New York Yankees: CC Sabathia Opts To Stay New York Yankees: CC Sabathia Opts To Stay New York Yankees: CC Sabathia Opts To Stay

New York Yankees: CC Sabathia Opts To Stay

CC Sabathia

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If you haven’t heard the good news start spreading it, as CC Sabathia is staying a New York Yankee.

All it took was adding another year (with an option of adding a second) and $30 million rise.

Sabathia’s new contract, which supersedes the remaining four years and $92 million left his original contract, is for five years at $122 million.

The 31-year old lefty will earn $25 million in 2016, which is the last  guaranteed year of the new contract, but there is a sixth ear vesting option for another $25 million or a team buyout for $5 million, but that depends on health etc. So ultimately Sabathia could rake in another $147 million in total.

Yankee fans are ecstatic about keeping their ace, while avoiding any repeat of the drama that ensued from last year’s off-season.

This is not the outcome that anyone expected after’s Jon Heyman reported that Sabathia was definitely opting out and planned on becoming a free agent before Monday’s deadline.

Maybe in the future Mr. Heyman should check his anonymous sources credibility before making such declarations and sending Yankee Universe into a tailspin.

Well, I couldn’t be happier that Sabathia is staying put and you can bet that skipper Joe Girardi and GM Brian Cashman will sleep well tonight.

Sabathia took to Twitter to let Yankee fans know of his decision:

Yankee fans, I’ll be here fighting for number 28 next year!

Sabathia also tweeted a link to this video:



  1. "Yankee fans, I’ll be here fighting for number 28 next year!"

    An early Christmas gift, :-)…always figured he was coming back, but I was prepared to endure the whole FA 'drama' of being courted by other teams, till he came around !!!

    Garcia coming back, too? Buerhle? CJ Wilson? a lefty middle reliever? what do you think???

  2. Kiwiwriter says:

    I can't tell you how glad I am that CC chose not to opt-out. I knew he "got it" about being a Yankee on his very first day with the club. After he signed the paperwork and did the press conference, he toured the new stadium, shook hands with the construction workers, and did a fast 30-second spot for season tickets. Compare that with Randy Johnson and the hand in the camera. CC understood the Yankee tradition and the high demands of being a Yankee from the very start. I think he'll be one of the most popular guys on the club, and get standing ovations right into his Old Timer's Day appearances.

    • Kate says:

      Kikiwriter I was certain that CC was going to be a free agent considering so many credible sports writers guaranteed it. Shows how reliable their sources are, or if they even have any in teh first place!!

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