New York Yankees: Cliff Lee's Just Not That Into You New York Yankees: Cliff Lee's Just Not That Into You New York Yankees: Cliff Lee's Just Not That Into You

New York Yankees: Cliff Lee’s Just Not That Into You

First off let’s make one thing clear, Cliff Lee is not some kind of hero.

As everyone knows, Lee was the most coveted free agent on the market this off-season and he choose to sign with the Philadelphia Phillies over the New York Yankees and Texas Rangers.

This past Thursday, Lee made some bold and stupid comments during a radio interview on CBS Philadelphia 610WIP Sports Radio about what factored in the process, who came in second and third and why Philly will win him multiple rings.

Click on link below to listen to Lee’s interview:

Cliff Lee talks with Angelo Cataldi – March 10, 2011


Look, I could really go into details about this entire interview but those would be more opinions vs. opinions.

What I could not let slip by was how Lee answered this question below, with my reasons for being angry following.

601WIP SPORTS RADIO: “Who finished second?’

LEE: “Texas probably finished second to be honest with you. Just as far as the quality of the team and the chance to win a World Series ring, I think they’re a better team. That’s just my opinion. The Yankees can do anything at any moment to improve and they’re not afraid to go do things. That was part of the decision making process too, but I felt like with what the Red Sox had done and it seems like some of the Yankee guys are getting older, but I liked the Rangers.”

I guess Lee didn’t realize that Philadelphia is the oldest club in all of baseball with an average of 28.7 years old, while the Yankees average is an almost a year younger. Ooooppps.

What did the Red Sox do that puts them ahead of New York?

Boston filled holes where the Yankees were better. Starting with matching Mark Teixeira by getting Adrian Gonzalez and than signing Carl Crawford to make the outfield as good as the Yankees trio Brett Gardner, Curtis Granderson and Nick Swisher.

So, could someone tell me what Lee is referring too in his answer?

Pitching-wise both Boston and New York have unsettling back ends of their rotations. The Yankees have the best bullpen in baseball with Soriano, Mariano, Feliciano, Joba and Robertson. The Red Sox have a solid group in relief too, but not as good because closer Jonathan Papelbon still remains a question after not being dominate the last two seasons.

Hitting-wise both the Red Sox and Yankees have heavy hitting line-ups that ooze with talent. Is one better than the other is too hard to tell because both can be equally as lethal.

Oh and maybe Lee didn’t know that the Yankees have some of the best young pitching prospects in baseball. If they continue developing at this rate, the youngsters will bring many more rings to the Bronx.

Regarding Texas as being a better team than New York is ridiculous. Lee cannot be basing this on one series where the Yankees played like crap. Look it is no excuse as a game is a game, but fact is New York lost the 2010 ALCS.

So, could someone please explain who is giving Lee his facts?

I thought Lee was smarter than to put down other teams publicly in the manner he did. As a Yankee fan, I respected Lee’s decision and him as a superb pitcher until this interview.

Yes, the Philly radio station did bait Lee but there was no need to state anything more than that Philly was his first choice. It is childish and Lee should get his facts straight next time.

The Philly media and fans would rather focus on putting down other teams than cheering on their own. I have experienced this first hand in Philly and just so Lee knows the Yankees pack in the most fans in the league.

Unfortunately the Yankees do not play the Phillies in the 2011 regular season, leaving the only possible meeting between the two in the 2011 World Series. If this scenario happens, mark my words Yankee fans will be waiting.

Maybe someone should remind Cliff Lee what happened the last time he was a Philly playing the Yankees in the World Series.

That is the definition of WINNING!


  1. JFW3 says:

    I'm a philly fan, but I agree. It sounded like Lee was talking out his ass. He's either a fool or he got caught off guard and starting blabbing the first thing that came to mind, but any way you look at it, his statements made little sense. Personally, I think he feels the Phililes have a better immediate shot at a WS and wanted to be part of what is clearly one of the top 3 or 4 rotations ever. After all the fuss was made, he likely now feels he has to defend his position. When people defend themselves against decisions that were made on a gut level and don't have a whole lot of tangible logical reasons (as Lee did when choosing Philly over the higher paying and equally talented yankees), they tend to throw out a bunch of "reasons" that don't always add up. They can't add up because the decision was personal and not entirely logical. People also tend to deflect by exaggerating the flaws of the alternative, in this case the Yankees. Lee liked the Phillies more and that's why he chose them. That's the end of it, but for whatever reason he doesn't feel comfortable just saying that. He wants to "prove" he made a smart decision. So when people ask, he comes up with a bunch of half baked and somewhat insulting comments against the yankees.

    Do I think he was out of line by making these statements? No. It's not like he's out there saying the Yankees suck and he could've taken on Babe Ruth any day of the week. It wasn't anything particularly nasty, but his facts were wrong and it just made him sound foolish if not a little snobby. Again, I think it comes down to him being put on the spot and having to defend against what was obviously a decision based on personal preference. People want solid reasons, and he can't give that, and he doesn't have the maturity to just admit it.

    • Kate says:

      JFW3 – I agree that Philly would give Lee the best opportunity to get back to the WS and that was evident. I was venting cause the Red Sox filled holes where the Yankees were better, at 1st base and made their outfield better which was need. They have just as many pitching problems and if Papelbam can't get it together it could be trouble. They also lost Martinez as their catcher which I don't know why they let him go to the Tigers.

      I just was disappointed with Lee and his comments. He didn't need to say the Yankees were the oldest losers of the group….thought it was unprofessional because the Yankees better not get further than the Rangers or Phillies or Lee better rethink his logic.

  2. Geoff says:

    Have you ever seen a dog who has an injured paw, but will not let you touch it and snaps at you if you try? Cliff Lee's rejection injured the Yankees' (and their fans') ego. Ever since he gave up millions to come to Philly, the Yankees and their fans have been snapping at him because their ego has been injured. He gives his opinion about two baseball teams with no malcious intent, and look how you snap back. I understand defending your team, but you can't in good faith claim your opinion to be fact. The only fact given is the average age, but you spin in a way that makes the average age of the starters seem young. But the youngest starter is 28. The oldest, 39 (rule of thumb is that if it says N/A next to salaray, don't add them into the equation). Defend your team and make broad statements about how good they are, but opinions aren't usually fact, especially when the season has not yet started.

    Also, phillies sold out every game last year and the year before. IT almost seemed as if yankee fans didn't show up during the playoffs last year. You just have to deal with the fact that right now you're not the best team. You don't have to snap at a player for voicing that belief. Cheers.

    • Kate says:

      I hear you Geoff about the Yankees not being the best team, but I don't think any team stands out from the pack either. With the Phillies possibly sans Utley and with Lee hurting his wrist yesterday is not good. Lee will be back just a week of rest but Utley is a huge hole that in 2010 was filled by Jayson Werth. I wrote numerous articles stating that the Philies made a mistake letting the team's only solid right-handed hitter leave. Werth could have been signed if the Phillies had let Ryan Howard play out his contract thru this season, as that is when it was up. Instead signing Howard two months in last season when he still had another year seemed a little crazy. He wasn't going anywhere.
      I think that team's like the White Sox and Blue Jays are going to be much better than people think. Also, Tampa is still good. The Red Sox filled their hole at first base with Gonzalez and added Crawford to be more even with the Yankees trio in the outfield. Boston's starting rotation has just as many questions at the back-end so I will say that the competition will be at a high.

      Lee wasn't malicious but he was immature, as their is no reason to state anything more than Philly is where he wanted to be and where he is. Saying the Rangers are better than the Yankees is ridiculous….Hamilton has to be moved to right field so he stays off the DL. Adrian Beltre only plays well in contract years, as he proven multiple times that once he signs a contract his numbers decline.

      What are you taking about regarding average starters??? Those are the entire teams average age, not just pitching. I just got the statistic off and usually don't question it.

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