New York Yankees: Bronx magic New York Yankees: Bronx magic New York Yankees: Bronx magic

New York Yankees: Bronx magic

The Ballpark in Arlington home of the Texas Ra...

The Ballpark in Arlington home of the Texas Rangers during a game against the New York Yankees. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)



Last night in the 8-2 win over the Texas Rangers, the New York Yankees played like the best team in baseball.

The Bombers had it all from solid pitching, an offense that scored with RISP, and productive defensive. But of course it wouldn’t be a Yankee game without some long ball, so how about a Nick Swisher grand slam.

Looking back this was one of the best Yankees win of the season, as after heading into the third inning down 0-2, the Yankees just outmatched Texas in every possible way.


It is no secret that the Yankees are fighting for their October lives, as there are too many injury issues lingering; but also the competition out of the West and Central divisions means there is no guarantee that either Wild Card will come out of the AL East at all this season.

I keep wondering if such a veteran team, like the Yankees, can weather the remaining regular season storm long enough to hold off the Rays and Orioles who are breathing down their necks?

Well, if the Yankees can repeat anywhere near last night’s performance you can bet this team is heading to the World Series.

But reality is that was just one night, one win and in the bigger picture it doesn’t mean squat until they play that well again, but it sure felt good.

Looking back on the game it certainly made me a tad nostalgic just thinking about what could come of this.

In all honesty, during the game, I was waiting for Derek Lowe to literally melt on the mound, as I presumed the Ranger bats would put an assault on him.

But that never happened, at least not yesterday as the Yankees looked like the total package, while giving fans a reason to believe.



  1. coolnewyorker says:

    "In all honesty, during the game, I was waiting for Derek Lowe to literally melt on the mound, as I presumed the Ranger bats would put an assault on him."

    Kate, how can you call yourself a Yanks fan with this foreboding honest thought while watching them play? You had same premonition about Hughes against Verlander in Detroit.

    What's with you? I hope you realize most YB readers are true Yanks fans. You have been ridiculously spoiling it for them. C'mmon, already. Back off!!!

    • LLP says:

      WAIT….you must have forgot about Hughes recent start vs. Tigers against Porcello on August 7??? Remember Hughes lasted 4.1 innings after throwing 102 pitches, gave up 8 hits, 4 earned runs, and had 3 strikeouts.

      You are referring to Hughes vs. Verlander back on June 3rd. That was the 5-1 Yankee win when both Arod & Jeter hit homers off Verlander, which first of all is a rarity as most hitters can't do anything vs. Verlander. Hughes pitched a complete game that day yes, but I still do not trust Hughes and I am not alone with that sentiment.

      I am a Yankees fan and I want them to win but I am realistic in my opinions. Derek Lowe had a great night but it was his first time in pinstripes and he started out well with the Braves last season and the Tribe this season before he imploded; as both teams didn't want his services any longer.

      You obviously read what you want to read as the above post is all positive and complimentary to the Yankees, as well as Lowe. The sentence you quoted was my honest feeling during the game, and I promise you that many other Yankee fans were worrying about the same thing.

      Just because I am a lifelong Yankees fan doesn't mean I have to agree with moves they make and such. I always cheer for the team. Me not liking Phil Hughes is a lot different than me spoiling things for Yankee fans.

      And what is your obsession with me and Phil Hughes anyway??? This post doesn't even mention Hughes so I am confused here. Could you please explain???

  2. coolnewyorker says:

    Hey Kate, I was in the bar when Lowe was summoned to pitch. While the Yanks fans greeted him with supportive excitement, two customers wearing Red Sox cap said exactly what you honestly thought…":Watch him melt down!!!"

    Only Red Sox fans would watch a pitcher in pinstripe and expect him to break apart.

    Hey Kate, your blogs have been mostly doomsayings, and bashing on Yanks players
    …and (geeze) gushing on Valentine. Are you sure you are a Yanks fan?

    • And FYI. coolnewyorker, there are tons and tons of Yankee fans who stated that they felt the same as me about Lowe last night. And the Red Sox fans more than enough to deal with to give a crap about Lowe.

      Now regarding Phil Hughes, whatever I wrote about him was appropriate. He stunk and is stinking it up again. Until Hughes adds a third legit pitch he will falter and that has been proven already. Hughes should be in the bullpen but the Yankees won't have it and it is ridiculous when a talent like Phelps is getting tossed around; like Hughes was.

      And you are correct about Ichiro. Lowe and MacGahee as I did not want any of them. I want more youth on the team, period end of story but if you think that wasn't a common opinion then that is your right.

      Also, why do you never answer my questions in your replies to me??? You just go on tangents, call me a basher and avoid answering any of my questions that I have asked.



  3. coolnewyorker says:

    Hey Kate, now that you mentioned it.

    Disliking a player…for whatever reason is one thing. It's your option whom to like and dislike. But bashing a player you dislike is another thing. It's pure abuse. The viciousness with which you relentlessly assaulted Phil Hughes is an affront to common decency.

    For a while, I thought it was an isolated, perhaps personal "thing" between you and Phil. As it turns out you are just a habitual basher at the drop of the hat. You jumped on Ichiro, Casey and Derek the momnent they became a Yankee.

    Mind you, nobody else writes in abusive bashing tone, JUST YOU. And nobody else claims to be a yankee fan and writes all gloomy views of the Yanks. Many criticize. It's their right as yanks fans. But NOBODY bashes. Just you.

    So now what? All your bashing victims are doing well contrary to your premonition. The Yanks continue to hold the best record in AL contrary to your "sky is falling" dramatics.

    • First of all I have NEVER bashed Jeter and I have no idea where the Valentine thing is coming from.

      Did you actually read this post before you made your comment???

      It is a pretty positive one about how well the Yankees are doing.

      Please note that regarding Lowe, or any other player I have criticized in the past, all my reasons are all backed by stats and facts. And remember that stats are facts.

      I am NOT a Yankee basher. but I am realistic and this team still worries me as the season heads down the stretch.
      Fact is the Yankees balance of old and youth is now lopsided

      I do not know why you constantly accuse me of NOT being a Yankees fan, as I write positive stuff all the time too; JUST LIKE THE ABOVE POST THAT YOU OBVIOUSLY DID NOT READ because if you did, you would not be making such comments.


  4. coolnewyorker says:

    Hey Kate…..Not Jeter. Lowe. Yep his name is also Derek. You ought to know that…Derek who used to be one of the Red Sox …yep the players that are now in imminent mutiny against your favored manager…Valentine..

    Watching the game and honestly waiting for Derek to literally melt down is not a true Yankee fan's mindset.. Heck, even the few Mets fans in the bar were rooting for Lowe. The only two customers with your exact sentiments were Red Sox fans.

    And when Derek did not fall apart, you continued to forebode, "But that never happened, at least not yesterday…" So now what? You will continue to honestly wait until he does melt down? I mean, what kind of a Yanks fan are you?

    You are not realistic. You are an obsessive compulsive doomsayer who simply cannot keep your gloomy ideations to yourself. You need to take some of us down with you.

    Oh no. Not me. I'm a true Yankee fan. .


    Spare us of your doomsaying and gloomy views. .

    • LLP says:

      Obviously you have made up your mind about me already, but if you knew me I am the furthest thing from, as you put it, "obsessive compulsive doomsayer."

      In my opinion, a "true" fan is one who follows and supports their team….no matter what. Thru thick and thin….thru wins and losses. That does NOT mean you have to always be upbeat and positive. You can still criticize, be upset with the players/coaches, and even *GASP* predict the team will lose.

  5. coolnewyorker says:

    Aah…Kate and Valentine.

    “[ESPN’s Ian O’Connor re-counted Bobby V’s exact words:

    “Maybe they (Yankees) won’t get in it. Who knows? Crazy things happen in this game.”]”

    “Problem is that Bobby V’s words have so much truth to boot…”

    Yes, Kate… you believe in Valentine’s words having so much truth to boot. Now, that is truly sad. How Lowe can you get?

    • LLP says:

      At that time the Yankees were playing horribly and I was concerned…..that does not mean I love Valentine but I do respect him as a baseball manager; just like I did and still do with Terry Francona. Just cause a player/manager is NOT in a Yankee uniform doesn't mean you cannot respect them, liesten to them and hope they do well.

  6. Richard Griffith says:

    Stats are facts when they are used in context and are accurate. You don't want examples do you?

  7. Richard Griffith says:

    And yes you are a passionate Yankees fan that usually sees the glass half empty. When they are playing lousy I do to. When I saw the Rays playing Seattle and Yanks vs Rangers I thought this race would get closer. Instead, we gained ground. What a game!!!

  8. Richard Griffith says:

    When Lowe came on and gave up the hit to the first batter, I said I'n glad we have 4 run lead. But he made adjustments and hopefully will be an asset. If Hughes continues to stink then I see Phelps in and Hughes in long relief. Regardless, we need 3 good starters for a playoff run, so Hughes is out regardless ( unless he's lights out – NOT)

    • LLP says:

      Richard I totally agree with you. I think Phelps, given the chance will be a great starter for the Yankees. THis season is too deep in to give him ample time to prove himself but Hughes has had more chances than Lindsay Lohen at this point.

      Please tell fellow reader/commenter coolnewyorker your sentiments as the guy is obsessed with calling me a secret Red Sox fan because I say this about Hughes.

  9. coolnewyorker says:

    “…..that does not mean I love Valentine but I do respect him as a baseball manager”.

    Whatever benefit of the doubt I had kept kindly for Kate as someone I presumed to be a baseball fan is now gone. I mean….OK, I am out of words.


    That’s it. It’s no longer a suspicion. It’s now an evident undeniable truth: Kate is a closet Red Sox fan camouflaged in pinstripes.(But I don’t think she would join the mutiny. She respects the manager).

    And that explains everything: her trigger-happy bashings of yankee players, routine doomsayings and hovering gloomy views of the Yanks…and Valentinephilia. Goodness!!!

    • LLP says:

      What is wrong with respecting Bobby Valentine? The Red Sox issues started way before Valentine, and I feel bad for both the Boston fans and Valentine. I couldn't imagine if the Boston crap happened to the Yankees, and one of my favorite things about being a Yankee fan is the rivalry with the Red Sox; I have been to a zillion games between the two and it is sad to see this go down with the Red Sox too.

      Also, I remember what Valentine did for the Mets back in 2000. He turned around a mess of a team and got them to the playoffs & WS because the players embraced what Valentine preached. The man can win as he proved in Japan as well so why does that make me a Red Sox fan??? I respect Joe Maddon, Robin Ventura, Mike Scioscia, Don Mattingly and Terry Collins very much but that doesn't make me a Rays, White Sox, Halos, Dodgers and Mets fan so your point makes absolutely no sense.

      I do NOT bash Yankee players but I am realistic and until this month the issue of hitting with runners on was a problem that was not improving. I go to 30 NYY games a season and all postseason games, so I have witnessed the early playoff exits the last two seasons.

      Did you not read my last 2 posts??? As all I did was praise the Yankees for how they are playing… your argument is so off-base is it almost funny. If anyone is a basher it is you, as you constantly criticize everything I write and you take sentences out of context to exploit them in some convoluted way. It is obvious you have selective reading, as in you don't comprehend what you don't want too.

  10. coolnewyorker says:

    Hey Kate…Now you know what bad taste you leave with your abrasive blogs.

    You cannot swallow even a small dose of your own medicine.

    That is what harsh criticism is all about. And that is nothing compared to bashing. Next time you get the itch to bash another yankee, just remind yourself …there are readers out there who are fed up with your bullying and bashing… which BTW you do not have a monopoly on. Anyone can launch a missile.

    Bobby V's managerial record is indeed respectable but his current managing of the Red Sox is disrespectable. His hiring as Francona' replacement was the last nail in Red Sox coffin. With him at the helm, Red Sox has no chance…and yet Bobby V still thinks Yanks won't make it and Red Sox might.. And you respect him?

    BTW… mid 90's curveball, did you mean kilometer per hour?