New York Yankees: Bombers Vs. Bottom Feeders New York Yankees: Bombers Vs. Bottom Feeders New York Yankees: Bombers Vs. Bottom Feeders

New York Yankees: Bombers Vs. Bottom Feeders

The New York Yankees are back in the Bronx after splitting series against their AL East foes, the Toronto Blue Jays and the Tampa Bay Rays.

After losing the first two games vs. the Blue Jays coming home 4-4 is a miracle, not ideal but keeps the Bombers just two games behind the Boston Red Sox.

Next up, the Yankees will host a 10-game homestand against the three bottom feeders in the American League, the Oakland A’s, Seattle Mariners and Baltimore Orioles.

The A’s and Mariners have same 43-55 records, the second worst in the AL but still a lot better than the Orioles.

Once again the O’s are posting a 39-56 record (=19.5 games back in AL East), making the Birds not only the worst team in the AL, but in all of baseball. Well you can’t call Baltimore inconsistent, as the O’s continually find a way back down to the basement, season after season.

Still, don’t get any ideas that this homestand will be a breeze because it actually is the opposite.


The reason is not one of these teams has anything left to play for this season; and that can be lethal. This theory applies even more so for the Yankees for three reasons:

1)   The line-up is still sans Alex Rodriguez, which is once again sending Mark Teixeira into a slump.

2)   Swisher and Posada are not hitting, again.

3)   The starting rotation is inconsistent, minus Sabathia who finished the road trip with a 1-2 loss to the Rays Thursday night; which was also his 31st birthday.


Vs. Athletics 07-22/07-24:

First up is the A’s who come to town beat-up like you read about, and the Yankees should sweep them right back to Oakland. Yankees win series 3-0.

Vs. Mariners 07-25/07-27:

Next series is against Seattle. Everyone knows the strength of the Mariners is pitching, and it gives them a legit chance to win each night. So, the Yankees bats needs to wake-up ASAP. Even though the Mariners have lost their last 12 games in a row, the tides are bound to turn. ESPN reported that manager Eric Wedge held a closed-door team meeting following #12 with hopes to motivate his players, at least initially by lighting the first match. Yankees win series 2-1.

Vs. Orioles 07-29/07-31:

And lastly, Buck Showalter’s Orioles, who scare me the most. Hard to believe when Baltimore is awful more often than not. Problem is when it is the later; the O’s can beat anyone. Yankees win series 2-1.


Fact is the Yankees need to pounce because the schedule gets a heck of a lot harder. In August the Yankees will play 29 games, with 21 on the road.

Don’t even get me started about how in god’s name MLB permits schedules to be so lopsided.

Having the majority of travel and inter-divisional games in August and September is a huge disadvantage for any team compared to having it in April and May.

Look, I am not having a pity party because it is what it is and it just so happens that this season the Yankees will get tested when it hurts the most.

Bottom line is the Yankees offense has to wake-the-f-up, but like everything in baseball hitting is contagious and now there is a virus in that line-up.

Maybe a fresh young bat could be just what the doctor ordered. Somewhere on the lines of a Bombers/Baseball Messiah who goes by the name of Jesus Montero? Hey, it is just a hope or more appropriately a pipe-dream.


  1. nick says:

    dont we play 4 against orioles?

  2. bowiebook says:

    here is a bad thing to think about Chad (whats his name )Guiden is a free agent again, o no hopefully we don't sign him