New York Yankees Camp Is About To Get Crazy New York Yankees Camp Is About To Get Crazy New York Yankees Camp Is About To Get Crazy

New York Yankees Camp Is About To Get Crazy

Look for the big press tent to be erect at Steinbrenner Field today, as the press frenzy is about to begin.

The New York Yankees position players officially arrive at Spring Training, which entails media darlings Alex Rodriguez and the Captain Derek Jeter.

A-rod has done a number on himself over the last month starting with his lady pal Cameron Diaz and the infamous Super Bowl feeding.

Then three days later on February 9th, gossip hounds TMZ filmed A-rod on a shopping spree with Diaz back in NYC. What started out as signature A-rod checking himself out in the mirror, turned into him picking his nose.

This last week A-rod has been seen working out with Diaz and now the unfortunate couple is rumored to have bought an apartment together at the Rushmore over on Riverside Boulevard. This seems more like an A-rod buy, as Diaz would never buy at 64th-65th street on the Westside Highway, as it is not exactly a glamorous section of the city.

Regardless, as long as A-rod plays well this season the tabloid jargon will get forgotten about quick, just not today.

As for the Captain, he doesn’t want any of this attention and readily doesn’t deserve it. Jeter’s contract negotiations caused a media shi*-storm, and quotes were taken out of context to generate headlines before knowing the whole story.

For Captain Class, it will be business as usual and he won’t even address what is not even relevant anymore.

I can already hear the Captain stating that he is the Yankees shortstop now and that is what matters.

My prediction is Jeter puts up great numbers in 2011 and what can be said than?

Yankee fans get ready for media circus today.

Please remember don’t bring your popcorn until Monday, February 21st because according to Steve Marcus of Newsday, that is when A-rod is scheduled to speak with the press.

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