New York Yankees Hot Stove: 3 news stories you might have missed New York Yankees Hot Stove: 3 news stories you might have missed New York Yankees Hot Stove: 3 news stories you might have missed

New York Yankees Hot Stove: 3 news stories you might have missed

There is never a dull moment in Yankee Universe, even in the wake of the New York Giants winning Super Bowl XLVI the stuff that was happening over in the Bronx almost rivaled the new NFL Champs.

So, if you need to catch up on what the heck the Yankees have done you came to the right place.

Here are 3 news stories that you might have missed:

1) ESPN New York’s Wallace Matthews reported that the Bronx Bombers will be launching New York Yankees and “New York Yankees for Her,” the franchise’s own male and female fragrance line. The official release will be on Tuesday, February 21 at a cocktail get-together in Manhattan.

So, for male fans who want to smell like Driven by Derek Jeter after playing four hours of baseball in mid-July, than your prayers have been answered? Alas, the scents will probably fly off the shelves.

Once again this proves my point that the Yankees seem too focused on extorting the pride, power and pinstripes brand, instead of actually living it. Athletes are supposed to stink like the sweat of competition in their uniforms, not be forced to advertise some cologne that smells like yesterday’s Dakar Noir.


2) GM Brian Cashman has done the naughty-naughty with someone not named Mrs. Cashman according to his professed mistress who goes by the name Louise Neathway. This supposed nut-job, according to her mother, also happens to also be a convicted serial “stalker”. This story is so confusing as the woman got arrested in a sting operation, and according to the NY Daily News is being held on Rikers Island with a $300k bail, which I must point out is higher than that of Jerry Sandusky.

I am not really sure what exactly is going on here, as this story has a lot of holes in it.

There is proof that the Cash-man did pay this woman $6000 in 2010, but has since demanded an extra $15k to freeze her eggs. And her attempts to collect the cash, she decided to text message, email and call the Yankee GM out of control.

Now the day after this whole story went viral, Mrs. Cashman went and filed for divorce, which came as no surprise since the couple had been allegedly separated for over a year.

So, what does this mean for Cashman’s career?

According to FOX SPORTS Ken Rosenthal, Cashman’s GM job is not in jeopardy, as the Yankee brass has been well aware of the situation for some time. And since Cashman’s personal matters have not affected his performance at work there is really no reason to even stir that pot, at least for now.  Wow! This whole saga belongs in a Star Magazine special.

3) USA Today reported that Yankees officially signed Bill Hall to a minor league deal yesterday. Does this presumably mean Eric Chavez will not be returning to the Bronx? That is a bummer, as I like Chavez and he is one talented baseball player when he is not on the DL. Hall can fill in a utility role in both the outfield and infield, but he only posted a .211 batting average last season, which that doesn’t impress me much. Hall spent the majority of 2011 playing for the Rangers and Mariners Triple-A clubs.

God forbid if A-rod stubs his toe and has to spend any length of time on the DL again because Chavez filled in perfectly defensively and got some clutch hits last season too. Hall tweeted his excitement about how overjoyed he was to be signing on with the Yankees. That is always good to hear, as nothing does the trick like some good old motivation to get those juices flowing; but in Hall’s case don’t expect more than a brief surge at best. Otherwise…Welcome to your new home Hall!


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    how can you not get matsui?, big deal got bad kness, sure can hit, love our right field fences

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