New York Yankees hot stove: Rosenthal please stop stirring the Burnett pot New York Yankees hot stove: Rosenthal please stop stirring the Burnett pot New York Yankees hot stove: Rosenthal please stop stirring the Burnett pot

New York Yankees hot stove: Rosenthal please stop stirring the Burnett pot

AJ Burnett on the bump at Yankee Stadium.

I am kicking myself for presuming that the media would go dormant on trade rumors surrounding New York Yankees pitcher AJ Burnett.

As usual the spark came via FOX Sports Ken Rosenthal who reported that the Pittsburgh Pirates might land Burnett. He also wrote that the Yankees were willing to eat most of the $33 million Burnett is still owed, just so GM Brian Cashman can use the little money left over as leverage to sign a bench player?

Rosenthal wrote an MLB Buzz post on this supposedly breaking news, which led to a twitter freak out, and within a few hours he chalked it up to being due diligence, go figure.

Just for the record, I still believe that trading Burnett would be a bad move by the Yankees; and I have no intention of jumping on this ant-Burnett soapbox like the majority of Yankee Universe.

Honestly, Yankee fans need to stop acting so spoiled and entitled about getting rid of Burnett.

Paying a player somewhere between $25 -33 million over the next two seasons to leave is quite extreme in the case of Burnett.

He is a good teammate and a hard worker, but Burnett can also be productive but Yankee fans love to hate and it embarrasses the rest of us.

Since my opinion on Burnett is well documented, but if you need a refresher read Apologize To AJ Burnett; AJ Burnett Expects To Start And I Do Too and Fifth Starter Competition Looks To Be A Dogfight.

Otherwise, just so you know I am not alone in my SAVE BURNETT campaign.

ESPN New York’s Matt Ehalt recently quoted an answer given by the Yankees newly disparaged GM at a college Q & A about how he felt about AJ Burnett:

“I am comfortable with A.J.,” Cashman said. “He’s extremely talented and has been inconsistent, but I can tell you I’m comfortable with the effort he’s giving, I’m comfortable with everything that he does, the accountability that comes with him. Obviously, we signed him to have more success than he’s having, but it’s a competitive industry and as long as he’s not going to give up on himself, then I’m going to have his back the entire way.” 

Well, since Cashman made that statement on February 1st his creditability has really “hit the fan.” As who knows where Cashman’s off-season antics might land him, but not far from a TMZ special; and before A-rod or Jeter even make the shows list.

If Cashman is truly a man of his word on the field, than Ken Rosenthal is a jerk for starting this mess up again.

In life sometimes spreading a rumor is just not worth it. Remember that just cause athletes are rich, and worshipped like Gods doesn’t devoid them of feelings and Burnett has taken enough of a beating for now.

“If one morning I walked on top of the water across the Potomac River, the headline that afternoon would read:  “President Can’t Swim.”  ~Lyndon B. Johnson


  1. Richard Griffith says:

    Don't be naive. Of course Cash will be supportive of AJB; he's trying to trade him. AJ is last in virtually every pitching metric there is over the last 2 years. We can do better.

  2. Richard Griffith says:

    How is Rosenthall stirring the pot? He, Heyman and others are reporting based on their sources, which tend to be more accurate than not.

    • Yes you are right but it started with Rosenthal and the Yankees are willing to pay $25 million to have AJ leave???

      What if he became productive, or GOd forbid Pineda needs Tommy John as he has had elbow issues that sidelined for a season in the minors….so I just have a bad feeling about this one.

  3. Michael says:

    This article is actually stupid. AJ has been a failure. Is there any difference between a looser and Pavano being paid $40 million and doing nothing for four years? At least some team will take a bad pitcher and give him a new start. I like AJ but he just can't do anything with the Yankees.

    • Burnett was hit with a lot of bad luck last season. He can still be effective and next season his salary will still be on the books and the Yankees will be without Kuroda. And speaking of what if Kuroda doesn't fair well in the AL and Pinead's elbow issue becomes a problem???

      The prospects are not ready yet, and I just think they can move AJ at the trad deadline or before 2013 if he doesn't improve. It is a lto of money to throw away to NOT just give the guy a chance.

      • Richard Griffith says:

        What BAD luck did AJ have last season???? He was virtually LAST in every pitching stat (ok, not innings pitched). What makes it so absurd is that he was HEALTHY when he pitched so poorly. You can hypothesize about what if this or that happens, but it still gets back to the fact that he has been an ineffective pitcher.

  4. Bill says:

    My question is though, How many chances does one person who's been mediocre at best deserve? AJ has under performed every year he's been a Yankee, $33 million is a lot of cash to give a 5th starter or benchwarmer, if they re-do his contract for a whole lot less then I'd say keep him.

  5. scoobydont says:

    She must be married to Aj Burnett! there's no other way around it. As a women I see why some men think we know nothing about sports. this lady is a prime example! Please start following the Mets.