New York Yankees: Harping on another team’s prospect New York Yankees: Harping on another team’s prospect New York Yankees: Harping on another team’s prospect

New York Yankees: Harping on another team’s prospect

New York Yankee fans should make a point to tune in, or DVR both today and Friday’s Spring Training games vs. the Washington Nationals.

Bryce Harper

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And not to watch the Yankees, but to check out Nationals prodigy prospect Bryce Harper.

This 19-year old is supposedly so ridiculously good it might remind you of the good old days of Lin-Sanity at MSG. Kidding…because in all seriousness this kid is bona fide legit.

The Nationals had Harper back in centerfield today after he was sidelined for a few days with a tender calf. I presume that means Harper will come to Tampa on Friday, as the number one prospect is not shy about his love for the Yankees, or anything for that matter.

Tomorrow the Yankees head to Space Coast Stadium to visit the Nationals and so don’t expect to see many of the New York stars tomorrow but on Friday they will get their first dose of Harper-mania.

If you did not know Harper has an ego to boot and his bad attitude has been a constant problem for the Nationals. One scout described Harper as, top-of-the-scale arrogance, a disturbingly large sense of entitlement, and on-field behavior that includes taunting opponents.”

Well, he was featured on the June 8, 2009 cover of Sports Illustrated and he was only 16-years old at the time. The story’s headline was Baseball’s Lebron, which I think says enough.

Harper has been deemed better than both Ken Griffey Jr. and Alex Rodriguez were at his age but those two did not blow kisses to opposing pitchers after knocking one into another state; Harper did.

Regardless, like most Yankee fans it is hard not to daydream that someday this phenom could very well don the pinstripes he has idolized.

Imagine this perfect (really meant very possible) scenario….

Harper can work out his arrogance and character issues with the Nationals over the next five years. And when he hits the free agent market at age 25, the Yankees can swoop in and grab a humble Harper with his prime years ahead of him. Please note that this is pending no major injuries or regressions that hamper Harper’s talents.

Ok… Yankee haters you can unleash on me for that one, as admittedly I am even embarrassed of thinking that way.

Otherwise I am just excited to see if this Harper can walk the walk vs. his childhood heroes; or maybe he will be humbled but I doubt it unless Derek Jeter decides to clock him or something.

Yankees have Michael Pineda slated to take the hill on Thursday and the Harper match-up should be interesting. The New York media has no qualms or morals, as they have attacked Pineda and he has said that it has been completely overwhelming.

Hopefully Pineda can have a solid outing just like Ivan Nova did against the Red Sox earlier in the week because skipper Joe Girardi made it clear that he is judging now.


  1. Steve Karsay says:

    He better leave that arrogance at the door when he walks into his first big league stadium or hes in for some high hard ones.