New York Yankees Hot Stove: Billy Beane Are You Kidding Me New York Yankees Hot Stove: Billy Beane Are You Kidding Me New York Yankees Hot Stove: Billy Beane Are You Kidding Me

New York Yankees Hot Stove: Billy Beane Are You Kidding Me

Gio Gonzalez

A's Gio Gonzalez - Image via Wikipedia

Rumors about Oakland A’s pitcher Gio Gonzalez being on the market have swirled since the start of the off-season.

Moneyball and A’s GM Billy Beane is asking for the riches of Solomon for Gonzalez, which is not surprising coming from Beane but reality is you are banking on potential talent.

Gonzalez is 26-years old, and doesn’t hit free agency until after 2016. That is appealing, as it makes him cheap moneywise but according to ESPN New York Andrew Marchand, in exchange the A’s want Yankee prospects Jesus Montero, Mason Williams and either Manny Banuelos or Dellin Betances.

Beane is obviously reaching for the stars here, as no one in his or her right mind would make that trade. Bob Klapisch of the Boston Globe reported that GM Brian Cashman didn’t know whether to be offended or amused after he heard Beane’s trade demands.

Gonzalez is a good pitcher, clocking over 200 innings in his last two seasons with an ERA under 3.25.

There is no denying that the potential is there but that depends heavily on getting the 183 walks Gonzalez totaled in his first two full season way down, as he led the league with 91 in 2011.

Also, the 175 hits allowed last season is alarmingly high, which explains why his hits/per-nine-innings average is around eight and a WHIP of 1.317.

If Gonzalez did not fan 197 batters in 2011 to offset the walks, we would not even be talking about him.

Gonzalez is a gamble because he cannot afford to lose any control or else things could get ugly fast, the upside has better odds. He is still young, pitches well on the road and has the stuff to become élite.

My concern is that in his only two full seasons there was no marked improvement. While I realize this is a trivial amount of time to pass judgment, it is what it is. And other than his strikeout number going from 171 to 197, nothing else stands out. Oh except that Gonzalez hit twice as many batters (HBPhit-by-pitch) in 2011 as he went from four to eight in total.

The fact that Beane is even shopping Gonzalez is bewildering after the surprise trade of ace Trevor Cahill to the Arizona Diamondbacks during the Winter Meetings.

Maybe Beane is just testing the waters, but it is clear that Oakland is rebuilding again.

Fact is as great as the rebuilt farm system is to the Yankees; it makes the club more vulnerable because the other 29 GM’s will as for not only the sun, but the moon too. And why wouldn’t you, as the Yankees are bound to break for the right offer and everyone knows that.

For now, the Yankees can afford to stand still and personally, nothing has gotten me excited enough where I would risk seeing these touted prospect thrive in another team’s uniform.

Overall, Gonzalez would be a solid addition to any rotation, but the price made it harder to see the upside here. Beane might come back down to earth, as the A’s are offensively anemic so getting a young hitter, and the newly crowned 2012 top prospect Jesus Montero makes sense.

So what do you think about trading Montero, for Gonzalez?

Wow! Now that is something I could live with, but I am not Billy Beane.


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  1. @fawmeopfw says:

    Gio went 21-8 with a 2.89 ERA in 2012. Suck it.