New York Yankees: Detroit Tiger-ees Want To Win Now Too New York Yankees: Detroit Tiger-ees Want To Win Now Too New York Yankees: Detroit Tiger-ees Want To Win Now Too

New York Yankees: Detroit Tiger-ees Want To Win Now Too

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Guess another team, the Detroit Tigers, finally got the memo, since Prince Fielder will be waving goodbye to the Brew Crew as the slugger is heading to the Motor City.

ESPN’s Jerry Crasnick reported agent Scott Boras got the Tigers to agree to a nine-year, $214 million contract for Prince’s talents.

Once the news broke that catcher/DH Victor Martinez would be out for all of 2012 after tearing his ACL in a pre-season workout, the Tigers had to go big to stay relevant in the AL.

And answering with Prince Fielder certainly does just that.

Actually, I was a tad stunned that Detroit made such a Yankee-esque move to fix things. The Tigers now join a handful of teams that have started recklessly spending money and handing out monster contracts, just like the Yankees have done for years.


In my opinion, it is about darn time that MLB owners started spending some dough because win or lose, it sends a clear message that they are invested in winning.

New York fans understand this concept because the Yankees wrote this memo and it went out a long time ago.

This remains very much today, as clear from Hal Steinbrenner’s press release after the Yankees early 2011 ALDS exit:

“I personally share in our fans’ disappointment that this season has ended without a championship. That is, and always will be, our singular goal every season. I assure you that this disappointment will strengthen our resolve to field a team in 2012 that can bring a 28th championship to the Bronx. That work starts now.”

This offseason, the Yankees were slow out of the gate but in the end the Boss’s son remained true to what his father always promised.

As what could comfort a fan-base more than to know the owners will go above and beyond to put the best possible team on the field everyday with only one goal, to win.


The Tigers signing Prince Fielder was no luxury, as he became a necessity for Detroit to stay relevant in the American League in 2012.

The AL Central is looking like a joke compared to the East and West in terms of competition level. The Tigers should have no problem wrapping up the Central early and easily, even sans Martinez and Prince.

The playoffs are a whole different monster and to say that the Tigers are World Series favorites is far from the truth. The Angels, Rangers, Yankees, Red Sox and Rays are still better teams in my opinion. For the Tigers to join that list Verlander will have to win 24 games again, and that is going to be tough.

See, even with their new Prince, Detroit is no lock. Looking at the bigger picture, the Tigers are certainly in better place than they were yesterday but for 2012 they had to fill a void.

Overall, Detroit fans should be pumped, as the Tigers owners seem in it to win it and that is never a bad thing.


  1. thomas catanzarita says:

    I don't think the size and the years of the contract is good for the Tigers. By the end of the contract Fielder's production is going to fall off immensely. Of course its another Scott Boras contract ala A-ROD!

  2. Thomas I totally agree with you….Scott Boras tends to get these clubs to agree to these monster deals and that is why the big guys hire him when the time comes. Boras's methods tend to hurt his smaller clients, but whatever he says/does to a team in panic mode certainly works.

    For 2012….Fielder fills a hole behind Cabrera due to Martinez being out for the season. Cabrera has to move to third base so Prince can take over at first. That should be interesting… Cabrera is not in the same shape he was years ago when he toiled at that position.