New York Yankees fan take on Strasburg situation New York Yankees fan take on Strasburg situation New York Yankees fan take on Strasburg situation

New York Yankees fan take on Strasburg situation

One of the biggest baseball stories of the 2012 season was the possibility that the Washington Nationals would shutdown their ace Stephen Strasburg.

English: Stephen Strasburg

English: Stephen Strasburg (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Well, that came true last week.

And since Strasburg got grounded I have been inundated with emails about my opinion on the Nationals decision, so here it is.

Did the Washington Nationals make the right decision in shutting down Strasburg?

No, it was a bad decision.

Who takes a job to sit on the sidelines and watch everyone else achieve? 

Here are my 4 points in Strasburg defense:

  1. At the start of 2011, Strasburg required Tommy John Surgery, which is not uncommon for pitchers. Strasburg did the rehab, and claims he feels great without any pain. Yes, he fumbled on his last start but that happens to Verlander, Sabathia, Price and I mean look at Timmy Lincecum?? Pitchers come back from TJS all the time and don’t get grounded especially with the season he is having.
  2. Strasburg, or any professional athlete can get hurt at anytime. Like in his first start next season, or in Strasburg’s case doing something athletic to occupy himself with all his the free time he has on his hands. This hurts Strasburg mentally too, as he made it very clear that he was not happy about this decision and he is a man not a teenager.
  3. Also, professional sport stars have a short shelf life and Strasburg is almost 25-years old, which is young but every season is precious. And remember he already missed last season due to Tommy John.
  4. LAST BUT NOT LEAST….Strasburg , who was also an 2012 All-Star, might never have a postseason opportunity like this again in his career, as no team is the same year to year regardless of the roster. And the Nationals have never even played in October before, and it would be a shame if the Nats win the World Series without Strasburg partaking. As much as everyone will say he helped get the team there, but it is not the same, not even close. Also, what if the Nats lose Game 5 of the NLDS because of bad outing by a starter?

Reality is that Stephen Strasburg is an adult, and Nationals skipper Davey Johnson is treating him like a child.

– Johnson is the one who made this who thing so public but he still blames the media.

– Johnson, nor Nationals GM Mike Rizzo consulted Dr, Louis Yocum who preformed his Tommy John surgery. Dr. Yocum told the LA Times that it had been a year since speaking to the Nationals, and he hasn’t seen Strasburg since Spring Training.

– Johnson told the media a while back that he promised Stephen’s parents that he would take care of him. Again, he is not a kid.

This team took away the finish to an MVP type season from a baseball player, who has dreamt of this his entire life. And if I were Strasburg I would have threaten the Nats by saying he will walk when he is eligible on 2014 if they go through with this.

And hey, if Strasburg ever does decide to leave Washington, I am sure he would be welcome in the Bronx and I bet Yankee pinstripes would suite him.


  1. Richard says:

    All the major sports outlets/his agent as of 13 Sept are reporting that Dr Yocum was consulted numerous times which makes more sense. There are good arguments on both sides of this debate. However, the Nationals are following their own protocol.

  2. vog says:

    Don't you think that their upper management, GM, and manager want him to pitch? They must have more information than anyone knows. We can speculate all we want, but I for one applaud their decision.

  3. coolnewyorker says:

    This is a good example of ignoramus mouthing off over matters they are ignorant about..

    The decision to manage Stras post -TJ is purely based on medical advice.

    Stras is exactly the kind of pitcher ("explosive delivery")that is most vulnerable to elbow ligament damage. How to manage him in particular is MD's domain, NOT Kate's or any sportwriters' whose only concern is the immediate ramifications. What good is this year's WS ring if Stras suffers another ligament injury from improper post-op management.?

    I salute the NATS' execs for keeping Stras's health above and ahead of the club's immediate welfare.

    Non-medical people should stay away from mouthing off to the contrary. Kate, it's not your business. Stick to your newly found positive views of the Yanks.

  4. coolnewyorker says:

    Elbow ligament injuries have become rampant in high school, college and minor leagues. TJ surgery has become a commonplace procedure among pre-major league youngsters.

    The current theory is because of so many different kind of curveball pitches interposed with explosive mid-high 90's fastball and cut FB being acquired in an early age in preparation for MLB routines. Yes…all these "modern" pitches are now minimum requirements to survive in the majors against these well video scouting sluggers..

    The "super-babying" of young arms in the MLB is based on experiences from injury and post-TJ pre-MLB levels. They are all advices from the medical personel.