New York Yankees hot stove: Who is Jorge Soler? New York Yankees hot stove: Who is Jorge Soler? New York Yankees hot stove: Who is Jorge Soler?

New York Yankees hot stove: Who is Jorge Soler?

With all of New York City under complete Lin-Sanity, any Yankees news has been put on the back burner.


As pitchers and catchers report to Spring Training this coming Sunday, technically the off-season hot stove is still in session.

And the latest player rumored to be on the Yankees radar is a 19-year old, Cuban outfielder named Jorge Soler.

Now, if you are like me you might be wondering who is this Jorge Soler?

Soler is the other highly talented Cuban player who got overshadowed this off-season by fellow countryman Yoenis Cespedes.

Cespedes is five years older than Soler, and is considered more Major League ready because of it.

Now that Cespedes has signed a four-year, $36 million deal with the Oakland Athletics; the focus has started shifting to Soler and what he can bring to a team.

Soler make-up is of a five-tool player, but whether he will actually become the next Justin Upton is a whole different story.

The one advantage Soler has is time. At 19, Soler will have ample time to work his way up in the minor leagues, which is a luxury of added experience Cespedes will not be getting.

See back in Cuba, the best pitching a hitter will face is considered on the same playing field as that of an MILB Single A-team.

That is why transitioning from Cuban baseball to the Majors has posed problems for players in the past, due to lack of pitch recognition and overall contact.

Soler is a superb outfielder defensively, and a speedster on the bases, which is why it is rumored that he has many suitors.

I believe that teams contemplate the ample time enough to fix Soler’s bat and hopefully bring it up to speed with the rest of his game, or at least have him hitting for average.

Yesterday, it was reported that the Chicago Cubs had signed the highly touted Soler to a four-year, $27.5 million deal. That news got spoiled fast as CSN Chicago’s David Kaplan reported that no such deal was in place but that the Cubs were still in the hunt.

Later on, ESPN’s Buster Onley tweeted that the Cubs deal was over-hyped, was never was in place and that the Yankees were looking like the frontrunners to nab Soler.

Logically, this prospect seems too huge to pass up just based solely on his what ifs so expect heavy competition coming from all sides.

I was a little shocked that the Yankees, who are crying poor, would be willing to gamble $30 million based on a player’s TBD skills.

And yes, GM Brian Cashman can keep Soler’s salary off the big team’s payroll for 2012, which is sounds appealing but what happens if the kid is ready to be promoted by 2013?



  1. Richard Griffith says:

    Promoted to where in 2013? If Cuba is Single-A, then 2013 is ????. If he's more like BJ Upton, just forget it.

    • SAB says:

      u are totally right richard. people just repeat things some else says and they take on a life of there own….. until he is in the mlb system u have NO idea of a players worth…. heck, how many home grown number 1 picks bomb and every game they've played since high school is scouted. great upton comment too. his brother is suppose to be a five tool, who lead the majors in errors at his position. i guess that makes him a 4 tool, but if i said that it might hurt his feelings.

      • LLP says:

        Both Upton brothers are five-tool players, but BJ has been up and down but I do not think that is because he is not as talented as his brother. I think it is more of a mental, AJ Burnett kind-of mental issue but add in a bad attitude too.

        And I have watched some mini- clips of video on Soler and IN MY OPINION this kid could be really good. Do I know???? Nobody does….but who knew that all this LIN-SANITY would go on in NYC???? With a guy who was about to be cut and slept on his bro's couch!!! There is nothing wrong with having an opinion…..

        • SAB says:

          thank u for validating my comments. because u watched some mini clips of soler he could be really good. did u watch mini clips of every pitcher u saw him get a hit off of? u know it's important to know the quility of the pitcher and the pitches hit to evaluate a hitter. i wont waste my time dealing with ability and linsanity. please.

          bj a five tool player? do u know what 5 tool means? no u could not. u base your evaluation on one year he hit .300.
          he is a .257 carearr hitter (fails the ave test of 5 tool), has trouble playing his position (tampa admits that, one of the reasons keep trying to move him on. another tool gone). as tampa found out speed alone does not make a center fielder, it just allows the player to make up for mediocer play. as the player gets older this is exposed. my man, bernie williams example of this. ok, bj's power is all home power. he hits in a hitters park and not really sure 24 home runs enough to cover up 160 or more strikeouts. to grant a power tool, u must admit he has to be a power hitter home and away. bj upton can run. that's it. his value as a player has fallen every year and has been impossible for tampa to trade. and please don't bring up his aditude as why he can't be traded. seems like at one team is going to take a run (Manny) at one of the biggest headcases of all time.

          i knew u had to bring up burnett. please please realize the guy is not what u are fantisizing about. he is basicaly a .500 pitcher. we all got caught up in the hype of what we thought he was, but he has always pitched just well enough to not get the decision or to get the loss. he only ave 9 wins a year and he's pitched on teams that scored runs.

          i am kind of shocked u sounded so defensive. are u related to michael kay?

    • LLP says:

      BJ or Justin Upton…I like them both. BJ would get his attitude in check in New York, that is my opinion but I think he will be much better this season as he is older and the Rays are good enough to contend without question.

      This Cuban prospect is very, very talented and my guess is that Soler will fly through the minors if he can get his bat in check.

  2. SAB says:

    i want to correct something, last year bj better hitter on road than home. doesn't give tools though. but i do like to be right in my facts.