New York Yankees: To start Girardi needs to ban homers and move Tex New York Yankees: To start Girardi needs to ban homers and move Tex New York Yankees: To start Girardi needs to ban homers and move Tex

New York Yankees: To start Girardi needs to ban homers and move Tex

Mark Teixeira manning 1st base.

The New York Yankees lost in Toronto for the second night in a row 4-1; and once again it was at the hand of the dead bats who left a total of 16 runners on base in both defeats.

The line-up couldn’t muster up anything to give Phil Hughes‘ a win after solid outing where he only allowed two runs to score in almost six innings of work.

Hughes was the only positive thing out of this mini-sweep at the hand of the Blue Jays, other than the unfailing bullpen.

The Yankees did kindly wake up Blue Jays slugger Joes Bautista who homered in each game and drove in three of the 12 total Toronto runs.

No doubt Yankee fans are pissed, which in New York actually means frustrated with a lot of passion, but can you blame them?

It would be one thing if the Yankee bats were swinging at air, or just getting out-pitched because at least than fans could feel sorry for them.

Problem is the Yankees can hit and get on-base, but scoring runs they cannot.

The Yankees love the home-run, as in their nine May losses they went homer-less in all nine of them.

Since power comes in waves and a team relies on going deep as their only way to score runs, they will be streaky and right now that is the Yankees in a nutshell.

Teams that are feared can beat you in many ways, consistently; but when the Yankees can’t go deep they can’t win. That explains why they are in the midst of their third three game losing streak  this season.

The team has scored 178 runs but they have now allowed 171, which is about right in line for a team who now sits in fourth place in the AL East. And with the Red Sox having won five of their last six, things better change the fast or the Yankees will find themselves living in the cellar of the division by the Sunday.

Next up for the Yankees is an inter-league three game set against the Cincinnati Reds, which means more unfamiliar pitching.

In my mind, without even looking at the Reds pitchers stats you have to give them the clear advantage.

For such a ‘potent line-up’ to get pretty much blanked by Kevin Millwood and Kyle Drabek means any pitcher can get to them.

It would be a shame if the Yankees come home and go home-run crazy in the bandbox they call home.

This team needs to start playing baseball and leave the home-run derby for All-Star weekend.

Lastly, I am going to repeat something that I touched on last week, Mark Teixeira needs to be moved back to third as managers are starting to walk Robinson Cano to get to him and he has been utterly horrible.

Tex is a slow starter in April but once that calendar changes to May he perennially breaks out of his slump.

This is not the case this season, and it is killing the vibe in the middle of the line-up.

Girardi needs to go with the set order of Tex-Arod-Cano and not try to pull a Joe Maddon.

Over the last three seasons the heart of the Yankees order has never struggled like this so you have to turn back time and do what worked extremely well for three seasons in a row.

Times a wasting….


  1. Tumbleweed says:

    with runners at 1B and 2B and no outs should you, (a) sac bunt and advance runners to 3rd and 2nd or (b) hit away?
    will it be runners at 2nd and 3rd and 1 out or hit-into-double play or three run HR? I guess it depends on the situation. In Baltimore, with CC pitching, the Yankees hit away in that situation. The Orioles bunted in that situation, advanced the runners, and eventually scored in the inning.

    • LLP says:

      Tumbleweed…I agree with you that they need to bunt more and that every batter is trying to be the hero, which is killing the team. I have seen so many teams play small ball to beat the Yankees….something they used to do.

  2. Buddy Bear says:

    The Yankees can't produce runs unless they score HRs. They have yet to win a game this year (not including maybe tonight) when they didn't hit a HR. What happened to a little bit of small ball occasionally? And Tex is just killing them with the strikeouts.

  3. Dr. D says:

    To me, Tex is batting no higher than 6th until he starts to hit again.
    Grandy Man moves to the 4th spot and A Rod bats 5th.
    Finally, bring back Edwardo, put him in right or left and bat him 2nd.

    I know most people think this is wrong, but it gets more out of our players than we're going to get.
    You can't expect a different result without change!

    • LLP says:

      Dr. D…I agree with bringing back Nunez but his defense is so bad that he costs the Yankees games and keeps the pitcher on the mound longer, which means more pitches get thrown. Nunez can steal bases which is such an asset to a team.

      As for Tex, I agree he has been awful as he usually turns it around literally when the calendar hits May1. Girardi should never have tinkered with the heart of the line-up like this. Other teams can walk Cano to get to Tex in big situations, which they are starting to do. Girardi should be Girardi and not try to do what Joe Maddon does in Tampa Bay, as what Maddon does works with his team. The Yankees need order and consistency….and Tex in 3rd spot worked for 3 seasons.

      Moving Grandy to 4th and A-rod to 5th is not a good idea b/c than you have Jeter, Nunez, Cano, Grandy, Arod, Tex….that is right, right, left, left, right, swith-hitter. You have to mix it up more as swisher is the other switch-hitter so you don't want him behind Tex, or Jeter should be followed by a lefty, I would think.

  4. Tanned Tom says:

    This team is really missing Gardner. He's the only guy who can create. When he comes back, will someone please talk some sense into Girardi? Lineup should be Gardner, Jeter, Cano, Granderson , Rodriguez, Swisher, then Teixeira, Ibanez, Martin. And I'm open to moving Tex even further down the lineup. He has had one good year in NY and then has gotten progressively worse. But he's not the only one, Martin is having a terrible year (no 3 year deal for him),Swisher (no free agent deal for him) has cooled off, Jones stinks, even Chavez has a .291 OBP. Much as I shudder to think of Nunez in the field, at least he can hit and run.

    • LLP says:

      Martin and Teixeira are killing the Yankees. Martin is not doing anything, and I think Chris Stewart is better all-around. Stewart is already CC's catcher, no mater what Girardi says, and he clicked with Pettitte big time yesterday. He seems to mesh perfectly and he is seeing more playing time.
      As for Tex, maybe this time off will help him get rid of whatever is in his chest and I expect him to come back big time!!!!

      I would NOT move Jeter out of leadoff spot as he is clicking on all cylinders there and Gardner struggled in the role last season. Girardi should not tweak what is working and that is Jeter. Gardy at the bottom in 8th or 9th works becasue Jeter, Cano and Granderson can drive him in. Tex and Swish should not be back to back, first b/c they are the only two switch-hitters and also they both stink right now.

      I agree about Nunez….his errors are costly but at least until Gardner gets back we need someone to shake up opposing pitchers. The bench is too old to do that. I do LOVE Ibanez and if you can believe it he has two steals which is third most on team. That is sad. The Yankees can't seem to get a break.

      I believe Girardi's tweaking is screwing things up more, they are the Rays and he is not Joe Maddon. The pitching is much better now, which is why this is all so unfortunate.

  5. LLP says:

    Buddy Bear…..the good teams that play and win in the postseason cannot depend on the hr as their only way of scoring. The Blue Jays were that kind of team the last few years and it doesn't work.