New York Yankees Hot Stove: How To Be Insanely Sane By Doing Nothing New York Yankees Hot Stove: How To Be Insanely Sane By Doing Nothing New York Yankees Hot Stove: How To Be Insanely Sane By Doing Nothing

New York Yankees Hot Stove: How To Be Insanely Sane By Doing Nothing

CC Sabathia

Ace CC Sabathia Image via Wikipedia

Since winning the 2009 World Series, the New York Yankees have been desperately trying to add a legitimate starting pitcher to the rotation, unsuccessfully.


As defending champs heading into 2010 season, GM Brian Cashman’s solution was Javier Vazquez, again, which irritated Yankee fans to no avail, again. No need to chat about Vazquez ever, so if you don’t know trust me that it is a good thing. Just for when, click HERE but you were warned, it was sad.

Then last off-season; after Vazquez happily packed his bags and Andy Pettitte retired the situation went from a priority to desperately needed.

Cashman did all he could offering ace Cliff Lee the sun and the moon to come play in the Bronx. And thanks to some Yankee fans for spitting and taunting Mrs. Lee during the 2010 ALCS, Mr. Lee opted for Philadelphia for less money and years.

This left the Yankees stumped, but to his credit Cashman pieced together veteran tryouts in Spring Training, which gave the Yankees Bartolo Colon and Freddy Garcia. The two literally saved the 2011 season, surpassing all expectations by winning 20 games and throwing 300+ innings combined.


Freddy Garcia, Pitching Coach Larry Rothschild & Catcher Russell Martin - Pre-Game

So where does this leave the Yankees rotation now?

Well, sorry to break the news but extending ace CC Sabathia’s contract and getting Garcia for one more season were necessities’, not improvements.

And since no World Series ring is equated to a busted season in New York, throwing another Hail Mary and almost catching it again will be tough.

So my question is….

Wouldn’t one think the general consensus might be that repeating a 2011 campaign that ultimately failed to be a tad insane?


A very clever man once said:

“The definition of insanity is doing the same thing over and over again and expecting different results”. – Albert Einstein

Personally, I always thought the dumbest, smart guy must have come up with that one.

As maybe the Yankees lack of a obtaining a starter might just be the sanest thing they have ever done.

Phil Hughes on the hill....will he get back to 2009 form?

Insanity would have signed Lee, or CJ Wilson or Mark Buehrle and it not working just because that is what the Yankees are supposed to do.

Maybe instead of acting hopeless and automatic, the Yankees are finally putting their foot down and stopping, by sticking to a strategy.

That plan is to work with what they already got, and not jump to trade away what could be the team’s possible future, to add another household name.

Honestly, what Cashman has done to the farm system in such a short time is astounding.

But the one problem that remains is instead of learning from past mistakes, they are used as excuses to be compulsive and stay angry about the Yankees lack of doing anything.

That goes for the Yankee brass, players and fans…myself included.

So, instead of screaming maybe it is time to see this as ambitious, by striving for the goal with a long-term plan in mind. And if anyone knows how to win, it is the New York Yankees.

This leaves the Yankees 2012 starting rotation about as unset as ever, and I think it is time to embrace it.

Hey, just talk to me in a month and see how long this whole “kindness-thing” will actually last.


  1. thomas catanzarita says:

    I can see not trading away our top prospects for a mediocre starter at best, but not spending the money to sign someone idk about that! That seems like that's all we have heard this off season. I'm not talking about C.J. Wilson or mark Buehrle either. We need to sign an Edwin Jackson type starter until some of the younger pitcher are major league ready. Lets face it the yankees are sitting on some bad contracts(A-rod and A.J. I'm looking at you), but not spending the money to improve the team could spell disaster!

  2. Thomas I see your point, but Edwin Jackson is rumored to be looking for a CJ Wilson type deal….around 5 years and over $60 million.

    Scott Boras reps the guy….and we all know he will squeeze every last penny out of teams for his clients and he will make the Yankees over-pay, like he always does. Boras' methods did work better in the past, as his bullying is getting tiresome and I am sure players like Jackson or Fielder would like to be signed by now; so maybe the price will eventually lower as Spring Training gets closer. But since pitching is so coveted I doubt Jackson will be sitting around for much longer.

    Jackson does come with more question marks than Wilson or Buehrle do, at least in my opinion, as you just dont know exactly what you are getting. Jackson has never had a team to call home for multiple years, which I think will help.

  3. Digga says:

    Gotta think Yanks are saving bullets for next year…Free agent pitching scene far more attractive including Matt Cain and Cole Hamels as front end starters and names like Zack Greinke, Dan Haren, Shawn Marcum and James Shields at the next level…

    • Mike says:

      Unlike everyone else on here that wants to sign Jackson to 4 years or so to eat up roster spots, I agree we need to look ahead one year at next year free agents. If you sign Jackson then you can forget about next years talent. I like Hamels and Cain. We just need to sign Colon or Oswalt to a one year contract and go with it. Besides, if they get injured it time to rotate a couple of rookies in and out and give them some experience. Moreover, why would anyone want Jackson and Burnett on the same roster. You have to consider the divisions Jackson has pitched in. What team has he pitched for in the AL EAST. Just by that alone you can add 1.00 ERA to what he had last year in the NL. You have to consider he pitches to a pitcher 3-4 times a game over a year, man that really helps an ERA. For, example, see Roy Halladay, Cliff Lee. Compare ERA's form the years they jump league. Thats all we need is a 4.96 ERA from Jackson. No DEAL.

  4. Thomas Catanzarita says:

    I see your point also on Jackson, but I still believe that the yanks need to add at least on more starter for this year. I think the best option is to sign Oswalt to a one year deal. I heard rumours saying he will sign a 1 year contract to show that last year was just a down year. That way you have a proven starter to go with C.C. this year and as Digga said next year's pitching F.A. Class is a lot stronger. You also have the young pitchers comming thru the system that should be ready by next year. My only concern is Oswalt's back, as we all remember David Wells had back issues in his last years as a Yankee.

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