New York Yankees: Champions cannot only feast on the weak New York Yankees: Champions cannot only feast on the weak New York Yankees: Champions cannot only feast on the weak

New York Yankees: Champions cannot only feast on the weak

The New York Yankees are verifying exactly what fans didn’t want to admit, that the Bombers are a sham.

Robinson Cano did you know?

Maybe the above is a bit harsh but reality is the 2012 Yankees are really good leaving runners on base and covering it up by feasting on weaker teams to stay in reaching distance in the AL East.

The Bombers recent five-game winning streak against the Royals and Athletics ended once they reached Anaheim, as the Angels have outplayed, out hit and will be going for the series sweep tonight.

The Yankees issues are nothing new as the team has had them since the start of this season.

Losing two in a row at the hands of the struggling Halos only magnifies everything again; and that tiny ounce of hopefulness I had felt has vanished because this team cannot be trusted.

So, what are the two biggest issues that the Yankees cannot seem to shake?

Here is a short list as this is all stuff you have heard too much already this season.

1) LOB – leaving runners on base is the most infuriating thing for a fan to witness in baseball. It proves that a line-up can hit and get on base but not when it counts.

The Yankees are officially the MLB poster children when it comes to consistently losing out on scoring opportunities.

And this explains why not finishing what you have started leaves fans in a sort of negative funk.

2) The Yankees offense is very one-dimensional as they have completely abandoned playing small ball and stealing bases. Yes, Brett Gardner has been injured all but nine games this season but to declare a ceasefire on the little things that win ball games will continue to kill them.

Why haven’t the Yankees even attempted to score a go ahead run via squeeze play, or by stealing third and scoring on a sac fly?

The complete lack of textbook fundamentals by the Yankees, who should know better than any team, is puzzling. With the calendar about to turn June you would think the Yankees would make adjustments and play some small ball, but no, none.

The biggest advantage in baseball is sweating the small stuff because that is what separates teams come October.

The greatest athlete (in my opinion) of this century once said:

“Obstacles don’t have to stop you. If you run into a wall, don’t turn around and give up. Figure out how to climb it, go through it, or work around it.”

And if anyone knows how to win it is Michael Jordan, and not doing the little things is something the Yankees need to figure out now if they want to be playing this October.

3) This team lacks of anything and everything clutch. The amount of times the bases have been loaded this season is too scary for me to even think about. Robinson Cano has turned scared and Jeter can’t seem to transform into Captain Clutch this season. Cano is posting a .100 batting average with the bases loaded this season, compared to the .444 BA he averaged in 2011.