New York Yankees: Cleaning Up This Team’s Mess New York Yankees: Cleaning Up This Team’s Mess New York Yankees: Cleaning Up This Team’s Mess

New York Yankees: Cleaning Up This Team’s Mess


The only consistency other than losing for the New York Yankees has been center-fielder Curtis Granderson.

Without Granderson’s bat and glove the Yankees would not be in a slump, they ‘d be sunk worse than the 0-6 run the team is now on.

Grandy is easily putting up the best numbers in his career and MVP worthy with 14 home-runs, 31 RBIs, four doubles, three triples and 16 walks.

His last blast was off Tampa Bay Rays ace David Price, who had only given up a home-run to a lefty bat once before in is career to Phillies Chase Utley back in 2009.

It also gave the Yankees a comfy 5-1 lead, which was lost by the middle of the sixth inning, as they lost 6-5.


Let me make something clear, the fact that AJ Burnett gave up a three-run homer in the sixth to Rays BJ Upton to give the Rays the lead and eventual win is utterly irrelevant.


The Yankees pitching has done plenty on their end to get the team in positions to win games, but the bats are completely dead.

Forget the older guys that the entire sports world has written off already; I am talking about Nick Swisher, Mark Teixeira and Brett Gardner, who have been useless in May.

Robinson Cano is hitting well, but is not near his potential yet because Cano can rip.

Here is a chart compliments of of the Yankee bats in April compared to May. The drop-off is not hard to see.

This will be a long summer in the Bronx if the bats don’t wake up now.


Despite of all the ageism banter about how Alex Rodriguez is 35 years old, I highly doubt he has all of a sudden forgotten how to hit.

Just look at what White Sox Paul Konerko; Rangers Michael Young and Cardinals Lance Berkman are doing. All A-rod’s age, all dominating at the plate this season, and not one of the three possesses A-rod caliber talent.

One possibility is that A-rod might be dealing with some off-the-field issues, as it is no secret that A-rod tends to wear his emotions on his sleeve and it has taken a toll on his production in the past without question.

Come to think of it, I haven’t seen or heard anything about Cameron Diaz in weeks and the couple had become a tabloid staple for months, especially in NYC. If they have broken-up it would explain why he went from blazing hot to icy cold.

Whether Yankee fans want to admit it or not, A-rod’s bat dictates the entire line-ups production. This has been the case for many seasons now and remains to be the issue still.

Bottom line is that once A-rod gets going the team will start winning again.



  1. Anthony says:

    Apparently, while you were ranting, you didn't notice that Brett Gardner has been batting at a .400 clip for May and is one of the best outfielders in baseball….most people would say batter than Granderson.

    • Kate Conroy says:

      No I know what Gardner has been doing, but he didn't start the season well at all and Granderson has been consistently good all season.

  2. Arizona Bomber says:

    Took the words right out of my mouth Anthony. If you get paid to write columns, get it right, or get another job.

  3. d-mets says:

    Actually….Gardner has been underperforming in regards to stolen bases and his average for March/April was .166, which has raised to .375 for May but his other stats are not improved. Gardner has just gotten on base a lot but he can do better.

    He has been reading his pitches better…but still Granderson has played better consistently. Gardner has two RBIs in May and has been caught stealing three out of four times which is not great.