New York Yankees: Too close for comfort New York Yankees: Too close for comfort New York Yankees: Too close for comfort

New York Yankees: Too close for comfort

Longoria at Yankee Stadium

For the second straight night the Yankees lost to the White Sox in the Windy City, 7-3.

Starter Ivan Nova couldn’t command his fastball, and since the All-Star break he is 1-4 with an ERA of 7.28, and opposing batters are hitting a .316 against him.

I am a big fan of Nova but the Yankees need a lot more from him especially at this time of year, and also with CC Sabathia and Andy Pettitte on the DL.

The Yankees have survived this long being riddled with injuries as Alex Rodriguez has been out of the line-up, along with the rotation sans CC and Andy but they have survived.

So, how does the AL East look as of today?

TeamsRecordGames Back
Red Sox59-6413
Blue Jays56-6615.5
MLB Standings as of 08-22-2012 (

The Yankees had an 11-game lead in the division as of July 18th, which has now shrunk to an uncomfortable four games.

So, what does this mean?

Well, for now it means the Yankees don’t want the Rays and Orioles to get any closer because who wants to be one of the Wild Card teams.

Just imagine having to deal with a single, do-or-die game after leading the division all season? Not pretty. And FYI…if the season ended today the AL Wild Card would be between the Rays and Orioles.

What the Yankees really need is Robinson Cano to get out of his funk, and the bullpen to get back to the dominant weapon they have been all season, all while waiting for the injured to return.

And that should be enough, hopefully.

Here is the Yankees record vs. all MLB opponents thus far (courtesy of; notice the White Sox have given them the most problems in the AL.

Opponents vs. Yankees - as of 08/22/2012 (

One Comment

  1. coolnewyorker says:

    This is what pennant race is all about.

    And this one is one of the best in decades. Folks, hang on to your seats. We are up to an exciting pennant race we probably have not seen before.

    Meaning: A decimated Yankees with more fill-in Vets (Yes, Kate…they are VETERANS, not "washed-up, "done" "long shot" senior citizens) than usual and tenacious surging "the real McCoy" teams in Orioles(Cinderella?) and Rays(perennial pains in the neck). And very honestly, I do miss the Red Sox. (No, Kate…reagardless of how true you believe Bobby V's words are, "to boot"…Red Sox won't make it).

    This down to the wire longest yards might very well end in photo finish…and decided by which team was managed best. I have confidence in Girardi.

    Hopefully, by WS time Yanks are fully staffed. (I might be ahead of myself. But, hey, I am a true Yanks fan)

    I hope Kate does not spoil it for us with her doomsayings and yankeephobe premonitions.