New York Yankees: Burnett Pitches ALDS Back To The Bronx New York Yankees: Burnett Pitches ALDS Back To The Bronx New York Yankees: Burnett Pitches ALDS Back To The Bronx

New York Yankees: Burnett Pitches ALDS Back To The Bronx

A.J. Burnett

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Last night’s ALDS Game 4 was a do or die for the New York Yankees, as they were down 2-1 in games to the Detroit Tigers.

So in an almost reckless effort to succeed, Yankees skipper Joe Girardi put the team’s fate in the hands of AJ Burnett.

To say Burnett’s time in New York has been rocky would be an understatement, as he is the definition of Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde on the mound.

A majority of Yankee Universe couldn’t stand Burnett. And once enemy #1, Alex Rodriguez just continued playing too well for to even excusable Bronx booing, the fans road Burnett like Sea-biscuit, and he become almost to easy a target.

The difference with Burnett is that Yankee fans didn’t enjoy to booing him like they did with Javier Vazquez, Kyle Farnsworth or Sergio Mitre.

Speaking personally, I have never booed Burnett. Why? I am a huge Burnett fan and you can see he wants to do well for the team. Burnett’s teammates love him, and to be honest I bet he is a riot as a friend.

Regardless, (and apologies for my above girly mush) Burnett had to pitch well or season over, but either or, the Yankees were getting on a plane late Tuesday night back to New York.

Well, thanks to a great performance on the bump in Detroit, AJ Burnett made sure that the Tigers were coming back to the Big Apple too.

The Bombers in the eleventh-hour gave the Tigers a beat-down in Game 4 to a tune of 10-1.

Wonder what Detroit Tigers closer Jose Valverde thought about the game? If you didn’t know according to Valverde this ALDS was over last Sunday, and told Detroit fans to get ready to party following Game 4 because this series was not going back to New York, no matter what.

Some recommendations for Valverde… once in New York don’t leave your hotel because you pissed off a lot of Yankee fans here.

Look plain and simple, for any athlete to make such arrogant statements in the midst of a playoff series is just fueling the opposition. Valverde is just another athlete writing checks that his team just can’t cash.

As for Burnett, you couldn’t ask for much more as he went over six-innings, of one-run baseball.

Burnett looked horrible in the 1st inning and it was nerve-racking, especially when Girardi had Phil Hughes throwing in the bullpen before the inning ended.

It was the only inning during his outing that Burnett looked outmatched, but he got out of that inning without a run scoring. Burnett saw what a superb catch center fielder Curtis Granderson made to help end his torturous inning, and that was enough for Burnett to never looked back after that.

I can promise you that on Thursday night at Yankees Stadium, AJ Burnett will get a huge thank you from the fans.

And I can also guarantee that the Bronx will be rocking for Game 5, and that Yankee fans can’t wait to see Mr. Valverde again.

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