New York Yankees Hot Stove: What Hot Stove? New York Yankees Hot Stove: What Hot Stove? New York Yankees Hot Stove: What Hot Stove?

New York Yankees Hot Stove: What Hot Stove?

The silence of this off-season is starting to go from calm to eerie, as the New York Yankees have hardly budged.

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Free Agent Pitcher Roy Oswalt - Image via Wikipedia

Other than giving ace CC Sabathia a new contract, almost too efficiently, and inking pitcher Freddy Garcia for another go, nothing has changed.

The necessity for another starting pitcher, as well as another lefty for the bullpen has not disappeared, so why have the Yankees not even been a threat in tackling the free agent market?

Seriously, the Yankees low-balling in the Yu Darvish bidding must have been a joke. As honestly, why even bother submitting a number reported to be under $20 million bucks? Just for giggles?

I get that the payroll is already huge, but this is the Yankees and Sabathia’s raise annually is only a few million, so where did the Cliff Lee money go?

By no means do the Yankees need to hand out a Lee-type contract, and not because of what the free agency lacked but because the team doesn’t need to go that big to improve.

No one is losing sleep over not seeing CJ Wilson or Mark Buehrle in pinstripes, but the fact Yankees have not even contacted Roy Oswalt is alarming.

Oswalt is a 34-year old star with a terrible back injury history. So at the start of the off-season, it came as no shock that not one GM budged when the rumor was Oswalt was looking for a three-year deal.

Well, that is not the case anymore as two-days ago ESPN’s Jerry Crasnick tweeted:

Oswalt wants to show his back is healthy, have a big year and go back on the market and try to get a multiyear contract next winter.

Finally, Oswalt had come to his senses and so I waited with anticipation for some Yankees buzzing to start, but nothing.

Oswalt’s agent has even confirmed to ESPN New York that his client was “interested,” in pitching in the Bronx so why have the Yankees have not pounced on this?

Oswalt has an injury history, but so do Garcia and Bartolo Colon so this makes no sense.

Yes, Oswalt would command around $7 million, but the fact he is willing to sign for one-year to “prove himself,” is enough said.

This is the ideal situation for the Yankees, as a trade isn’t happening because reality is Cashman is not going to part with any legit prospects. This is another Yankee-thing I don’t get because why stock the farm system just to hoard it, but that bag of worms is for another time.

Right now the two facts are:

1)     Oswalt, who is over-the-top competitive to begin with, wants to prove his worth again for one season.

2)     The Yankees have done absolutely nothing, again.

So my question is what is really going on in the Bronx?

Is the answer the prospects that we are never going to see, or Colon cause it seems to be what the 2012 season is resting on at the moment, and that is not comforting at all.

At this rate my post called Red Sox Been Caught Stealing, about losing Andruw Jones to Boston is could actually be happening, as the Yankees haven’t done squat. And Jones was great and cheap, so what are they waiting for here?

Hey, just maybe the Yankees are pulling a Lee by secretly going after Phillies Cole Hamels?

Normally that question would not be a joke.

So please…could someone explain to me why I am still under the impression that the Yankees want to win championships every season? 


  1. LatinFromManhattan says:

    Frankly, I don't get it either however; this notion that the team is "great" as is, is a lot of bull. Getting to the playoffs then losing to me is shameful, 97 wins does not tell the story of an offense that sputtered throughout the season and died in the playoffs. This truly is NOT the team that George build and he is probably turning in his grave. I am a lifelong New Yorker and Yankee fan but I am ready to cancel my prescription to direcTv MLB, I am not paying to watch another season with a sub-par A-Rod, Tex swinging and missing changeups, swish swinging for the bleachers and CC's on/off again starts.

    If the Steinbrenners and Cashman think they have enough, they are in denial because they cannot get passed the playoffs with almost every other contending team loading up .. the Yankees better get busy or I'm not hopeful for a good season.

    • Richard says:


      We are going to miss you. How many teams would like to have our sputtering offense that won 97 games, were second in MLB in runs scored, and by the way had the 4th lowest AL ERA? If Toronto gets Fielder, then it's game on. Look, how do you get your 3-4-5 hitters to man-up in the playoffs is frustrating. But how does adding a few players ( who would you replace) guarantee you get to the worlds series?

      • Michael says:

        Yep, the best hitting team in history and they are mostly OLD – and the last two years they sure went far in the playoffs! You are correct what a powerhouse.

        • Richard Griffith says:

          A 5 game playoff, you role the dice. You have to get to the playoffs first. Just ask the Red Sox. Those old guys got us there over a 162 game stretch. You want guarantees and there are none. We have 27 rings in the last 80 years. You do the math.

          • LLP says:

            Richard….took the words right out of my mouth!!! Phillies and Cardinals were not young bucks either!!!!

        • LLP says:

          Michael – the Yankees are not as old as you are implying and the media feeds into the age factor when many other teams are older, like the phillies and red sox last season. The Cardinals were rocking some oldie too…..I just think a new face like an Oswalt makes it a fresh season again!!

      • LLP says:

        Richard – you are right as the pitching was not what lost the ALDS, but the hitting certainly helped the Yankees get those 97 wins. I think that another starter is needed because of the questions with Burnett, Hughes and possible Garcia cuts his hand again. I just wish Cashman would bring up the prospects sooner…..or trae a few!!

    • LLP says:

      Latin – I agree that is going to be very frustrating if the same issues happen all over again when no attempt was made to fix anything during the off-season. Still, I think as a true fan you have to go down with the ship, as much as it might suck to do. Yankee fans are spoiled, me included so when things like NOTHING happen it is frustrating because we are not used to it. I guess the Bombers want to save…… unfortunately!!

  2. Casey says:

    terrific piece!!!

    • LLP says:

      Thank you Casey…coming from you that means a lot as I love your site…..Bleeding Yankee Blue!!

  3. John I says:

    The simple answer is that Bud Selig has finally gotten his way and the excessive amount of money a team will lose by going over the "salary cap" is now even starting to effect the Yankees. Hal and Hank are not like their father, so the "cost be damned" policy of the past is gone forever. The Yankees will continue to lower their payroll until the $189,000,000.00 is reached and that is where it is going to stay. Don't look for any big time free agents until the salary cap will allow it.

    • LLP says:

      Well John, I see your point and the new CBA says that teams have till 2014 to get to the $189 million so…technically if the Yankees signed Oswalt for a year it wouldn't kill them.

  4. Richard griffith says:

    Concur and don't expect us to trade our talent talent in exchange for more old guys.

    • LLP says:

      But Richard, what is Cashman doing with the talent in the farm system???? He is hoarding these guys, and by the time any of them debut the pressure is so intense from Yankee Universe being in suspense for so long. Look at Kennedy, Joba and Hughes……notice Nova just showed up at the end of 2010 with no hoopla and he was sent down mid-season 2011, not to the bullpen and he has thrived.

  5. Frankie Rios says:

    Is that true, nobody is like "The Boss" and Cashman is not agresive anymore. Looks like he is afraid of Hal and Hank. They has to get rid of A.J. Burnett and a bunch of old guys. It is impossible to replace Mariano, but they have to think to start to prepare somebody for the future, same with Jeter and Alex . The offensive is not that critical as the pitching, so work on new pitchers, 3er base guy and short stop.

    • LLP says:

      Frankie – I miss the boss!! Hank can get a little irresponsible if he wants something…but after A-rod I think his privileges were revoked.

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  7. Caty says:

    Everyone keeps whining about the hitters not coming through against Detroit in ALDS, but fact remains the Yankee starting pitching was not good. Game 2 is critical in a short series and when you start a meatball like Freddy Garcia, you are asking for problems. Detroit has a good rotation and Scherzer is tough on Yanks.

    They never would have beaten Texas with Nova being injured. Yanks rotation is simply not good outside of Sabathia and Nova.

    Brian Cashman has made a million errors with this team and ownership gives him a three-year contract? What a joke.

    Obviously, they are obsessed with the luxury tax but you have to wonder where the Cliff Lee money went. Hal is not motivated like his dad – if team gets eliminated early in playoffs, organization seems okay with that..

    And I wish Cashman would stop crying poverty to reporters about having no money for free agents and stop making Noesi out to be another Ivan Nova. Truth is we have no idea what to expect from Noesi as a starter. Couple uncertainty about Noesi with the wildly inconsistent Phil Hughes and AJ Burnett and that rotation is shaky.

    • Richard Griffith says:

      In Game 2 Garcia gave up 3 ER's in 6 innings and Yanks had only 5 hits and you put the blame on Garcia?? No whining just facts. We didn't hit in the games we lost. In a short series it's magnified.

      And how many Cliff Lee's are out there? You throw out the rules and the checkbook when that happens.

      • Caty says:

        Give credit to the Tigers pitching staff……they shut down a very good Yankee lineup

        As for Cliff Lee, Cashman could have and should have made the trade with Seattle but he held up the deal because of Eduardo Nunez…so Cashman did not throw out the rules- he held up the deal because of a middle-range prospect…he is obsessed with these prospects…

        Honestly, I can see the Yanks not making the playoffs…esp if Red Sox get another starter…Tampa will be tough with that pitching

        And I don't have a high opinion of Freddy Garcia…..

    • Lou says:

      In addition to Cashman, I believe Giradi should be looked at. No matter when a situation calls for a pinch hitter or playing the hot hand, Giradi keeps using the players on their history statistics instead of benching or moving the lineup around to adjust for slumps or streaky players

  8. Richard Griffith says:

    Seattle has never said that they would have taken the deal if Nunez was part of it. In fact , Seattle received 4 players………..Moreover, we would have lost Montero for Rent a Player ( and maybe a WS title).

    Yes the dream team ( sox) and the Rays will be tough again. That's the fun of it.

    Merry Xmas

  9. Richard Griffith says:

    Seattle has never said that they would have taken the deal if Nunez was part of it.

  10. Lou says:

    I believe the Yankees do have a winning team, sure there can be tweaks or adjustments. I look at Giradi as one of the key mistakes the Yankees fell apart at the end. He doesn't make the adjustments for slumps or streaks, he just plays the game on the players history statistics. As far as I am concerned, if he couldn't find his statistics bible, the Yanks probably would have wound up winning 15 more games during the season and went deeper into the playoffs or possibly world champs. Can't blame it all on Giradi, but he definitely needs to be looked at

  11. fredverd says:

    How many times do you remember …a hit and run? Joe G never seems to use that tactic, and I often feel that opportunities are missed — especially late in games and in crucial situations.

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