New York Yankees: Hey Captain You Are Welcome New York Yankees: Hey Captain You Are Welcome New York Yankees: Hey Captain You Are Welcome

New York Yankees Hey Captain You Are Welcome

Last weekend, Derek Jeter was the first New York Yankee (28th ever) in baseball history to join the élite 3000 hit club.

The Captain did it with class, hitting the mark with a homer and going five for five including the game-winning hit. Jeter’s achievement was amazing to watch, as he once again said he was so happy to do it at home in Yankee Stadium in front of the fans, who grew up with him.

Then there was the Yankee fan that caught Jeter’s 3000th ball. All he asked was for nothing more than to give it to the Captain, along with a signed ball and a handshake. Other than proving that classy Yankee fans do exist, it was the perfect ending and well-deserved.

All of the above is what made me so disappointed when I heard Jeter was not going to show up in Arizona for the 2011 MLB All-Star Game after being voted in by all the fans.

Look no one expected Jeter to play with his recent DL stint, but to not show up is like a slap in the face, especially after seeing that New York Mets shortstop Jose Reyes was there.

Reyes is now on the DL, which gives him a legit excuse not to go but Reyes is there and Jeter is not.

It is no big secret that only one of the two New York shortstops is having an All-Star season and if you don’t know it ain’t the guy in the pinstripes.

Jeter is popular and that is why the fans, including myself voted up to 25 times for the Captain to get the nod. It is an annoying process but one taken seriously enough because fans wanted the Yankees Captain in Arizona.

What was so disappointing is that Jeter obviously did not care enough to just show up. ESPN New York reported that his excuse was due to suffering from “emotional and physical exhaustion” from his pursuit of 3,000 hits.

It would be safe to guess that most of the All-Stars there are beaten up, so why is Jeter an exception?

I was under the impression that the Captain lived by the motto of team first, and that any individual achievements were because of the group of guys that battle with you.

The Captain understood the disappointment his absence would bring, as even ex-Yankees skipper and Jeter mentor Joe Torre tried to convince him just to come for the game but supposedly he wouldn’t hear it.

One major-league official told to the New York Daily News, “Derek Jeter has done everything right during his whole career. He was wrong on this one.”

Jeter is the biggest name in the game today. He just reached a milestone the weekend prior to the All-Star Game, but didn’t feel the need to say thank you back.

If Jeter makes a surprise appearance, all will be forgiven but don’t hold your breath.

The bearded closer, San Francisco Giants champ Brian Wilson told CBS Sports exactly what everyone else was thinking:

“I don’t know if [it’s an] obligation, but it’s one of your duties as a player, out of respect, knowing that there was a guy that really wanted to be on the All-Star team, and his stats were right there, and he would have loved the chance to be here. I would say that you would show up, unless you need these three days to recover. You are representing your team, so it would be good to be here.”

Other players weighed in as well, like Mets Carlos Beltron who had this to say to the New York Daily News:

“I do believe, as a ballplayer, if you have no injuries, you should be here. The fans are the ones that vote for you and want to see you here.”

As a huge Jeter fan, without question this dampers what I think of him. These kinds of situations are what define a true person from just another arrogant athlete that thinks he is bigger than the game itself.

Showing up is not that hard, Reyes made it with an injury, along with Phillies Shane Victorino and others that are on the DL. My guess is if A-rod weren’t on the operating table on Monday he would have showed up just out of respect.

The fans emerged for the Yankee Captain, paying absurd ticket prices, sweating it out in 90+-degree heat for nine innings with no guarantee anything would happen. Even the coveted 3000th ball was passed back to Jeter out of pure admiration for him.

Doesn’t it kind-of makes all Jeter’s talk about team’ seem like a load bullshit?

In all honesty, it just made me feel used.

I am sure there are two sides to this story and that I will get over this in a day but still, you can’t that is sucks when the player you cheer so hard for doesn’t even care enough to show up.

If Jeter goes on a tear in the second-half all will be forgiven. Let’s hope that three days is enough for Jeter to figure out how not to hit into double plays.



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