New York Yankees: Falling Asleep Watching The Red Sox Sweep New York Yankees: Falling Asleep Watching The Red Sox Sweep New York Yankees: Falling Asleep Watching The Red Sox Sweep

New York Yankees: Falling Asleep Watching The Red Sox Sweep

Getting swept is not fun for any team that. Doing it at your home ballpark, in front of your fans makes it sting a lot more.

Add the above to the culprits are your team’s biggest rivals, and what is even worse…this is not the first time, but the second time it has happened in four weeks.

Now, picture you are a player on that losing team. The embarrassment and shame must be overwhelming; especially because of the disappointment you see all over the fans faces.

Well, the above is the New York Yankees reality. As I can only imagine the players must be beside themselves, as the Boston Red Sox made fools of them once again.

As a fan, after the first loss on Tuesday I kept the faith, only to watch things get worse on Wednesday night.

Following the second loss of this series, fifth in a row if you include the last sweep, it felt like the Yankee team was playing like they had lost the fight before the bell.

Unlike the Red Sox who came ready to battle. After starting their season 0-7, my hat is off to Boston for leaving New York two games ahead of the Yankees in the AL East standings.

So, what happened to the Yankees?

1.Sloppy throws and miscommunication on the bases can’t happen. First place teams, like the Yankees were just two days ago certainly are no exception. The Yankees just had to win one of the three games to keep them at least tied with Boston, but obviously they couldn’t even handle that.

2.Don’t blame the pitching, as the Yankees didn’t hit…. again! I don’t care how many runs scored with Burnett on the mound because the Bombers should have crushed Tim Wakefield, but instead they went flat. The line-up is a mess; Cano and A-rod have been useless for way to long. Tex is in a slump, and without Granderson the Yankees would be in serious trouble. It is nice to see Jeter hitting again, but the 3000th hit needs to come when the team is winning or else it will lose some of its luster, at least in the eyes of the Yankee fans.

3.The bullpen is on the DL, literally but why does that really matter? If the Yankees continue being five or six runs down by the sixth inning there is no reason to waste Robertson and Rivera has no job to do.

Bottom line is the root of all the Yankee troubles stems from the unrelenting inconsistency at the plate.

Sure, the Bombers have the most home-runs in baseball but solo shots are useless and the Yankees cannot seem to connect with runners on base in important situations.

It reminds me of the 2009 Toronto Blue Jays, who led the AL East for the two months because they could hit home-runs, but it didn’t last and it never does.

Once again, the Yankees need to be tactical and play small-ball to have any long-term success. Even more so now with the state of the bullpen or else this could get ugly really fast.

Thus far the Yankees have had two sure things working consistently for them:

1.One thing this season has taught me is never to question GM Brain Cashman, as he has earned my respect completely. Sure, Cashman will make mistakes but he has yet to be wrong this season.

2.Pitching coach Larry Rothschild is the motivator behind the Yankees rotation. Rothschild knew the problems he faced and was already working with the pitchers well before Spring Training. He doesn’t get enough credit because the attention tends to fall on the problems, because Rothschild is just a stellar pitching coach. As an observer, each starting pitcher in the Yankees rotation comes in with a fierce look and you can feel their wish to win. All five have battled hard and to say I have been impressed would be an understatement, but at least I know whom to thank.

That is why the Yankee hitters baffle me. There is not a better line-up in baseball, with a one through nine filled with the best hitters in the game.

My point is that Cashman’s focus is on the bullpen now, as it should be but that is because he is looking at the bigger picture.

I am referring to the right now, and that my friend is on the shoulders of the Yankee hitters.


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