New York Yankees: Casey McGehee to the Bronx New York Yankees: Casey McGehee to the Bronx New York Yankees: Casey McGehee to the Bronx

New York Yankees: Casey McGehee to the Bronx

In a frantic move to fill the void for an injured 3B Alex Rodriguez and the recently hurt 1B Mark Teixeira, the New York Yankees traded reliever Chad Qualls for

General Manager of the New York Yankees Brian Cashman

infielder Casey McGehee from the Pittsburgh Pirates as confirmed via tweet from NY Post’s Joel Sherman.

A-rod is out till mid-September with a broken hand, and Tex is suffering from a swollen wrist and the hope is that the cortisone shot he received yesterday will be enough for him to return on Friday.

McGehee was not the Yankees first choice was Padres Chase Headley but he drew a lot of interest from other teams so the price would have been high. And with the Yankees depleted farm system and attempt to cut, or at least not add to payroll, Headley was out of reach.

With the Pirates acquiring Marlins 1B Gaby Sanchez in the fire sale down in Miami made McGehee redundant, so dumping him cheaply was a no-brainer.

And Qualls was moments from being released by the Yankees to make room for reliever Joba Chamberlain who was activated yesterday.

Manager Joe Girardi’s spin on the McGehee pick-up was mind-numbing as quoted him as saying, “This is a guy (McGehee) who’s put up big numbers in his career. We’re hoping he can help us.”

Well, I am not sure what Girardi is talking about but I presume he is referring to McGehee’s 2010 season, which was the best in his 5-year career.

Looking at McGehee’s career stats paints a picture that 2010 was a fluke. (stats courtesy of

5 Yrs52918002024689656027721533410.26075458
162 Game Avg.1625516214329218851471040.26023118
Casey McGehee Career Stats

Please don’t think that McGehee will get even close to 104 RBIs and 23 HRs EVER!

From what I can see is that over his career McGehee has consistently struck out and pops-up too much.

One positive is McGehee’s career RISP (runners in scoring position) is .285, which is a situation that has destroyed the Yankees in 2012 so maybe he can help out here.

Overall obtaining McGehee was an easy brain-fart for GM Brian Cashman but he won’t be a game changer with the crap baseball the Yankees are playing lately.

Losing eight of their last 12 games is becoming extremely concerning as all the Bombers have to do is play .500 baseball, but now that has become a HUGE chore.

The Yankees miraculously still lead the AL East by 5.5 games but that number is dwindling fast.

The four-game losing streak the Yankees cannot seem to shake is starting to get to close to a collapse for comfort.

All I am hoping for is some baby steps here, and for now that is to stop the Orioles from sweeping the series this afternoon in the Bronx, as this losing thing is getting embarrassing.


  1. John says:

    Wow, Kate, interesting article that brings a couple of things to mind.
    First, not sure where you got this idea this was a frantic move on Cashman's or the Yankees part as they've become very satisfied in the last couple of years picking up ballplayers that add to their overall team at the trade deadline and while this may have been a more focused pickup (third and fist base capable) I think you've got your thoughts a bit crossed here.
    Secondly McGehee, while not Babe Ruth, has put up some pretty solid numbers which by todays standards might reap a contract in the 8 Million dollar a year range +.
    And, what's this about the depleted Yankee farm system???? Very possible that many of the Yankee farmhands may be a tad over rated but in todays BaseBall world cheaper ballplayers rule! And, the Yankees probably have one of the best stocked and talented systems today.
    Finally, and to all those who see doom and disaster because they've lost 9 of 12, every ball club goes throug rough spots during a year and with the Yankee injuries and the juggling that has caused, somewhat understandable. As Bill Parcells once said, nobody wins during the first two or three months of a season…its how you close as to whether you will win or be in a position to win and I'm amongst the believers that the yankees will make the playoffs and we'll see from there.
    Finally, to all those whop begin to doubt when any ball club

  2. richard griffith says:

    The Yankees Farm System is ranked in the top10- 12 by Baseball Prospectus and Keith Law. Depleted No!
    Not panic but Qualls for this guy is a good pick-up. He's a stop gap nothing more. Hopefully he contributes, Chavy has been great by the way.

    Lousy baseball and still the best record in the AL. Ask Texas how hard it is.

  3. coolnewyorker says:

    Leave it to Kate…and her propensity for jumping the gun with doomsaying (and of course with gutter lingo—"brain-fart, crap, etc…her words, not mine or anyone else's).

    Over the years, I have observed what changing to wearing and unwearing pinstripes did to athletes—in contrasting ways.

    Some players morphed to idol status and lanquished when un-pinstriped. Notable example was Tino Martinez. Some just could not see themselves in another uniform and simply retired early- Scott Brosius, Paul O'Neill.

    Some idol quality athletes simply could not change successfully to wearing the Yanks uniform …notably Randy Johnson, Kevin Brown, AJ Burnett…heck, I include even A-Rod and Jason Giambi. And some "cannot play in the Bronx" Gotham Cityphobes reverted back to their superb quality after being un-pinstriped…Example- Kenny Rogers, AJ Burnett and seemingly, Ian Kennedy.

    We will see how Casey McGehee does in pinstripes…on newly shaved all- american look. And I wish Kate would leave him alone…at least during the honeymoon period. I hope he does not become her next Phil Hughes. Heaven forbid!

    • richard griffith says:

      Go look at OPS+ for A-rod and Giambi as Yankees and come back and explain how poorly they did!! (PED excluded).

      • coolnewyorker says:

        NUMBERS. Huh!

        A-Rod was absolutely correct when he publicly commented that Derek will never get paid as much as he does because Jete cannot put up same numbers that he has.

        Through his tenure with the Yanks, A-Rod did put up impressive HOF numbers… but they were mostly pointless. It has become a common "Oh no" collective moan in NYC bars whenever A-Rod would come to bat in clutch situation . Worse during the play-offs with his now infamous disappearing acts with sole notable exception in 2009 when finally he became a team player. Alas, he has regressed to his pointless HOF numbers since.

        Same is true with Giambi, albeit to a lesser degree.

        That's why I consider Jete's HR-free 145 AB with bases loaded his best STAT. It took him a decade to hit his first and only grand slam. Now, that is a number only a consummate team player can put up.

        Going back to Casey: I hope Kate will give him a chance to put up some clutch numbers before she makes him Phil Hughes' replacement. It is kinda scary that she is OFF of Hughes. Who's next?

        • richard griffith says:

          I just have a problem with AJ and A-rod in the same sentence. AJ contributed nothing but indigestion.

  4. richard griffith says:

    I think she's off of Hughes for a few starts since he's the only one with any wins lately. What Casey (at the bat) McGehee brings is his propensity to hit to right field. Look it up Kate – His numbers are pretty good. Let's give him a few AB's before we dismiss him.

  5. coolnewyorker says:

    Now that "Useless Hughes" is the team leader in WINS, I was hoping Kate has learned her lesson.

    "Overall obtaining McGehee was an easy brain-fart for GM Brian Cashman but…"

    Apparently not. She has already started with Casey even before he has swung a bat. Many blogs have been written about his trade and only Kate's has a dismissive pejorative message with (thanks goodness) but mildly (by her standards) bashing tone.

    But it's still early. Leave it to Kate.