New York Yankees: Double Trouble In The Bronx As Bombers Lose To Rangers New York Yankees: Double Trouble In The Bronx As Bombers Lose To Rangers New York Yankees: Double Trouble In The Bronx As Bombers Lose To Rangers

New York Yankees: Double Trouble In The Bronx As Bombers Lose To Rangers

A lot of things happened with the New York Yankees Friday night, other than losing 5-3 to the Texas Rangers, the first game of this weekend’s three game set.

Yankee fans should not panic but there some substantial things to take note of, so to make it easier here are a few you can print:


Prior to the game, Phil Hughes officially moved to the 15-day DL with dead arm cited as the reason.

The hope is that getting on a daily long-toss program will build his arm strength and presumably he will work on his curveball to have a third pitch to use too. Whether this will be enough time for Hughes’ to work is up to genius and new pitching coach Larry Rothschild.

Hughes is understandably disappointed, but he seems to have come to grips that this had to happen and is confident it will work.

As unfortunate as the situation is, it had to be done. I was shocked, but relieved that happened to Hughes so soon, as Skipper Joe Girardi is infamous for giving endless chances to struggling pitchers.

Finally, Girardi made the right move, at the right time to avoid the possibility of jeopardizing any games outcomes by getting Hughes out.

To be honest, I was vey worried that because the team won the game that Hughes had started on Thursday night, that it might have been earned him another go. Blame it on me being on Girardi autopilot, but if Sergio Mitre had that identical performance, he would have won a rotation spot. Whatever, hopefully we can turn that page thank goodness and with no other ex-Marlins on the team I think Girardi can too.

Obviously Bartolo Colon, who has been dynamite coming in from the bullpen in long relief, will take over for Hughes. Colon has impressed everyone, which admittedly proves my theory completely wrong. As the 2005 CY Young winner can still dominate, which the Yankees desperately need Colon to continue to do.

It wouldn’t surprise me if Colon remains in the rotation from here on out, and Freddie Garcia gets moved to the bullpen by the time Hughes gets back.


The Texas Rangers are in the Bronx for the first time this weekend since they beat the New York Yankees in the 2010 ALCS; and not much changed as Texas won the first game of this three game set 5-3.

Well the Yankees had everything working in their favor heading into this rematch…playing at home, sans Cliff Lee, and 2010 AL MVP Josh Hamilton, obviously the Rangers best player is out for at least eight weeks with a broken shoulder.

How the Rangers only managed to put one run on the scoreboard in the first four innings is baffling.  Ivan Nova only had one strikeout, walked two, gave up a hit, also hit a batter and allowed four runners on base.

The fifth inning, once again Nova couldn’t get through it, as he allowed three Ranger runs to score and Dave Robertson provided zero relief as it could have been Nova in disguise from the look of it.

Nova lost total command of his fastball, it was deja vu from his last start. These growing pains have to be expected from a 24-year-old rookie. I like that Nova has so much confidence, and to be fair just because everything else is a mess should not make his situation be treated accordingly.

Rangers countered with left-handed pitcher Matt Harrison who only continued his dominating start to 2011. It also didn’t hurt that the Yankee bats who were terrible. Not only could they not hit, six different Yankee players hit into double plays tonight, which set a new AL record. YIKES!

Overall, the Yankees cannot be happy with this loss. Remember what Alex Rodriguez said at the start of 2011 Spring Training:

“We have a very bad taste in our mouth from leaving Texas. I know that we just want the opportunity to come back and get off to a good start and have a great year.”

Everyone wants to let go of what is considered by New York standards a failed 2010 season, which should never have happened at the hands of the Rangers.

Holding on to what could have been is a trait Yankees fans relish in, screaming about some for years and it is not just to bitch because a lot of fans are truly in agony.

I think the Yankee players would love nothing more then to write some new history by winning the next two games against the Rangers this weekend… equally for themselves, as well as their loyal fans.

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  1. Mike says:

    Hi Kate, great post! Lets hope the Yanks can get it done. Also, very bad news about Hughes.

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    • Kate says:

      Thanks Mike – Hughes has a lot of work to do and this is his career on the line….but if it doesn't pan out maybe he can become a reliever again???!!! It is really up in the air as there is no real pinpoint way to solve a dead-arm, but throwing a long-toss program. How long do you throw before things are declared fixed or not is the question????

  2. Jennifer says:

    You can't win them all… but we we can hope!