New York Yankees: Things are about to get harder. New York Yankees: Things are about to get harder. New York Yankees: Things are about to get harder.

New York Yankees: Things are about to get harder.

Pavano on the hill at Yankee Stadium - 04.16.2012

After a lovely weekend of taking two of three from the Angels, the Yankees looked good minus Phil Hughes.

Last night the Yankees opened a four game set in the Bronx against the Minnesota Twins with a 3-7 loss.

It didn’t help that Carl Pavano (aka. American Idle) was on the mound for the Twins, as considering his history in New York losing to him didn’t sit well with Yankees fans; of course not much does these days.

Minnesota is in town for three more games, and the Yankees have manhandled the Twins over the last decade, winning 33 of their last 44 meetings in the Bronx; so winning the next three games should be mandatory.

Reality is the Yankees cannot really afford to lose any of them, as things are about to get a lot harder starting this Friday when they head to Fenway Park.

Their schedule is about to get kicked into high gear and the Yankees could very well wind up in a hole come mid-May if they don’t take advantage when possible. Figuring out which way this team will go is the million, I meant billion-dollar question.

Attempting to come up with a logical formula of where any team will be a month from is fundamentally impossible and might even send Bill James brain into a tailspin.

Still, like every team, the Yankees have issues that need to be ironed-out sooner than later but time is not on their side…look for yourself.

2012 New York Yankees Schedule thru May 10, 2012

Here are the notes I jotted down when I got home from the game last night, bear with me here, as the list is literally just what popped into my mind; and I kept it in order:

–        CC Sabathia needs to get rolling after today’s start. I won’t fret if the Yankees ace struggles tonight, but that is it. CC usually feasts on the Twins but he also always struggles in April so either way he gets one more Get Out of Jail Free card.

–        Girardi should use Cano in the cleanup spot but maybe try A-rod behind him and Tex in front for a game to see how that goes; or just go with A-rod, Cano, Tex but don’t move them as these guys need deserve a little stability. Also, Cano needs a homer…so stop with the musical chairs please.

–        Will Hughes be making his scheduled start on Thursday night vs. Minnesota? Presumably the Yankees will keep throwing Hughes more bones. Hey better to keep him out of Fenway Park, even though Hughes is usually worse in Yankee Stadium but now he just sucks everywhere. If Hughes blows up again he needs to go somewhere ASAP. Regardless, if they give him another start the Rangers will feast on him. I presume these are already two-L’s.

–        Girardi seems to have learned his lesson after the sweep in Tampa Bay not to do things like making your staff’s ace walk a batter in the first inning, of the first game of the season. And DH-ing Jeter the second day of the season seemed tad anal retentive; Jeter is proving 37-years young even in baseball years.

–        Mo has not been used much lately but before they head into schedule hell he needs to get warm because the Red Sox are going to grind it out to win this series, and rightly so.

–        The Yankee bats have to get into a grove as a whole, and it is starting to happen. But even with the marked improvement since that awful weekend in Tampa….I will repeat once again the need for A-rod, Tex and Cano need to join the party.

–        Pettitte is still on schedule to return around early to mid May; and he will be the Bombers knight in shining armor.


  1. Richard Griffith says:

    Stewart came up big tonight. Maybe he should bat 4th :)

  2. Richard Griffith says:

    You're so right. A-rod and Tex need to start contributing starting Friday. When does A-rod's Monstrous Year begin?

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