spend big money on unknowns when "real" time talent is available at prices equal to or in some cases less than the big gamble unknown is.

    • LLP says:

      I am just as perturbed Shavager by this business model….it makes no sense and the Yankees have some really promising arms in the minors that are at least being groomed for the Bronx and know there teammates. This whole thing could be terrible but I am hoping Cashman put in a low-ball bid but with the Yankees you never know.

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