New York Yankees: Please don’t ruin Phelps too New York Yankees: Please don’t ruin Phelps too New York Yankees: Please don’t ruin Phelps too

New York Yankees: Please don’t ruin Phelps too

Does anyone else find Yankees pitching prospect David Phelps’ story eerily familiar?

Photograph of Phil Hughes taken on April 29, 2...

Phil Hughes; April 29, 2008 at Yankee Stadium.

  • Getting tossed around like a rag doll between the rotation, bullpen and minors all season.
  • Not be allotted the chance to settle into a roll.
  • Pre-set pitching/innings limit.
  • Getting stretched multiple times as a starter.

Excuse me, as the above is not supposed to be a history lesson on Joba Chamberlain and Phil Hughes even though it could be.

No these notes are referring to how the Yankees have handled rookie Phelps first season in the Bigs, carelessly.

Phelps doesn’t know his role because the Yankees keep changing it accordingly, and it is reckless.

Why the Yankees haven’t learned their lesson after the Joba and Hughes mess is unbelievable to me.

Once again, the Yankees continue to be thoughtless with the progress of their best pitching prospects.

Starter to reliever; bullpen to rotation is not a productive way to develop a young pitcher as it can screw him up not only physically, but mentally too.

This doesn’t seem to resonate with the Yankees and it is sad to see again.

Phelps is a kid with tons of talent, and as I stated back on May 3rd the Yankees should have groomed Phelps back then.


Phelps has a lot to work with and his potential upside is huge, as he features:

  • Mixes up both a two and a four-seam fastball, four-seamer can get up to 95 mph.
  • A plus slider that breaks late.
  • A mid-90’s curveball.
  • A great sinker and change-up.

Phelps already displays superb control on the mound. He is not afraid to challenge hitters by throwing inside and throwing for strikes as he just proved against the dominant Texas hitters.

But once again, Yankee fans only got a glimpse of Phelps’ starting potential for five innings/75 pitches, as he has already proven himself in relief but what everyone really wants to know is what the plan is here.

as Reliever222.5419039291211512401.059.203.33
as Starter112.504418175528191.399.502.38

Now that the Yankees decide to start Phelps in place of an injured Sabathia they have no choice but to put an innings/pitching limit on him because he is not stretched out to start. And that is due to Phelps being shoved back to the bullpen again after he got stretched out to start down in the minors.

The Yankees do not have enough time to right the ship with Phelps this season because once CC and Pettitte get off the DL, Phelps will be moved either to the bullpen, or possibly the minors in favor of Derek Lowe.

Back in 2009 everyone was asking the question, Are Joba Chamberlain and Phil Hughes Starters or Relievers? 

The Yankees never gave much thought or care to give an answer but I believe they still have a window with Phelps because of how well he pitched vs. the Rangers just two days ago. And it is time to make things right.

So, if I were the Yankees I would send Phelps back to Triple-A for the rest of the 2012 season so he can start consistently with a plan to let him start the 2013 season in the rotation pending no setbacks etc. As I think this kid has the stuff to be a starter.

The Yankees need to go ahead with caution but do what is best for Phelps and not for themselves, which is sadly still unchartered territory.


  1. Richard Griffith says:

    I like how you pick 1 game to make your point. I guess his next 2 starts that year where he pitched very well did not fit your story. And who care about 4 years ago anyway?

    Phelps is a role player like many others. He pitched 158 innings in 2010, 140 in 2011. This year he pitched 6+ in multiple starts in AA/AAA and 57 innings with Yanks. Stretching is not an issue. We are just lucky to have him.

    You and your mid 90's curveball. Really? FanGraphs has his Average FB at 91and his CB at 80-83.

  2. coolnewyorker says:

    Apparently the medical authority has now been adamant on attributing pitch count as one sole determining cause-effect factor in injuries among the youngsters and post-TJ surgery.

    Nolan Ryan was particularly critical of the "babying" of phenoms until Strasberg went down with season ending injury. Hughes went down with dead-arm and Joba with TJ . Now, post surgery and scheduled to NOT pitch in the play-offs, Strasberg is not surprisingly objecting. . And no word from Mr. Ryan ; he has been quiet since. He knows when to shut up.

    Kate, take heed. Stop being a drama queen. Go bash Kuroda…he blew a no hitter yesterday.

  3. John says:

    No one should bash Kuroda…
    I hate admit I was wrong but Kuroda was the best pitching pick up Cashman has made in a long time (Aside from CC) that guy was impressive last night and has had a very nice season. Normally I would give no credit to Cashman, but once again it seems they made the right choice with the Melk Man too. His great season is now tainted with PEDs. Maybe I am too hard on the Cash?

  4. Richard Griffith says:

    There is NO consensus within the medical community on innings pitched after TJ surgery. It seems like a very conservative approach, with no guarantees either way.

  5. Richard Griffith says:

    You have posted at least twice that a pitcher threw mid 90's curveballs. This really shows an inherent lack of the fundamental aspects of baseball.

  6. coolnewyorker says:

    The execs would rather follow experts who advise inning pitched counts after TJ. Hence, the NATS' firm decision to bench Stras in the playoffs or even earlier if he has pitched the limit.

    It's strange that they also blame high MPH fastballs as the most cause of elbow ligament injury (especially in high school , college and minor leagues) considering that TJ was not known for his fastball. But Joba and Stras certainly are.

    At any rate, YES…Phelps is well taken care of. .

    OK…a mid-90's curveball (only in Kate's mind, BTW) should be banned, totally. Not a healthy pitch.

  7. coolnewyorker says:

    Is it ipossible Kate's mid 90's curveball is kilometer per hour?.

    Or she is just once more demonstrating her baseball IQ.. How else would she claim that the Yanks do not and cannot win without A-Rod?.. Or dare blame the Bronx bleachers for AJ's meltdown in pinstripes? She has no idea how insulting that contention is to AJ . .

  8. Richard Griffith says:

    Let's seee…. 95KPH = 59MPH. So let's say a 95KPH curve/change up. Well Done Sir!! I knew she was ahead of her time.

  9. coolnewyorker says:

    High 50's- low 60's? Change up or baseball IQ?

    Still…. she might really mean mid-90's curveball in MPH. But she might be refering to Phelps in little league. Radar gun over there a decade ago.was supposedly notoriously inaccurate

    Klueless Kate. You Kate you konk.

    • Richard Griffith says:

      Love the alliteration however there is no place for name-calling especially a term with no many ridiculous meanings.

    • LLP says:

      CNY – I have not idea what you are referring too here?????!!!???!! Maybe you need glasses because I do NOT have the numbers 50 or 60 anything in this post and am quite confused by your remark. PLEASE EXPLAIN THIS ONE.

      • Richard says:

        If I may…. We were having fun with your contention that Phelps throws a Mid 90's curve ball.

        "Mixes up both a two and a four-seam fastball, four-seamer can get up to 95 mph.
        A plus slider that breaks late.
        A mid-90’s curveball."

        CNY said you must be confusing MPH with KPH (kilometer per hour) which equates to 59 MPH)

        Kate: 95 MPH curveball? Please!!!!!

  10. Richard Griffith says:

    I'll give her credit about being passionate and doing this on her time as this is not her day job. I've cited myriad examples of how her data/facts are often flawed or used out of context. Yet I applaud her guts to stand up for her baseball beliefs.

    • LLP says:

      Thank you Richard but I get the data I use from and other reliable sources so please know that all stats are legit. Opinions are opinions but I back them with factual and actual stats.

      • Richard says:

        Like the mid 95 MPH curveball right??

      • Richard says:

        like the 95 mph curveball??

        • coolnewyorker says:

          That's what happens when an ignoramus just picks some "stats/data" from "reliable source" and then repeats them in print-.not unlike a well trained talking parrot- without really understanding what she repeats.

 must have printed a typo. But Kate would not know. Not knowing, together with bashing, dramatics and doomsaying, has been her trademark.

          I've been searching for the most appropriate description of Kate since her Phil Hughes bashing caught my attention and I have not come up with one that really cuts it. Until just now.

          That's it: "PARROT". Kate is as entertaining as a well trained parrot…

  11. coolnewyorker says:

    I do not applaud her vulgarity, meaness and bashing to the point of bullying. Not pointing it out to her, is tantamount to complicity in my part.

    Her trigger-happy offensive missles would never hit her targets. I hope she knows that. But they always fall on my lap…I mean my laptop. For some reason her trolls are always on YB front page. I have reached my limit of tolerance.

    Somebody has to give her a dose of her own medicine…just to let her know what bitter taste it leaves.

    I am just writing exactly how she has written all along all the way from April-May. "Useless Hughes":, Hughes you lose"., "washed up" ,"done" , "brain fart(?)'..without vulgarity, that is. I do not go that low.

    But I can. I'll wait and see if she can drag me down to the gutter. I just hope YB does not have pre-teen readers.

  12. Richard Griffith says:

    Her blog redefines unrefined (buy I digress). She can only drag me down if I let her. I guess she might suggest that we not read her, but then what's the fun in that.

    It's just hilarious when in absence of any facts to support AJ or A-rod, she will call us haters, when all we really wanted was for them to help us win. Yankee fans will cheer a Ham sandwich if it's any good.

  13. coolnewyorker says:

    Whether her stats and allegations are true or false or whether or not she makes sense is not what I am reacting to. She can display her baseball ignorance all she wants, she is entitled to it.

    What I am reacting to is the ease and pejoration with which she takes so much liberty in taking shots at players ("How Lowe can you get ?"): and even Yanks fans("delusional")… like it's some kind of entitlement for having a keyboard…or something.

    Her display of low baseball IQ might be hilarious but her viciousness is anything but. It's simply an affront to civility and common decency.

    I happen to like reading yardbarker . Unfortunately Kate's abrasive trolls are always there. And when there are trolls, expect reactive slugfest. Otherwise, what's the point?

    • Richard Griffith says:

      Ok, she's the YB shock jock. I find that bloggers resort to that nonsense in absence of any logical argument. That said, you will be reacting to that a lot.

      • LLP says:

        Richard that was harsh….don't you think????

        • Richard Griffith says:

          Your use of certain phases apparently is harsh to certain readers, which is why they react that way.

        • Richard says:

          You use certain words or phases that seem a bit insensitive to certain readers like " crap or useless Hughes etc". Your prerogative but I'll keep to the stats which speak more eloquently.

        • Richard says:

          Harsh is calling your readers Haters when they give you Stats that show how lousy a player is doing. But when you bash players, it's not hate just opinion based on stats. You like it both ways, must be nice.

          Then when you say these crazy things, you get all these comments – like a shock jock would. Most blogs on YB give the facts and some analysis. You like to shake it up, ok fine. Then expect incoming fire.

          But when you defend someone like AJ who was last in virtually every pitching category in 2010/2011, and defend it some nice 2009 performances you look silly. And yes, he's ptiching very well in the NL (likw Whitton, Vasquez, Brown and the list goes on).

  14. coolnewyorker says:

    Shock jocks are known for being irreverent, unorthodox, innovative, insensitive… and shockingly repulsive , albeit truthfully so to a fault. But they are seldom wrong.

    The only thing Kate has in common with Howard Stern is repulsiveness. And I am not talking about their vulgarity.

    Kate is at best a pseudo shock jock. She is repulsive, alright but she is seldom correct. And she does not shock, just repulse.

    Her persistence in demonstrating naivete in baseball is neither shocking nor repulsive. It's pitifully amusing…
    especially on a slow news day.

    Thanks Kate for entertainment. Go ahead, bash Kuroda for blowing a no hitter the other day and spoiling a shutout by giving up a HR yesterday. Or Phelps….he also gave up a HR and the unthinkable…he lost, to Red Sox.

    In case you are tired of bashing players, go ahead, declare "the sky is falling, the sky is falling". After all, Yanks are just 5 games ahead of the pack.

    Go ahead, it's ok. It's been a slow news day.