New York Yankees: Garcia and Hughes nightmare continues New York Yankees: Garcia and Hughes nightmare continues New York Yankees: Garcia and Hughes nightmare continues

New York Yankees: Garcia and Hughes nightmare continues

Following his last disastrous start, New York Yankees pitcher Freddy Garciahad another horrendous outing; as he gave up six earned runs


in less than two innings to the Detroit Tigers, who eventually won the second game of this three game set, 7-5.

Once again skipper Joe Girardi had to go to the bullpen in the second inning, just like he had to do three days earlier down in Texas when Phil Hughes couldn’t get the job done vs. the Rangers.

Following the Tigers win, the media asked Girardi, for the second time this week, what he was going to do about tonight’s starter, and he said, “I like to sleep on things before I really do a lot of stuff.”   

This is where I got confused because what exactly does Girardi need to sleep on?

All I keep wondering is what was Girardi thinking prior to this series?

When you think about it, no one is supposed to beat Justin Verlander as losing is to him is almost expected. So how do you feel good about starting Garcia in the second game with Verlander starting the first in a three game set?

Logically you would think the Yankees skipper is deciding how to replace both starters and dreaming of…whom to bring up from the minors? Giving David Phelps a go? And when exactly will Andy Pettitte be ready?

Enough time has been spent on Garcia and Hughes because reality is both need to go now, and there is no need to sleep on it unless you want nightmares.

Facts are Garcia is totally useless; and Hughes is as close to useless you can be.

In my opinion, neither should go to the bullpen because why mess up a good thing. And even if David Phelps gets a start, which he well deserves, there are fresher options in the minors for the bullpen.

Garcia should be released or maybe be put on the DL as something clearly isn’t working; it is just a matter of finding it.

Hughes should be sent down to prove himself in Triple-A, as maybe he can be productive at that level but I doubt it.

Keeping Hughes on a five-day schedule will at least keep Girardi and GM Brian Cashman happy, while not jeopardizing the team’s chances of winning.

Hey, Ivan Nova got sent down last year, and look at him now.

Still Nova is better than Hughes will ever be, as I have my doubts whether Hughes can even win more than 10-games in Scranton Wilkes-Barre.

So, now another series is in jeopardy due to one of these two fools. Garcia gave the Yankees little chance to win, just like Hughes did earlier in the week down in Arlington.

Well, Yankee fans can rest a little easier because ace CC Sabathia will be on the hill tonight against the Tigers Max Scherzer, and Sabathia will get the job done because he always does.

Now, all you hope for is that Girardi has literal nightmares about Hughes and Garcia even worse than the live ones we have all already endured; if that is even possible.

For my sanity I hope this ends soon as I cannot address this issue much longer, it is on Girardi and Cashman now, which is not very comforting.


  1. Richard Griffith says:

    And why did we not sign Colon again? He's pitching pretty well at home and especially on the road with Oakland. After Garcia gave up the 1st inning 3 run HR on a 2 out 0-2 pitch I went jogging.

    • Tanned Tom says:

      Duh, because he is 50 lbs overweight, pulled a muscle running to cover first (like saying you broke an arm trying to brush your teeth), and generally melted down in the 2nd half last year.
      And Girardi's just trying to buy some time. Hughes and Garcia will most likely be off the team shortly. Andy's due back. Phelps has looked pretty good, Mitchell can't be any worse than Hughes, and the AAA relievers are preferable to Hughes as well. End of April, by beginning of June I'm guessing this all shakes out, maybe sooner.

    • LLP says:

      Colon is pitching REALLY well in Oakland. It is hard to stomach because there are other options and the Yankees would rather lose than try anything else. Hopefully they won't go and sign Roy Oswalt or something.