New York Yankees: Cashman A Genius? Best Pitching Not In Philly? New York Yankees: Cashman A Genius? Best Pitching Not In Philly? New York Yankees: Cashman A Genius? Best Pitching Not In Philly?

2011 MLB Season: Cashman A Genius? Best Pitching Not In Philly? Red Sox Suck?

Yes…you read the title right, as 2011 is proving to be the craziest season in years.

Everything that is NOT suppose to happen is already happening.

Not that everything can’t change because the season is still in its baby stages and trust me nothing will stay as is. Still, the first three weeks are mind-boggling with dramatic walk-offs, sensational pitching and home-runs galore.

It seems as if EVERY team has come to win this season. Teams that are supposed October locks and players that are not supposed to good anymore are proving all of us baseball nuts to be fools.

Here are the 5 biggest shocks that are now baseball realities (the order is for number not ranking purposes):

  1. The Philadelphia Phillies starting rotation does not feature the best one-two punch in baseball. Phillies Roy Halladay and Cliff Lee are no slouches but they don’t compare to the Los Angeles Angels of Anaheim aces Jered Weaver and Dan Haren. The Halos tandem have a combined 9-0 record in nine starts and have 66 strikeouts. While the Phillies duo have a combined 53 innings pitched, with 52 strikeouts and a win-loss record of 4-2 in eight starts. The Halos #1 and #2 cost around $20 million combined; compared to the Phillies paying $31 million, with $20 million for Halladay alone, who is worth every penny. That is a lot more money to not be on top.
  2. The competition in the AL Central is no doubt about as good as it gets, but who thought that it would be the Cleveland Indians and the Kansas City Royals fighting it out for the first place? As the Chicago White Sox and Minnesota Twins are barely keeping their head above water. Can everyone agree now that Twins Joe Mauer is the biggest overpaid bust in baseball? Mauer is on the DL for the millionth time in his career and his 2009 MVP season sure seems more and more like a fluke.
  3. Picked by every expert, except my favorite ESPN Skip Baylor, to run away with the AL East the Boston Red Sox are proving that buying players doesn’t guarantee anything. You think GM Theo Epstein would have learned this by watching their rival Yankees fail at this many times. Boston didn’t win two World Series in the past decade with this formula. Still, don’t complete write them off the Red Sox cause they will get better.
  4. New York Yankees GM Brian Cashman’s off-season was considered a disaster after missing out on ace Cliff Lee. In an attempt to make up for Lee, Cashman inked every over-the-mound veteran, with an injury history, bad attitude or all three. To put it mildly, Yankee fans were not happy, but now they are in awe of their genius GM who has put together an All-Star back-up plan to come in for the already aging starting All-Stars. You forget how much baseball experience is now in that Yankee locker room, as the amount of awards won on this roaster alone could fill an entire stadium. Don’t think the Yankees are going anywhere just yet because champions know how to win championships.
  5. The Mets have hit rock bottom…NOT! You wonder what else could go wrong at this point, but it is almost a guarantee now that the Mets will find it. The team is at the bottom of not only the NL West but is the worst team in baseball with a 5-13 record. The explanation that “The Mets have all the talent and they are not this bad” is getting old because it is about time they start to prove it. This team needs to do figure itself out or the players need to start to play for all nine innings, not seven or eight. Also, respecting David Wright might do wonders as he is the franchise’s player and deserves better. No one thought that things could really get any worse and the fans are starting to hate the game of baseball now.


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