New York Yankees: Deja vu for Bobby Valentine New York Yankees: Deja vu for Bobby Valentine New York Yankees: Deja vu for Bobby Valentine

New York Yankees: Deja vu for Bobby Valentine

Turning boozehounds and bad attitudes into competitive and team oriented baseball players will be no easy task, even for Bobby Valentine.

Happy Valentine's Day...

Happy Valentine's Day...Yankee Universe!!(Photo credit: Јerry)

It is no secret that the newly minted Red Sox manager will have his hands full in Boston. And the sports world will be watching as Valentine once again aims to clean up another mess of a team like he did with that other New York team, the Mets back from 1998-2000.

Back in his Mets days it was for New York bragging rights, at a time when the Yankees were the sports worlds favorite sons.

Now with Boston the odds are not as stacked against Valentine because the Red Sox have the talent to win but do they have the heart is the question.

Valentine does have one familiarity that relates to both his past and future tenure, and that is the New York Yankees.

The last time he was in an MLB uniform as the Mets skipper, he saw the Yankees win the World Series for the 26th time.

And now, in his MLB return, Valentine has signed on to wear a uniform that is about as anti-Yankee, a Red Sox one that still has beer on it from 2011.

So, all the recent comments out of Valentine’s mouth are expected, and understandably have pissed off a lot of Yankee fans for good reason, myself included.

Valentine is certainly not known for his reserve demeanor, but fueling a rivalry that has been considered dormant for years has to come from the players first not the manager.

Even the most notorious of talkers, Jets coach Rex Ryan got the Jets to win before he went out of control.

So while all the jabs Valentine continues to make at the Yankees might work to keep the press off the reality of last season, it won’t work on the Boston fans, as unlike Jets fans, Red Sox Nation is used to results.

My hope is Valentine keeps dishing it and that Yankee fans will get angry, but also embrace it.

Just remember a rivalry takes place on the field and the Yankees are not the broken team here, the Red Sox are. So adding fuel to an already lit fire of a motivated team like the Yankees is the best thing New York could ask for.

And knowing Bobby V, he could be for the Yankees, what Rex Ryan just was for the Giants, that extra motivator.

ESPN New York’s Andrew Marchand reported back in December 2011 Valentine saying:

“I hate the Yankees. I don’t want to waste this valuable time talking about the Yankees. This is too valuable.”

Obviously not valuable enough.

Since that was when Valentine was only the Red Sox manager for about a week, it would seem that Yankee fans can count on that this banter to only continue and I’ll drink to that.

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