New York Yankees: Finally good news but more bad too New York Yankees: Finally good news but more bad too New York Yankees: Finally good news but more bad too

New York Yankees: Finally good news but more bad too

Yankees at Orioles August 28, 2011

Yankees at Orioles August 28, 2011 (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

In retrospect the New York Yankees survived an injury-riddled week, ending on a high with a 2-1 series win against the Tigers.

What happened?

Well, which do you want to hear first?

Kidding her is the bad news first, followed by the better or most improved news….


The New York Yankees have had a rough week.

–        The latest came yesterday, in the Yankees 6-2 win vs. the Tigers. Nick Swisher got taken out in the second inning, and the MRI confirmed he has a low-grade hamstring strain. The Yankees said he will miss a few games, and that a DL stint has not been ruled out yet, so keep fingers crossed.

–        So with Brett Gardner on 15-day DL still that means Andruw Jones and Raul Ibanez will be on either side of Curtis Granderson in the outfield until further notice.

–        The worst news came mid-last week when the Yankees got news that their big off-season pitching acquisition, Michael Pineda would be out for the entire 2012 season. Pineda has an anterior labral tear in his right shoulder and surgery is scheduled for tomorrow in New York.

No one could have anticipated Pineda was this injured. Hearing from Kurt Schilling and Al Leiter, who both came back from this same injury, brought a little comfort. Leiter made a point of stating how much work it takes to come back from and since no one knows how committed a player Pineda is leaves the possibility Yankee fans might never see him in the Bronx.

In the midst of all the walking wounded, pitchers Phil Hughes and Freddy Garcia posted two more terrible starts on the season, which infuriated an already sadden Yankees fan base.

Injuries cannot be avoided but the fact that Hughes and Garcia combined for three innings, 10 earned runs, two homers, two walks and struck out just five batters in two starts can be. It puts the team in an early hole, and it is taxing on the bullpen, which is something that can be tinkered with and needs to be fixed.

So far the plethora of Yankees pitching, yes the rotation no one could shut-up about in Spring Training, has been one catastrophe after another.

Just for a refresher here are Hughes and Garcia 2012 stats:

Hughes - Garcia - 2012 Combined Stats

FINALLY SOME GOOD NEWS: has David Phelps listed as this Friday night’s probable pitcher vs. the Royals in the Bronx.

It is about time skipper Joe Girardi took some action even if I don’t agree with all of it.

Girardi moved Garcia to the bullpen, which makes zero sense to me because he literally is useless. Batters are hitting the hell out of Garcia so moving him anywhere but Triple A or the DL is pointless.

I wish there was more changes to talk about but the Yankees are sticking with Hughes, who is set to start tomorrow night against the Orioles.

This unfortunately works in Hughes favor, as he faces Brian Matusz who the active Yankee bats have a .301 average against, with seven homers, 22 RBIs and 11 walks over 123 at-bats. So, Hughes could get enough run support to mask his crappy pitching.

Also, thriving prospect DJ Mitchell got the nod to replace Phelps in the bullpen. Keep an eye on Mitchell as he could be replacing Hughes soon, hopefully.

Yes, these are only baby steps but at least something is being done, though the Yankees really had no other choice.

Keep you fingers crossed that Andy Pettitte has a good start in the minors, as his return will bring a very needed breath of fresh air.



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  2. robert says:

    Lets get Hughes to the minors where he belongs. Stop delaying the enevitable bring some one up and get the pitching fixed. Or… heres a really way out thought. TRADE!!!!! We are worse off than last year.