New York Yankees: Why I hope you lose again tonight in Toronto New York Yankees: Why I hope you lose again tonight in Toronto New York Yankees: Why I hope you lose again tonight in Toronto

New York Yankees: Why I hope you lose again tonight in Toronto

Watching the New York Yankees lose 8-1 to the Toronto Blue Jays last night has been no different from the other eight losses Yankee fans have had to endure this May.

Russell Martin

Russell Martin (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Hiroki Kuroda stunk, as he gave up three homers, seven earned runs in five innings pitched but that didn’t really bother me.

Would I have liked to see Kuroda have two good starts in a row?

Yes, but that will come with time as he did post six strikeouts in last night’s game too.

What drove me to almost throw my remote right into my flat screen about 10 different times were the Yankee hitters, if you can even call them, as I was under the impression that hitters actually hit.

This game came served on a silver platter for the Yankee bats.

Toronto had starter Kyle Drabek on the hill, who the Yankees had a .326 average against.

Also, Drabek had lost four of his last five starts, giving up five homers, 20 walks and 14 earned runs.

And if you did your homework, you would have anticipated Kuroda’s crappy start because he has flip-flopped between one bad and one good all season.

Still, it was the Yankees game to lose because the bats had such a big advantage over Drabek, which almost made Kuroda’s woes irrelevant. Or at least this is what I thought.

Instead, I was utterly embarrassed watching the game with two friends, one a Mets fan and the other a Phillies fan; so I cannot even image how the utterly mortified the Yankees must have felt.

Here are what the Yankees are doing very well right now:

        Playing totally crappy, uninspiring baseball.

        Being lazy by relying on homers too much, as the Yankees have lost all eight games they went homerless in. I even read on ESPN New York that Russell Martin had this to say after the game, “We got in a hole and then it seemed like every hitter was trying to hit a three-run homer with nobody on. That’s not how you win ballgames.”

–        RISP stands for runners in scoring position. To be in scoring position a runner has to be on 2nd or 3rd base. Yankee fans have seen a lot of runners in scoring position in their eight losses this month, as including tonight’s disaster they are 3-53. This means the Bombers bats had runners in scoring position 53 times and only drove in a run three.

–        Regardless of Brett Gardner’s injury and Eduardo Nunez playing in Scranton, the Yankee need to start stealing bases, to shake things up a bit. I mean they are on base enough for crying out loud.

So, it is really irrelevant who is on the pitching mound with a line-up that is this unreliable.

The Yankees have always hit tons of homers, but they never relied on it like they are this season.

If this doesn’t change ASAP, the team will stay at the bottom

The other teams considered as being playoff contenders, like the Red Sox, Angels and Marlins, who were struggling have all started improving.

And the Yankees are getting worse, and injuries are no excuse for a team this talented but maybe big egos are.

So yes, I am very concerned and so should you be.

What needs to happen?

The worst thing that could happen to the Yankees is that they beat the Blue Jays tonight.

The Bombers need to bottom out completely, which is something they keep avoiding by getting a win after a bad stretch. This just prolongs the issues for another day, and allows them to stay in denial.

Hey, maybe the Yankees are cool with being a middle of the road team because that is all they have been in 2012 and nothing else.

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  1. Joe says:

    Kate I just read your post, its now August 7th and the Yankees have not changed a thing. You hit the nail on the head about what they do well, make bad statistics and don't play like they really want to win and care about it. The team however is highly paid to do what they are told on and off the field. Maybe the players are in a mental slump with is carrying over to their play but since they don't have coaching or management to shake them up and jump start them they will continue to coast like they are doing now. I don't see them going anywhere in the playoffs if they continue their downward spiral. Injuries are one thing and every team deals with that, however look at what they Yankees did to fortify the team! They need pitching, they have for two years now and so they go out and get position players that are questionable at best for helping any team. If I were to put blame on anyone its Cashman and Girardi for what we have to suffer through this year. You can't win on the long ball alone, great pitching will beat great hitting, that is a known fact. So why did all the available pitching pass the Yankees by? The Steinbrenner hard nosed approach to performance is long gone, the whole team has turned soft and seems to lack competitiveness. Maybe that is what money and security does to ball players, they don't really have to fight to keep their jobs. Once again I put the blame on the coaching and management for not setting a fire under the veterans asses. I am really disappointed to the point that I have stopped watching the games. Yes they are in first as of today however they are not playing like a first place team, they have let a lot of opportunity slip away. All Girardi does is find an excuse and moves on. I'll keep rooting and hoping Steinbrenner's ghost comes back to kick some people in the ass.