New York Yankees: Gardner going to doctor today New York Yankees: Gardner going to doctor today New York Yankees: Gardner going to doctor today

New York Yankees: Gardner going to doctor today

ESPN New York reported that New York Yankees speedster Brett Gardnerwould have his right elbow examined by doctors following the 1pm rubber match vs. the Cincinnati Reds today.

Gardy and Grandy - 06/15/2011

Gardner has rehabbd his elbow and said:

“If I could start swinging here in the next couple of days, I’ll be ready by next weekend for sure.”

The Yankees have been without Gardner for 29 games, and his return will be welcomed with open arms.

Whether Gardner will be the difference maker for the Yankees is a whole different issue, as the team has been painfully bad so far this season.

Without a doubt the Yankees are better with Gardner, as just his speed alone, 49 steals in 2011, adds another dimension that opposing pitchers have to deal with.

Gardner was posting a .321 batting average before he went down in April 18th but Yankee fans need to realize that he only played nine games so to think that will continue would be foolish.

Look I want Gardner back as much as anyone else but it is hard to think that the Yankees issue will suddenly disappear.

Yankee fans need to face the facts here, and that is the hitters are only getting worse and have shown zero signs of improving.

Even if they muster up a win today, I don’t trust them because since the 2011 ALDS series vs. the Detroit Tigers this team’s hitting has been dreadful.

And I cannot describe the issue as underperforming any longer because the Yankees have to perform first, and that is something the bats have not done in quite sometime.

On paper, the Yankees line-up reads like deepest and most devastating line-up in baseball, which explains why everyone’s expectations were so high.

Unfortunately, in sports, wins and losses tell the real story, and so far this book is turning into a horrific nightmare for the Yankees, as it is not April any longer.

So, please do not put the team’s fate on Gardner return. As even though his presence will help, it is not the cure but more of a temporary band-aide.

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  1. yankee fan 47 years says:

    we should hire a new pitching coach, a new hitting coach and replace our stupid managert.