New York Yankees: Big Puma Got Nothing On Alex Rodriguez New York Yankees: Big Puma Got Nothing On Alex Rodriguez New York Yankees: Big Puma Got Nothing On Alex Rodriguez

New York Yankees: Big Puma Got Nothing On Alex Rodriguez

“The Yankees made two big moves this offseason. Keeping CC, and I expect to be who I have been in the past.”

Alex Rodriguez, New York Yankees

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That was the first quote New York Yankees Alex Rodriguez offered up to the NY Post’s Joel Sherman in an exclusive interview from this past Sunday’s paper.

A-rod told Sherman how last year was the worst in his career and how humiliated he was of letting down the Yankees fans, as well as his own teammates.

Sherman reported that A-rod has started his off-season workout three weeks early, focusing on “functional movement” like he did back in his heydays of 2007-2008.

The article goes on to question if A-rod has become delusional about his own mortality, using age, his steroid omission and Derek Jeter to back up his reasoning.

Sherman is not far-fetched in doubting A-rod, but he never counter argued the other side of the argument; so I will and it starts and ends with the name Lance Berkman.


If Berkman, aka Big Puma could come back in 2011, there is absolutely no reason that A-rod cannot do the same in 2012.

Berkman was a 35-year-old veteran and a Houston Astros lifer, who was without question a player on the decline after 2010.

The main reason is as the 2010 season progressed things continued to get worse for Berkman. His baseball demise really came to light after the Astros traded him mid-season to the Yankees, as Berkman could not produce at all as the team’s DH after hitting 29+ home-runs, and over 102 RBIs in the three seasons prior.

Essentially, the Yankees paid Berkman around $4 million for nine RBIs, one home-run, 13 walks and 15 strikeouts in 106 at-bats as a second-half rental. It was frivolous spending for a veteran who had come into the season after having knee surgery.

So you can imagine my shock last off-season when the St. Louis Cardinals announced that they had inked Lance Berkman to a one-year,  $8 million contract. I thought what a waste of money that the Cardinals should be adding to the Albert Pujols re-signing fund instead of flushing it down the toilet with a player who was clearly unhealthy, old and on his way out.

Well, I am eating my words now as Berkman not only hit again, he also manned the Cardinals outfield everyday after not playing the position in four years.

Berkman was voted to the 2011 NL All-Star Team, won the 2011 NL Come-Back Player of the Year Award and played a more than vital role in the Cardinals recent World Series Championship.

So, tell me why Alex Rodriguez can’t make a comeback in 2012 like Berkman did in 2011?

A-rod is a far superior baseball player than Berkman could even dream about. In fact A-rod is one of the best player in the game’s history so tell me how Sherman happen to forget to mention this in his article.

Look at the last three years for both sluggers:

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Lastly, if all of Yankee fans aren’t excited enough already, you will be after A-rod made a point to reiterate to Sherman this:

“I know Yankees fans were disappointed last year, but [they] won’t be next year.”

Now, sports writers from all over were quick to apologize to Berkman, within just a few weeks into the 2011 season, but do you think A-rod get the same love?

I would not count on it because unfortunately A-rod’s paycheck seems to make people believe that they can demand absolute perfection. His critics and naysayers are everywhere, ready pounce and at times seem to want him to fail.

Well, I am not one of those people and I fully believe that Alex Rodriguez is a man on a mission.

So, please mark my words now……because when A-rod gets back to hitting 30+ home-runs and over 100+ RBIs in 2012 the Yankees will win their 28th championship and then writers like Joel Sherman won’t have a leg to stand on.



  1. eric says:

    Kate, you could be right, and I hope you are. Berkman surprised everybody in 2011 and had me wishing the Yanks had kept him.

    But please, please, PLEASE get some help, take an
    English class, or do something to remedy your poor and clueless writing. Reading your meandering tale, shot through with grammatical errors is painful!

    • LLP says:

      Well Eric thank you for calling my writing poor and clueless….but you seem to get the point of my meandering tale, correct??? Please point out any parts that were too "painful" for you to read, as I love and encourage constructive criticism.

      Thank you for hoping I am right, but I have a feeling that A-rod still has a few good seasons in him. And I am not talking about MVP seasons because the Yankees success fortunately doesn't depend on him being that guy. Just a 30-100 season would be nice.

  2. Tanned Tom says:

    You also miss the critical point in all of this. A-Rod's steroid use (and if you believe it was for only 3 years, then I've got a bridge I'd like to sell you) means he will not age normally. Steroid users see their bodies break down very quickly after they stop juicing. He was stronger than he had any right to expect for 5 or 6 years, now he pays for it by being more brittle than most athletes his age. Plus he was already pushing the envelope with punishing workouts, unlike Jeter who's built more for flexibility and endurance than power. Will he return to 30 HRs and 100 RBIs? Maybe. But on this Yankee team that probably means he should bat 6th, not at all a good return on the WORST contract in baseball for the BIGGEST NARCISSIST in the game. he should have been allowed to leave after opting out in 2007. Having him on the team makes it hard to root for them.

    • LLP says:

      Well, Tom I see your point but how many other players did steroids??? Countless. And remember Tom, A-rod is a natural baseball player as I doubt he was juicing as a kid and I do not believe that his body is any worse shape than say Josh Hamilton's from extensive drug use. Hamilton is always hurt, but lets see how Pujols holds up the next five years as he was already hurt this past season and to use the steroids as the reason A-rod is hurt is ridiculous as many players much younger than A-rod have been hurt way more. For example, Joe Mauer who I think is the biggest bust and has returned a heck of a lot less than A-rod already.
      If the Yankees had let A-rod walk in 2007, Joe Girardi would still have a #27 on his jersey because A-rod carried the team on his back all the way to winning the 2009 WS.

  3. Kyle says:

    The Big Puma never used roids and has almost twice as many intentional walks as A-Fraud with 3,000 less at-bats. Look at his postseason career compared to A-Rods and it's hilarious. One guy hits .317 with a better OPS, the other guy hits .277 and only .250 in the World Series(Big Puma only hits .410 in 11 WS games.) They both have 41 RBI but Berkman has far less at-bats.

    Berkman is a natural hitter, and Rodriguez basically padded his numbers in Texas and now with a stacked New York lineup. You only have six years left paying this cheater 30-33 million dollars, and he's a known choke artist. You really think he's going to bounce back? I'm sure there's a new designer steroid that can't be tested for though… and Canseco called it. A-Rod never carried a team to win the world series, he basically had batting practice against the Twins and Angels, and then the Phillies slowed him down. He can't hit a plus fastball anymore and guys like Verlander make him look D.O.A….

    • LLP says:

      Kyle – I never said Berkman took steroids, but you cannot say that any MLB player is innocent as many got away with it and to be fair you don't know.
      So, you are telling me that Lance Berkman is a better hitter than A-rod???
      Berkman's career average is .295 and A-rod's is .302; A-rod steals bases and Berkman is not built for it; plus Berkman played a much easier position than A-rod. Remember that A-rod is only two months older than Berkman and has played five more seasons in the Majors too.
      What about the two MVP seasons that A-rod had in New York??? 2004 and 2007….where they just flukes too??
      A-rod admitted to doing steroids, but you are accusing him of doing them now and in years that there is no proof. And yes, I agree that in 2009 A-rod did have batting practice against the Twins and Angels….so what is wrong with that???? Is that not helping the team win?? And the Phillies did not slow him down, as I recall being in Philly at Game 3 where he had a pretty important home-run.
      What would you call Berkman in 2010, when he hit one homer and nine RBIs in three months??? Productive???

    • LLP says:

      And Kyle….the fact that you are taking anything out of Canseco's mouth and calling it the truth is just incredulous. So, you are basically saying that A-rod is stil taking steroids, but the latest ones that are undetectable??? Those are some heavy accusations…..

      Lastly, when you said, "he basically had batting practice against the Twins and Angels" isn't that a good thing in the postseason?????