New York Yankees: Good News, Bad News And Rays News New York Yankees: Good News, Bad News And Rays News New York Yankees: Good News, Bad News And Rays News

New York Yankees: Good News, Bad News And Rays News


Playing October baseball in the Bronx is not an expectation or even a celebration it is an obligation.

Undeniably, New York Yankee fans are an entitled group. We have become so accustomed to clinching a playoff berth, whether it is as the Wild Card or the AL East Division Champs. And like my father says, “If I am going to pay that much money for a ticket to a Yankee game, I expect to see a Championship caliber team on the field.”

Without question the pressure comes with the pinstripes, and so do the paychecks but money cannot buy hard work and the Yankees work just as hard as everyone else.

A perfect example is the Tampa Bay Rays, who swept the Boston Red Sox this past weekend and now sit just 3 ½ games out of the AL Wild Card race.

The Rays went from a team in the hunt to an real threat to their AL East counterparts.

By losing 11 of their last 13 games, the Red Sox postseason fate is about to be decided on Thursday; when the Rays head up to Fenway Park for four-games set.

The Yankees were not doing any better, as they lost four in row but still held on to their 2-½ game lead, but for all the wrong reason.

No doubt the Bombers looked out matched in the first two games vs. Angels. Yes, the injuries to A-rod, Swisher, Cervelli and Martin all at once were not helpful. but the injury excuse is a reality for all MLB teams and whinnying just gives everyone a headache. Still, watching Jorge Posada replace Russell Martin in the second inning on Saturday afternoon certainly made Yankee fans realize how the team was badly banged up.

As a snap substitute, Posada did the job. Then on Sunday Yankee prospects Jesus Montero and Austin Romine got to début behind the dish. Montero managed to solidify why GM Brain Cashman has not promoted him yet, and his hot bat might muster him a DH role, but that is about it.


According to Pete Caldera of the Bergen Record, the good news is Russell Martin’s MRI only showed a bruised thumb, so he should be back in a few days. A-rod should be out for about the same length of time, as the cleanup hitter has a jammed thumb.

And now here is the bad news. Back-up Cervelli was on a plane back to New York after showing concussion symptoms following a bulldozing by Orioles Nick Markakis at homeplate. So, Cervelli status is TBD.

Caldera also reported that Swisher’s elbow was really hurting him, and even Swisher admitted the pain was intensely sharp. The fact that nothing has been reported after his MRI a few days ago provides no comfort. Yankee fans know that silence is not golden when it pertains to a Yankee being injured; all we can do is hope that Swisher is okay.

Injuries are a part of sports, and if it makes the Yankees work harder to make sure that there is October baseball in the Bronx, than so be it.

As Hall of Fame Pitcher Bob Feller once said:

“Sympathy is something that shouldn’t be bestowed on the Yankees. Apparently it angers them.”               

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