New York Yankees: What would you do if you were Girardi and Rothschild New York Yankees: What would you do if you were Girardi and Rothschild New York Yankees: What would you do if you were Girardi and Rothschild

New York Yankees: What would you do if you were Girardi and Rothschild

Joe Girardi, manager of the New York Yankees.

Joe Girardi, manager of the New York Yankees. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

The New York Yankees have CC SabathiaHiroki KurodaMichael PinedaIvan NovaPhil HughesFreddy Garcia and now Andy Pettitte, which leaves them with the same problem that trading AJ Burnett was supposed to solve, seven starters for five rotation spots.

It is tough to complain about being overloaded with starting pitching especially after the Yankees had the opposite issue last spring, but it will be a tough decision for skipper Joe Girardi and pitching coach Larry Rothschild.


1) Obviously Sabathia, who Girardi confirmed would be opening the season at the dumpy Trop vs. the Rays.

2) Kuroda was named the team’s #2 from the get-go.

3) Pettitte has a rotation spot waiting for him, and that makes complete sense. It was nice to hear that Pettitte hit 94 mph in a bullpen session, but not that surprising. Before he hung up his mitt, the first time, the Southpaw was having a career year in 2010, finishing 11-3 in 21 starts, posting a 3.28 ERA and holding opposing bats to a .256 average.

And fans might even get to see Pettitte in a spring game, as ESPN reported that Girardi has not ruled it out as a possibility yet. Rothschild has already had Pettitte throw live BP so things are moving right along in his comeback. And after speaking to many Yankee fans, Pettitte will be welcomed in the Bronx with open arms.


So, this leaves Hughes, Nova, Pineda and Garcia.

Pettitte’s un-retirement does give the Yankees about a month to give the remaining four a real test run, as the veteran Southpaw said he is aiming for May 1st but knowing Girardi’s usual paranoia that means more like mid-May.

Regardless, in my opinion Spring Training stats don’t mean that much for two reasons.

1)If the rotation were based on spring stats Sabathia wouldn’t be a lock right now, enough said.

2) Last spring Hughes was a total train wreck and the Yankees still gave him three regular season starts to redeem himself, which resulted in six innings and a 13.94 ERA.

So, the question of starting the season with a six-man rotation was being thrown around by obviously a bunch of morons. I say morons because last season when Girardi went with six starters it completely through Sabathia for a loop and that is unacceptable. I thought Girardi let it go on way too long last season and obviously the lesson was learned because when asked the skipper told Bryan Hoch from, “I should not say never, but no, no, no.”



If only it were as easy as saying let the boys pitch when the regular season starts, but that would entail a six-man rotation and not exactly the ideal way to get Sabathia’s season going.

The media can’t let go of the idea of Pineda being sent down to Triple-A Scranton-Wilkes Barre but there was no way of that happening even if he hadn’t clocked 94-95 mph in his last start, but he did so that now is totally absurd.

Hughes is having a good spring but after last year, he cannot be trusted till he makes a handful of quality starts that count. But the solid spring should earn Hughes a starting spot on Opening Day to show that it is no fluke.

And that leaves Nova and Garcia.

In my opinion either Garcia goes to the bullpen or Nova heads to Scranton. Nova needs to keep making regular starts but he was a 14-game winner last season making this idea hard to swallow.




  1. kallven says:

    I would use six starters but still pitch C.C. every fifth start. that way the rotation has well rested arms, you can throw different looks at opponents though various series and Sabathia can feel comfortable with the amount of time between starts.

    • LLP says:

      No way Kallven….six starters would be a disaster and trying to keep CC every fifth day screws up the other guys who need to get on a schedule. No way Girardi will do that….

  2. Richard Griffith says:

    Six starters is out.
    Girardi is not a moron
    Nova won 16 not 14 games in 2011
    Trade Garcia for a DH or bring back Damon because my patience is running thin with Ibanez
    Spring training stats DO mean something if your on the bubble
    The Trop is great if you like 72F in the Florida summer months. Otherwise forget it.
    I don't think Andy threw 94.
    AJ was traded because he STUNK
    Starters: CC, Kuroda, Pettite, Hughes, Pineda or Nova (minors or BB). Garcia BB or traded.

  3. gordybravo says:

    Man isn't this great.Our biggest problem is that we have too many good starters.A big smile cam to my face as I was writing it.First of all, no six man rotation.In the beginning of the season we don't even use a 5th starter.Nova by what he did last year,deserves his spot in the rotation(the Yankees don't make the playoffs if not for Nova last year).Pineda is a power arm that will be facing the 4th and 5th starters of the other teams, and like Nova, can do harm to there confidence if sent down. Plus we gave up Montero for this kid it wouldn't look good. I know the scouts have been keeping an eye on Hughes and Garcia,and the Yankees will have no problem trading them.If not and some one has to go to the bullpen it should be Hughes,he is good at it. Garcia can be the long man.But with all the teams that are looking for pitching it doesn't make sense to have them in the pen.We have plenty of arms in the farm system that can replace them with no problem. The only thing I worry about is if Petitte look good in the beginning of the season and then looses it in the latter part of the season,like what happened to Colon. Other then that this staff can pitch with anybody.

    • LLP says:

      Now with Joba's devastating injury Garcia could be useful in the pen or maybe put prospect Adam Warren….for longer relief. Poor Joba, his luck is just bad and the injury almost killed him because he lost so much blood!!

  4. shavager says:

    No way Garcia's a starter with Pettitte back on roster, on his bad days Andy pitches better than Garcia. Likely Hughes will get opportunity to be the fifth starter but might have a short leash from Girardi. Garcia pitched well early season last year but like Colon, he wore out after the All Star break. Keeping him in bullpen will save him for late season strength for Yanks.