New York Yankees: ESPN voted Derek Jeter not an MVP do you agree New York Yankees: ESPN voted Derek Jeter not an MVP do you agree New York Yankees: ESPN voted Derek Jeter not an MVP do you agree

New York Yankees: ESPN voted Derek Jeter not an MVP do you agree

Instead of mulling over the New York Yankees many troubles, which are still very real even after their 3-2 win over the Royals last night, I found anot

Derek Jeter at the New York Yankees vs. Colora...

Derek Jeter at the New York Yankees vs. Colorado Rockies game on June 19, 2007. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

her subject to focus my irritations on.

And that would be non-other then the MLB award watch 2012 on, specifically the AL MVP.ESPN decided to vote on all 2012 MLB awards as if the season ended today.

Here is what ESPN stated as the voting guidelines:

ESPN’s MLB award watch 2012.

ESPN listed the top five vote getters for every award but the AL MVP group appeared wrong to me.

And I am not talking about the winner Rangers Josh Hamilton, as he is by far having the best season of any player in baseball, maybe ever.

Hamilton at the top was dead right but the fact that the next four did not include either Yankees captain Derek Jeter, Red Sox David Ortiz or Tigers Miguel Cabrera seemed odd.

Here are the stats of the ESPN experts’ five winners, and the three who got snubbed.

All stats can be found on

Hamilton’s stats are literally mind-blowing; and Orioles Adam Jones, while not a close second, as no player in baseball is at this point, he is the next best after Hamilton.

Now, Tigers Austin Jackson landed in third place and ESPN’s explanation was Jackson has been flying under the radar a bit because the Tigers have struggled.

Ok, well what about his teammate Cabrera?

Cabrera’s numbers are more productive than Jackson’s and how ESPN takes the blame off Jackson for the Tigers crappy play is absurd.

Next, ESPN selected White Sox’s 1B Paul Konerko fourth and the reasoning was that Konerko is…. continuing to beat Father Time, putting up a 1.058 OPS at the age of 36.

Wait, but isn’t Jeter about to be 37 years old? And haven’t scouts across baseball praised his defense being the best they seen in years?

Richard Justice at wrote the following about the Captain:

Scouts have clocked Jeter going from home to first in 4.2 seconds, which is better than the 4.3 MLB average. During the opening series in Tampa Bay, one scout had him at 4.16.

So my question is how did Jeter not make this list it as a shortstop but Konerko, who plays an easier position, did?

It seems to me that Jeter is really defying the odds here, or as ESPN puts it beating Father Time.

What do you think?

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  1. Tanned Tom says:

    Wow Kate, you really are reaching here. I'm pretty unconcerned with who ESPN thinks the MVP oughta be after 40 games. If you want to get steamed up, let's revote the MVP award from 1999 when Jeter put up awesome numbers (.349, .438, .552, 24 HRs, 102 RBIs, 134 Rs) for a WS champion team only to lose to the steroid using Juan Gonzalez. I bet that's one alot of voters would like to have back.

  2. Jon says:

    Sencierly?? A guy goes out commits a crime, then puts up .341, 55HR, and 236 RBI. Triple crown, hit leader, .obs, stolen bases, pitching wins…Am I making my point? Name me a guy in baseball that hasnt had off field issues, is 35+, played for one team, and is a captain. I could go one with all of what Jeter means to baseball nevermind the Yankees. Stats? Rangers win the series yet??? With or without Hamilton since hes been in the league? Dont know him other than a Ranger but hes hurt himself off the field. Who has ment more to they're one team more than Jeter. Baseball wil lalways be stat so tell me a Yank who has ment more to his TEAMS..S…S. I said Teams, than he. You can take all the hall of famers you want and Jeter didnt have the cast like they did. Ruth? Greatest power hitter to ever going to play the game. When he hit 61 everyone else hit 20HR. No case. Jeter. Everyyear. Stat or not. Josh can do it once and so can Brady Anderson. Maybe josh is that good but who means more to there team? At the end of the year we'll see. PS – my favorite color is pinstips…

  3. jon says:

    To make my point better, you can take the core five…Williams, Jeter, Mo, Posada, O'Niel. Which ones a then now hall elect. Mo? Done. Bernnie? I want to say si. O'Niel?…Hip hip jorge?? Its not me or you, its the wrighters. Id say all because of 4 of 5. Then you take the 27 yanks. The 60's, the 40's, the 20's even the 70's and ask youself if donnie baseball had more than Steve Sax, Elvaro Espanoza, Rick Cerone… Where would he have gone. Jeter had the money spent for and on him but no one tells you to own a team. Some people own a ferari and so own a you go(no where). But when they get into a race…ha…makes..makes no…….ha, ha, chuckle ah la rich mans poker game? Who wants to win, anti, and who want to make money, 7th. These are the proffs of life

  4. Frank Spero says:

    a bunch of ass…… jeter is the best he is doing phenominally this year what a bunch of scatterbrains

  5. normk says:

    Ill say it ESPN hates the Yankees and they cant stand ANYTHING positive about any Yankee.Their pro Red Sox bias is sickening.The network should be named NESPN 2.

  6. Denny Maher says:

    So who cares what ESPN analysts think anyway. They are mostly ex-athletes who never really had stats anywhere close to what Jeter has amassed in his career. Plus the off field lack of publicity is exemplary for a player on the stage in the Big Apple. Jeter is a one of a kind and a fan favorite everywhere. He is a first rate class act All Star, shoe in for the Hall of Fame.

  7. Richard says:

    ESPN should keep their minds on what size jacket do you want if you by the MAG for another year .
    Jeter is a class man on and off the field ESPN get with the program.

  8. sameer5762 says:

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