New York Yankees: Coming Home To No Relief New York Yankees: Coming Home To No Relief New York Yankees: Coming Home To No Relief

New York Yankees: Coming Home To No Relief

What started out with two avoidable losses against the Seattle Mariners, the New York Yankees are returning to the Bronx with a respectable 6-3 record from their West Coast road trip.

Well, things don’t get much easier for the Bombers who’s first task is to host their rival Boston Red Sox for a three-game set.

The last meeting between baseball’s most famous rivals was back on May 13th where Boston swept the Yankees at the stadium. So far the Red Sox have won five of six on the season, and trust me that is not sitting well with Yankee fans.

As usual, ESPN has hailed Boston the hottest team in baseball, even though the Red Sox have failed to take over first place from New York, who are currently ahead by one game in the AL East standings. This is typical for ESPN but when your main analysts consist of two ex-Red Sox (Garciaparra, Schilling) and one angry ex-Yankee (Boone) what else can you expect. Now the Yankees can numb my pain and not let the BBTN guys be right by winning…please.

Now it doesn’t take a genius to realize that the Yankees June schedule provides absolutely zero relief, as the team will be tested to the core. Just take a look for yourself:

Anyone who wants to know a hell of a lot more about the Yankees watch the next two weeks. Things are about to get even harder and questions will be answered as the top teams in the American League will be visiting the Bronx.

Here are three questions that will be answered:

  1. Are the first placing Indians for real?
  2. With both teams playing good baseball, who is hotter Red Sox or Yankees?
  3. Will the Rangers pitching hold up much longer? And can Josh Hamilton stay healthy for a full month?
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  1. Juke Early says:

    Boston fans & apologists in the stands or booth, are the biggest hypocrites in the sports world (though typically not the ones with a measurable IQ and/or a vocabulary larger than a restroom stall)*. Since they won some World Series, they are insufferable anytime they win – anything. It's sad how they seem to think a W versus the NYY equals 2 in the standings. I hope they know, no matter how many times they "beat" the Yankees they will never "be" the Yankees.

    On the other hand, the Yankees need to stop being so laid back – sack up & stomp those punks back into the scum of the Charles River where they belong. As for ESPN – stfu & keep kissing NFL ass – it's what you do best


    * that number is approx. 153 – if no one died while I was typing this…

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