New York Yankees: Free Agent Pitching Possibilities New York Yankees: Free Agent Pitching Possibilities New York Yankees: Free Agent Pitching Possibilities

New York Yankees: Free Agent Pitching Possibilities

Brian Cashman

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It came as no surprise to learn that the New York Yankees inked Brian Cashman to another three-year deal to stay the franchise’s GM, aka The Brain Behind the Bombers.

Cashman didn’t miss a beat, as he was busy locking up the team’s ace CC Sabathia for a guaranteed five years, with a vesting option for a sixth, just hours before he worried about his own contract.

For the first time in forever and after last off-season’s absurd drama, the Yankees will finally start an off-season calmly. For Cashman that means his attention will not solely be focused on putting all the pinstripe eggs into one free agents basket.

The Yankees GM said the main goal was resigning Sabathia; otherwise his focus will be on “pitching, pitching, pitching.”

Mark Feinsand of the NY Daily News wrote a great article and quoted Cashman responding to what the Yankees off-season goals this past Tuesday:

“As we enter the process this winter, I don’t anticipate a bat being of need at all. I anticipate people knocking on our door about the current bats we have. Offense is not a problem with this club, despite what happened in the Detroit series here in the first week of October. I don’t think we’re offensively challenged at all.”

Well, all this leaves for certain is that the relentless New York media will be mustering up plenty more BS than usual, as fans wait for 2012 Spring Training to start.

So, which pitchers have hit the free agent market?

And could one be a good fit in the Bronx for next season? 

What do you think? Any names jump of the page?

Take a look for yourself at the 2012 Free Agent pitchers available, compliments of the site Cot’s Contracts:

In my opinion the list reads more quantity than quality.


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  1. Yankee Fan says:

    Mark Buehrle is a must for the Yankees. He will give them their money's worth. He's been consistent and can be counted on for 15 wins and a below 4 ERA.

    I also want the Yanks to make a run at Yu Darvish. For every Irabu & Matsusaka, there is a Matsui and Suzuki.

  2. Ray says:

    Buehrle would be a good pickup-but he is getting old and how much money? 3 YEARS AT PROBABLY 10 MILLION PER? Thats what he will want–Here is what I think and people will probably go nuts here—Sign Pujoles or Fielder! Tex can play in LF–Pujoles can play 3B-Fielder only DH or 1B add either one of these and the lineup will be the best in Baseball—Trade Montero to the Angels for 3 great prospect pitchers–Williams-Richards-Chatwood—They will still have Martain and the Yankees have a good minor league catcher they can use also

    add those 3 prospect pitchers and Buehrle along with Pujoles or Fielder and you tell me how powerful the Yankees will be-They also have a great inf (SS) prospect they should bring up also-Yu Darvish will cost more than he will be worth-Karuda wont leave the Dodgers either–The Yanks are adding 4 very good pitchers in this deal—SP could be–CC-Nova-Buehrle-Williams-Chatwood—BP-Rivera-Soriano-Richards-AJ Barnett-Joba-Robertson ( (Hughes)–Not bad!










    Bench–Rookie catcher-Nunez-Pena-Olsen

    200 HRs 775 total Runs and a pretty fine starting 5 rotation and a much much improved Bull pen—Payroll will be about 205 million in 2012 -2013 alot will come off the books though! This is a very very good team!

  3. Michael says:

    Ray is on the right track. I've been saying since the season that A-Rod is breaking down. So get Reyes and move him to 3rd with A-Rod as DH. Or, get Fielder to help Tex and be DH. If Tex continues to falter you have 1B covered. Last year was as if the Yankees batted 8 guys with the DH being a waste. If they get a real hitter in that spot (can't assume same production or pitching without filling that hole) they will score more and without pichers being able to pitch around the likes of Posada hopefully more clutch hitting will happen. That really hurt the Yankees from day 1 through the last loss to Detroit.

    • LLP says:

      Michael, the Reyes to 3B is not a terrible idea but I think it is too premature at this point; 2-years from now would be a different story.

  4. Joe P says:

    Buehrle is the best free agent pitcher available, hands down. Sign the lefty and move on to other issues. Non-pitcher free agents worth consideration include Reyes, Pujols and Fielder. Fielder (and Texeira)would have to agree to split time at 1B and DH, with Tex as a late innings defensive switch in close games. Pujols will not be a Yankee unless they plan to trade Texeira and eat alot of his remaining contract. You do NOT move Pujols to 3B to keep Tex at 1B and Pujols is NOT a DH. If you sign Reyes you better be prepared to move Jeter because you can't move Reyes from SS. His is far and above a better defensive SS than DJ even though it hurts to admit it. We have to be real. If you get Reyes, you need to be prepared to play DJ at 3B or in the OF, or as a DH. And he needs to be prepared to do the same. 3B is most likely since A-Rod is a better DH option and has struggled with injuries the last couple of years. His body isn't holding up well to the daily grind of playing the field. Jeter has been much healthier, and is a more important presence on the field. He would also probably handle giving way at SS to Reyes better if he was taking over regular 3B duties from A-Rod. A-Rod should have less complaints. His hitting is the most important part of his game and the DH role hes been in his future for some time. He should be ready to play less on the field in order to save his body from injury and start making his mark as possibly the best DH in history while having the bet chance of reaching his many contract incentives which are heavily offense-oriented.

    • LLP says:

      See John I disagree, as I worry about Buehrle declining because he doesn\’t throw a lot of strikes to begin with. His velocity can\’t dip at all, because batters will hit him. Buehrle turns 33-year old next March so a multi-year deal is not ideal.

  5. Kate says:

    I am not sold on any of these free agents…..Wilson or Buehrle but not Oswalt, with his injury history and age; plus the Phillies declined his $16 million option and I think he will want more than a year with a higher price tag than the other two.

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