New York Yankees: Double whammy week New York Yankees: Double whammy week New York Yankees: Double whammy week

New York Yankees: Double whammy week

Subway Series 2008

Subway Series 2008 (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

This week may be the most significant for New York Yankees since the start of the 2012 season.

Not only will the Bombers be fighting to steal first place in the AL East, but also New York City.

Starting tomorrow night, the Yankees begin a three-game set against the divisional leading Tampa Bay Rays.

Immediately following is the first of two weekend Subway Series’ vs. their hometown rival, and NL East leading Mets.


The Rays and their magical skipper Joe Maddon come to the Bronx having officially bumped the Baltimore Orioles out of first place, but only by one game.

Still, considering the tightness of the AL East the Rays realize all is lost by this Friday morning, as the third-place Yankees are just a game and a half behind them.

The Yankees have hung on for dear life this season, but they are in perfect place to pounce on the Rays this week, but I am sure the Rays are thinking the same.

Maddon and co. have an opportunity to gain some leeway in this competitive division because anything can happen with the Red Sox and Blue Jays only three games back.

No doubt this is a BIG week for both AL East teams.

If the Rays bring their brooms to the Bronx, they could leave with a nice lead but my guess is this series will come down to a rubber match on Thursday night with both teams’ aces scheduled to take the hill.


The pride of the Bog Apple is up for grabs this season, as the Mets definitely matter again; and that is something that New York fans haven’t experienced in about five years.

See in the past few seasons even if the Mets beat the Yankees it didn’t really matter because the Mets were a total mess but that is not the case in 2012.

The Mets had everything go wrong, and then some.

From meltdowns, to money, to Madoff, to Marlins…. the Mets have endured it all and come out alive.

This city has been painted in Yankees pinstripes for five seasons and rightly so, as the Mets had turned into a literal joke. And not because of Yankee fans, but at the hands of their own.

The ownership had letdown the Amazins’ loyal fan base so many times and in so many ways that trust was completely lost.

That is history now, as this is the first time since the historic collapse of 2007 that I have seen Mets fans actually believe in this team again.

As a Yankees fan, I find this totally awe-inspiring and it gives me goose-bumps to see the Mets achieve again but that doesn’t mean I still don’t hope the Bombers whoop the boys right back to Queens.

Still…. in all honesty it is about time New York got their Mets back again as they even bring a smile to my face but Shhhhh.

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  1. Richard Griffith says:

    If you had his starting pitching you'd be magical too. His offense is worse than Detroit so I hope Hughes doesn't have to face them because the Rays are not a playoff team.

    You see Kate you can't have it both Rays I mean ways. Rays are a playoff team because of their pitching only. Detroit is still a playoff team with an offense better than Cleveland. Yet somehow that goes out the window when Hughes pitches.

    Your only consistency is being inconsistent.

  2. LLP says:

    When did I say the Rays were not a playoff team…..they have been in the playoffs 4 of the last 5 years so I am very confused!!????

    The Tigers are giving little reason at all this season that they are a playoff team and that is a fact. They have been below .500 all season and the AL Central is a joke!!!

    The Rays have beaten teams, the Tigers have not and considering Cabrera and Fielder are in their line-up they should be a lot better record wise but they are not.

    All I said regarding Hughes is the the Tigers are not themselves…..Verlander was a mess and he is the one guy the Tigers count on and the fact that they could not and have not for his last three starts doesn't help. Also, just compare Hughes' release points and pitching movements between his last two starts and they are identical. He claimed he made a change but fact is Hughes didn't change a thing, which correlates into a complete game of luck, as the majority of the time Hughes gets hit.

    And if the Tigers were the team they could be, which clearly they are not as you even stated that they are a playoff team, then Hughes got a break right???

    If the Tigers are a playoff team b/ of their offense than why have they been in the cellar all season, and have not even played .500 ball????

    Verlander is a HUGE part of the Tigers success as he is the reigning MVP and CY Young winner, which doesn't happen often and to win both would translate into pitching being pretty important to the Tigers success.

    Richard… would trust Hughes with the ball in a playoff game??? Or in a game at the end of September with a playoff berth on the line???? vs. Rangers, Red Sox, Orioles, Angels???? You think he will be able to handle the MEts on Friday vs. Santana???

    • Richard Griffith says:

      You just don't get it. First, after 1/3 of the season you seem to know who is and who is not a playoff team. You praise the Rays who have a weak offense but then criticize PH for ONLY beating the Tigers. You would rather Hughes face the Tigers not the Rays?

      I am concerned that either your eyesight is off or you just don't know how to read a scattergram. Clearly Hughes had a greater Vertical/Horz tilt and I didnt need a chart to show me.

      And to say he made NO adjustments is hysterical. I know of at least 10 adjustments ( grip pressure, deception techniques, leg kick etc that although small can change the path/spin or perception from a batter's eye that will make that pivotal 2-3 inch where the bat hits the ball. As Pauly and Singleton say often, the difference between a HR and a lazy fly ball is a matter of 2 inches.

      You keep asking if I trust hughes in a playoff game. It depends how he's pitching in Sept. And again, you rarely use the 5th starter in any playoff series so he'll probably be in the pen.

      If you think a major league pitcher is LUCKY when he throws a complete game against a pretty good offense ( their pitching is almost dead last) then I have a bridge to sell you.

      News Flash: Pitching is important to everyone's success so I'm not sure………..

      PH is only as good as his next start. If he gets more consistent and we win, I'll take that.

  3. Richard –

    First-off all Hughes is technically the Yankees 3rd starter and that is what Girardi has said a few times.

    Second, Hughes will never be successful as a starter if he doesn't get a put-out pitch. He threw 122 pitches in his complete game, 98 were fastballs. Hughes doesn't trust his curveball and change-up; and he doesn't work on perfecting them either. Hughes doesn't know when to throw and what to throw when he is in a jam.

    Third, I was showing you you the charts because it show that he was consistently the same against the Halos and Tigers so what changes were made I don't know.

    Here is an article about Hughes, which might give you a different perspective on what he says and what is really happening:

    • Richard griffith says:

      You are right, he is slotted as the #3 right now. But then again he has the the 2nd lowest WHIP.

      According to FanGraphs beware of a small sample size. A scout is much more accurate.

      Give R Martin some credit. I think he knows what PH should throw in a jam.