New York Yankees Hot Stove: Why Not Ryan Madson New York Yankees Hot Stove: Why Not Ryan Madson New York Yankees Hot Stove: Why Not Ryan Madson

New York Yankees Hot Stove: Why Not Ryan Madson

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Ryan Madson got hung out to dry. Image via Wikipedia

In case you missed reading the NY Post earlier this week, ex-Boston Red Sox closer Jonathan Papelbon inked a 4-year, $50 million dollar deal with the Philadelphia Phillies.

Papelbon didn’t waste any time getting the heck out of Beantown, but who can blame him?

A good bet would be the newly ex-Phillies free agent closer Ryan Madson, as it certainly sent his agent Scott Boras into a tailspin.

Boras had declared to be a day away from finalizing the 31-year old Madson, a four-year, $44 million dollar deal to stay in Philadelphia. The Phillies claim that Boras was told that the team’s president vetoed the deal due to length and money; but in typical Boras-form he went to far and got his client screwed in the process.

Madson has been a Philly for his entire 9-year career, and was arguably the team’s best set-up man before converting successfully to a closer last season. In his new role, Madson posted 32 saves in 34 attempts and pitched 60+ innings in total. He gave-up just 16 earned runs, two homers and struck out 62.

So where would Madson fit with the Yankees?

It is no secret that the Yankees are looking to add another starter this off-season, but the realities of a bleak market might not allow for that to happen. So, why not bolster up the bullpen.

I am well aware that Madson is a righty, but in 2011 lefties bats averaged .198 against him, and 28 of his 62 strikeouts came against them too. This makes Madson lethal no matter if a batter hits from between his legs.

Yes, the Yankees do have Robertson and Soriano to set-up for Mo. Then there is Joba, who at the earliest, will return in June; Soriano spent a third of last season on the DL; and Rivera will be 42-years old and morality could set-in at any moment and the possibility that he retires at the end of the season.

Look, if you learned one thing from this past postseason is the importance of a dominant bullpen. This is no new news but after starting pitching hogged the October spotlight for years, the 2011 postseason just reaffirmed that there are other ways to meet success.

As for Madson, too bad he is a Boras client because he put him in this place as he makes players believe they are worth more and in turn teams back out. ESPN New York‘s David Schoenfield said it best, that Madson a bad risk at $40-plus million.

If the Phillies wouldn’t pay Madson, when the money was obviously there, what other teams will? You would thing the Boston Red Sox have a hole to fill, but does Madson want to play there? The Red Sox have so many changes and issues to fix I would steer clear of Fenway Park until 2013, that is just my opinion.

So, if the Yankees fall flat in getting a starter, maybe they could swoop in late in the game for Madson; and stick another nail in the Red Sox coffin at the same time?

Well, the likelihood of this Madson plan is far-fetched and a tad nuts, but if the rotation does not get help why not add a top arm to the bullpen?

The Rangers did it mid-season in 2011, and they made the World Series again.

Hey if anything it would at least make games shorter, which is what the rotation will need until the Yankees fail to add another reliable arm.


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