New York Yankees: Can CC Sabathia Beat Josh Beckett? Please. New York Yankees: Can CC Sabathia Beat Josh Beckett? Please. New York Yankees: Can CC Sabathia Beat Josh Beckett? Please.

New York Yankees: Can CC Sabathia Beat Josh Beckett? Please.

Returning home is supposed to be a good thing, right?

At least I thought so, especially when your home is called Yankee Stadium.

Well, someone might want to send that memo to Yankees skipper Joe Girardi so he can inform his players.

Preferably before Thursday night, as the Boston Red Sox will be looking to sweep the Yankees after winning the first two games 6-4 an 11-5 respectively.

One thing is for sure; the Red Sox certainly look right at home in the Bronx, as they have a 7-1 record against New York so far in 2011 and have own five in row as the visitors.

NYY CC Sabathia (8-1, 2.80 ERA) vs. BOS Josh Beckett (5-0, 2.01 ERA)

The two aces, CC Sabathia and Josh Becket will take the hill in the closing game Thursday night.

Beckett is back to his winning ways this season, as the Yankees and Sabathia have fallen victim the two times they have faced him.

How bad was the thrashing Beckett gave the Yankees in just two starts?

Well, he posts a 1.92 ERA, allowing zero runs to score, while striking out 19, issuing just three walks, six hits, and has pitched over 14 innings. Basically, the definition of a Boston fan’s wet dream and Beckett did it twice.

Career-wise, Sabathia is an overall better pitcher than Beckett but this season the Yankees seem to cave at the sight of the Red Sox.

Scary to think that the team has the most RBIs and home-runs in all of baseball but can’t muster up enough power to beat Tim Wakefield. To me, the above translates into Sabathia having to be perfect.

Look, we know this is why Sabathia is the team’s ace, but without any run support against this Red Sox line-up, the Yankees will not be putting one on the left side Thursday night. This is almost a guarantee if the Yankees continue to play like this, even with the dominating Sabathia on the mound.


The Red Sox sweep the Yankees, winning this game 6-2.

As much as I want to choose the Yankees to win this game, the confidence is not there and why should it be?

I do not think Boston is a superior team overall, but against the Yankees they certainly look like it.

No matter if there were actually two Big Papi jerseys buried under the new Stadium, the Yankees look of panic against the Red Sox is very unnerving to watch.

I don’t care what the Yankees reason is because whatever damage is already done. So the time is now, and I mean Thursday night now, to finally cease this Boston bullshit.

A team cannot behave in this manner in front of their own fans, in their own home, against their biggest rivals. It is unacceptable and pathetic from a Yankees team this talented.

Please know that I have no problem with the Yankees proving me wrong here, while getting back into a first place tie with a win, but right now the odds are not in favor of that happening.

“Every hitter likes fastballs, just like everybody likes ice cream.  But you don’t like it when someone’s stuffing it into you by the gallon.  That’s what it feels like when Nolan Ryan’s thrown balls by you.” ~Reggie Jackson

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